Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1, 2009 - 1 year for the blog!

Wow, hard to believe it was one year ago today that i started this blog as a way to report upon what was to be 31 marathon training runs in 31 days. i didn't quite make it that far but look back on August 2008 as the greatest running month of my life. not sure what i can do for an encore, but i got off to a good start today, with a really strong 2.1k in the pool, then a combination of 19k of running, including a nice 11k tempo run in the rain with yet another new running friend.

i've decided that i want to take swimming more seriously now and will set my sites on the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne Germany as a potential place to make my mark... health and financial status permitting, i will keep this on the radar as there will be 3 days of road running and 5 days of swimming there.. in addition, they have a trans policy that appears to be favourable towards me. they want 2 years of hormones but don't require full SRS nor legal sex change recognition. i've gotten in touch with these folks to clarify and certainly hope to be accepted and sanctioned as a female athlete for these Games..

speaking of swimming, a young girl is in the news today for swimming across Lake Ontario today, she swam 52k in just under 20 hours.. wow, that's darn impressive! my longest swim was 10.1k, which i swam in 3h 44 min on Oct 13/08. i consider myself an excellent endurance athlete, having run 18 marathons in just over 2 years.. to put her swim into context, i was completely exhausted after that 10.1k. she essentially swam 5 times as much at a just slightly slower pace.. plus, she swam in rough lake water, and in some cases, thru polluted water!

the most i have ever run in one day was 85k on July 1/08. that was 8 hr 17 min of running over a span of 13 hr 39 min, so lots of breaks.. this girl essentially did her swim non stop, only breaking briefly to take in food and liquids.


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