Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009 - beach day!

well, i was determined to get to the beach today, so i took a cab up there.. and had a lovely sit in the sun and several swims. the water is finally warm enough in the ocean to actually get in and stay in.

the knee felt good enough to give it a go home by 7 pm so off i went with my purse and beach towel in hand. it was still rather hot.. i made it all of 12.3k before slowing down and walking in the rest.. still a great work out and really glad that the knee is better..

i ran 361.2k in july, my 3rd highest total of the year, amazingly enough!


January 392.8 392.8
February 353.1 745.9
March 342.6 1087.5
April 226.1 1313.6
May 444.0 1757.6
June 309.9 2066.9
July 361.2 2428.1

wow, this blog is now one year old! hard to believe it's been a year since i set a crazy goal of running 31 marathons in 31 days!

August 1/09 will definitely be a goal-setting day for me. don't think it will be quite as ambitious, but something tells me that my best marathons of the year are yet to come!


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