Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bowl Pics!

For those who are keeping score (yes all of you) :P here are my bowl pics....  and these are just pick em's. will do a separate blog entry tomorrow for my picks against the spread..  so go ahead folks, bet against me, if you wanna make money! lol

colorado state over washington state
fresno over southern cal - in a blow out!!!
san diego state over buffalo
lafayette over tulane

east carolina over ohio
oregon state over boise - in a blow out!!!
pittsburgh over bowling green
northern illinois over utah state

maryland over marshall
syracuse over minnesota
byu over washington

notre dame over rutgers
cincy over north carolina
louisville over miami, FL
michigan over kansas state
navy over middle tennessee
ole miss over georgia tech
texas over oregon
arizona state over texas tech

arizona over boston college
ucla over virginia tech
mississippi state over rice
texas a&m over duke - in a blow out!!!

georgia over nebraska
las vegas over north texas
south carolina over wisconsin
LSU over iowa
stanford over michigan state
baylor over central florida

ohio state over clemson
missouri over oklahoma state
vanderbilt over houston
ball state over arkansas state
auburn over florida state - yes really! and it will be a blow out!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Poco announces Retirement - My memories of this amazing Music group!

After 46 years of country rocking, Rusty Young, final remaining founding member of 1960s California Country Rock- pioneering super-group, Poco, has announced his plans to retire from the music business and put a formal end to the entity known as Poco.

Poco was conceptualized upon the demise of short-lived but highly-influential Folk Rock group, the Buffalo Springfield. With Neil Young and Stephen Stills branching off to work with David Crosby and Graham Nash, to form the very successful CSNY partnership, this left Richie Furay and Jimmy Messina pondering what to do, so they aligned with Springfield friend, and steel guitar guru, Rusty Young, to put together what would go on to becoming the most important innovator of the California Country Rock sound, which would eventually be popularized by the Eagles.

While many members of Poco would leave and move on to find a greater level of commercial success in new ventures (Jim with Loggins and Messina), (Richie with Souther, Hillman, and Furay), and Tim and Randy who would both quit Poco to join the Eagles, Rusty has remained the cornerstone that has held the Poco brand together through all these years.  Rusty's hard work would eventually be rewarded in 1978, when studio album Legend, charter two top 20 hits.

After a brief break in 1987-88, Rusty brought back the original 5 founding members for a reunion venture in 1989, which spawned the new album Legacy, which also contained some commercially-successful hits. While the reunion was short-lived, it rejuvenated the Poco brand name to the point that Rusty was able to take it in new directions.  Retaining original drummer George Grantham, and bringing back long-time lead guitar player Paul Cotton, and hiring Nashville song-writer Jack Sundrud, Poco reinvented itself, once again, as a grass-roots country rock movement that would go on to continue to make new music and tour small clubs all over the world for many more years.

As a kid who grew up in the 80s, I was not exposed to 60s country rock until much later in life, when the Eagles put together a reunion tour of their own in 1994, which lead to significant exposure on mainstream tv and radio.  While it was the Eagles who grabbed my initial attention and interest in this genre of music, it wasn't until I traced the Eagles roots backwards to Poco, did I discover my true love of this type of music.  In 2004, Rusty put together a special show that would be recorded live for a future DVD release. Original member Richie flew in from his home in Colorado for his first full concert with Poco in 15 years.

It was May 20, 2004, that this new Canadian Poco fan hit the road and drove down to Nashville, to see this band play live for the first time, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I would quickly fall in love with this bands music and live shows to the point that I spent the next three years travelling all over the USA to see them play live.. 29 shows in a span of 36 months, on road trips that would take me everywhere from California, to Ohio, to New York, to Missouri, to Tennessee, to New Jersey.

(Me with Poco, June 2004, The Tralf, Buffalo, NY)

It was during this time that I became familiar with the many 'Poconuts' who were fans of the band with just as much eagerness and enthusiasm as I had. I would go on to develop many great friendships with Poconuts all over the country. Poco concerns became much more than music events, but family events, where Poconuts would come from afar to gather and unite to socialize and enjoy the music.

Unlike many traveling music groups, Poco took a keen interest in getting to know their fans, and engaged directly with them. It didn't take very long for Poco to warm up to me. After seeing me in the front row of three consecutive concerts, which took place in three places far apart, (Nashville, Maryland, and Buffalo), did Rusty dub me the nickname of 'The Stalker, a tongue and cheek jab at me that would stick and last for the duration of my time as a Poco concert attendee regular.

In May 2007, I saw Poco for my 29th and final time, as I move away from central mainland Canada, to the island of Newfoundland, way off the Northeast coast of Canada - placing me 1000s of miles away from Poco concerts. My life has gone through some major changes since then - including perhaps the biggest change anyone can possibly make, a sex and gender change from male to female.  I have also matured from a quiet, shy person, to a comfortable public figure, who is best-known for social activism, my political run as Deputy Mayor candidate in my new home town, as well as my innovation as the first formally-sanctioned transgender athlete - who took up long distance running and literally ran my way into the Boston Marathon record books.

With Poco's farewell shows being booked in 2014, it will be my plan to make one final road trip, to say good bye and see this awesome live music act, one more time!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013-14 NCAA Football Bowl Schedule (unofficial)

Dec 21
Colorado State vs Washington State
Fresno State vs Southern Cal
San Diego State vs Buffalo

Dec 23
East Carolina vs Ohio

Dec 214
Boise State vs Oregon state

Dec 26
Bowling Green vs Pittsburgh
Utah State vs Northern Illinois

Dec 27
Marshall vs Maryland
Minnesota vs Syracuse
BYU vs Washington

Dec 28
Notre Dame vs Rutgers
Cincy vs North Carolina
Louisville vs Miami, FL
Kansas State vs Michigan

Dec 30
Navy vs Midd Tennessee State
Ole Miss vs Georgia Tech
Oregon vs Texas
Arizona State vs Texas Tech

Dec 31, 2013
Arizona vs Boston College
Virginia Tech vs UCLA
Mississippi State vs Rice
Duke vs Texas A and M

Jan 1, 2014
Georgia vs Nebraska
North Texas vs Las Vegas
South Carolina vs Wisconsin
LSU vs Iowa
Stanford vs Michigan State
Baylor vs Central Florida

Jan 2
Alabama vs Oklahoma

Jan 3
Clemson vs Ohio State
Missouri vs Oklahoma State

Jan 4
Vanderbilt vs Houston

Jan 5
Arkansas State vs Ball State

Jan 6
Florida State vs Auburn

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Summary of Key Biographical Media Events in my Life 2008-2013

I have done so much media that it is hard to keep track of it all. But when people ask me about my life, I am pleased to be able to say that my life story has been accurately and respectfully described and depicted by many main-stream media professionals.  If you want to get to know me better, but don't have the time or patience to read through my 1000 plus blog posts, these videos should give you a good overview!
March 2008 my NTV Debut - Trans 101 in Newfoundland
Feb 5, 2009 NTV follow up - Transsexuals in Sports
Boston Marathon Interview April 2009
McCreath loses Job - Telegram Newspaper 2009
McCreath Graces Cover of The Scope - July 2009
Running for Change - Scope Article - July 2009
Colorado Examiner covers Trans Marathon Runner McCreath July 2010
G20  Protest July 10, 2010
Trans Health Issues discussed at 2010 St. John's Pride
Corner Brook Pride Keynote Sept 2010
SRS Bootcamp - Dr Brassard Clinic Jan 2011
Comedy in New Brunswick May 2011
Trans Bathroom in New Brunswick June 2011
CBC Profile Trans 101 - July 2011
St John's Pride LGBT Health Forum - Trans Policy July 2011
Pride forum - Patient Association Concept July 2011  
TDOR St. John's, Nov 20, 2011
McCreath quits Pride - March 2012
McCreath reacts to Trans Beauty Pageant March 2012
20 Questions Biography - Telegram Newspaper May 2012
Biography part 1 - Rogers Out of the Fog May 15, 2012
Biography part 2 - Rogers Out of the Fog May 15, 2012
CHRM Interviews Jenn as a Privacy Analyst June 16, 2012
Trans Pride Newfoundland Inaugural Event July 16, 2012
CBC Human Library - Jan 2013
Feature Interview CBC March 2013 on Bill C-279
McCreath chews out  Finance Minister on Trans Visibility Day Mar 31/13
McCreath talks Justice Cuts - April 2013
CBC  McCreath announces Candidacy at Pride Week 2013
Jennifer at Teddy Bears Picnic - NTV News July 2013
Independent Newspaper - Trans Profile - July 2013
McCreath drops out of Politics - Aug 23, 2013
McCreath back in Aug 27, 2013 - NTV
McCreath runs for Council Aug 27, 2013 - CBC
Deputy Mayor candidate McCreath at Happy City  Sept 6, 2013
McCreath calls CBC Panel to talk politics Sept 19, 2013
McCreath interviewed about Higdon on CBC Nov 2013
McCreath reacts to Provincial Trans Rights Nov 2013 - NTV
McCreath tours Newfoundland for Trans Awareness - Nov 19, 2013
CBC Grand Falls - Trans Day of Remembrance Nov 19, 2013
McCreath recruiting for 2014 cross-provincial Trans tour

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner, McCreath Style!

Yes folks, I actually do eat healthy, at least some of the time!

Happy USA Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Great Media Coverage for Trans Day of Remembrance in Grand Falls-Windsor Newfoundland!

A big shout-out to the Grand Falls-Windsor Advertiser newspaper, and CBC Central Newfoundland radio morning show, for their awesome coverage of this week's Transgender Day of Remembrance events, which took place all over the province this week!

Monday, November 18, 2013

NL Transgender Day of Remembrance Program & Press Release Nov 19 2013

Program and Press Release for Tuesday Nov. 19, 2013 Transgender Day of Remembrance events in Newfoundland, that I am hosting, is posted here at my dropbox site . (Scroll down to last page for press release)

Also, please note late addition. TDOR at Arnolds Cove's, NL - beach by High Liner Rd. 6.20 am, full TDOR vigil event, as well as a formal tour kick off keynote, and a flag waiving event! don't miss it!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scooter II in the Wheel 11/17/2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Town of Springdale offers Manual Hall for TDOR Event!

It's with great excitement that I announce that the Town of Springdale, NL, as offered the use of Manual Hall, free of charge, for Tuesday night's Transgender Day of Remembrance Event at 6 pm.

This kind gesture is much appreciated.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Scooter II Arrives home! Nov 15, 2013

 It's with great excitement that I introduce Scooter II, arriving at his new home today!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scooter the Hamster 10/16/11 - 11/13/13

It's with great sadness that I report the passing of my little friend, Scooter the Hamster. While hamsters are often known for being impersonal, this one was particularly friendly towards humans. A friend asked me to take on baby Scooter, shortly after a surprise pregnancy by Scooter's mommy hamster, produced 6 baby hamsters. For the next 24.5 months, Scooter would add so much fun to my household, which also includes 2 cats. Scooter is perhaps best- known for his appearances on my youtube channel, where he endorsed me as a political candidate, ran in the hamster wheel, and ate sunflower seeds, among other things. 

Scooter was showing signs of aging - including thinning fur and a frail, lethargic nature. However, he never appeared in pain, and it would appear that he died a pain-free and peaceful manner, as he went to sleep Tuesday night Nov 12, and never woke up the next morning. Monday night, I had my last cuddle with him, after I returned home from a long day's work. Tuesday night when I got home from work, he was sleeping but still breathing. I wanted to have a cuddle but decided to let him sleep. Sadly, when I went to bed that night, it was the last time  I saw Scooter alive.

In the morning, I went over to change his water and give him some more food, and I immediately noticed he was dead. He died curled up in a ball in the corner of his cage, all burrowed into the fake pine straw that he lived in.

I gave Scooter a burial in the woods later that afternoon, and filmed a memorial video tribute on site, the next day (today).  Depicted above, is me with Scooter on Election Night, Sept 24, 2013.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

McCreath launches Trans Day of Remembrance Facebook Portal for Newfoundland

Link to Facebook Group home page:

Link to events:

Clarenville, Nov 19, 2013, Town Hall, 7.30 am

Gander, Nov 19, 2013, Town Hall, Noon

Springdale, Nov 19, 2013, Manual Hall, 6 pm

Grand-Falls-Windsor, Nov 19, 2013, Town Hall 9.30 pm

McCreath looks to host Trans Day of Remembrance events in 4 NL Towns!

Here is an open letter I sent to political leaders and town hall representatives of 4 towns across the Province, in hopes of securing their permission/participation, in events that will commemorate International Transgender Day of Remembrance, for November 19, 2013.

Greetings Political Leaders,

You are receiving this e-mail because you are, or you represent, one of the following: Premier, Minister of Justice, Minister of Health, Minister of Education, MHA or Mayor for areas of Clarenville, Gander, Springdale, and Grand Falls-Windsor. Also copying the provincial Official Opposition and the 3rd party.

Also, I write you today in my capacity as a Transgender person living in Newfoundland, and as a Transgender rights activist.

First of all, I write to say thanks and congrats to Minister King for announcing plans to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression in the Human Rights Act.

Secondly, I write to warn that this is only the tip if the iceberg. Discrimination against transgender people still occurs, by both private sector entities and government policies. Specifically, I raise concern to our health care system, which still has much improvement to do in order to adhere to global best practices. Our education also needs to take significant steps to ensure that trans issues and trans people are included in the curriculum.

Finally, I write to raise awareness and concern regarding an article posted in Springdale newspaper, the Norwester, that was published, and then removed. The text of the article has been captured and republished here: . Perhaps even more concerning about the hateful and phobic nature of the article, was a subsequent article published in which the paper tried to justify why it was acceptable for them to have published it.

Trans identified people are also at increased risk of bullying, violent crimes, murder; as well as anxiety, stress, depression, and suicide. November 20 is International Transgender Day of Remembrance. While I plan on participating in events that day in the capital city, it is my plan to tour the Province on November 19, and organize/host memorial events in the towns of Clarenville, Gander, and Springdale.

My hopes are to organize events on the doorsteps of the respective Town Halls of these four great towns at the following times on Nov. 19:

Clarenville 7.30 am
Gander 12 noon
Springdale 6 pm
Grand Falls Windsor 9.30 pm

First and foremost, I would like to invite you all to attend and perhaps give a brief speech at the event at your corresponding town. Secondly, if any formal permits are required to organize a public gathering at these premises, I ask that someone please get in touch so that I may arrange to sign whatever paperwork is needed. Thirdly, I ask that you please spread the word about these events to any of your key contacts who may be able to further spread the word towards members of the local Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Communities, and their allies.

The traditional Transgender Day of Remembrance event usually consists of a low-key somber atmosphere where members of the trans community speak about some current issues affecting trans people, then the reading of a list of international victims who have lost their lives due to transphobic murders, or suicide.

To learn more about Trans Day of Remembrance, you may check this site:

To review what a Trans Day of Remembrance event looks like, you can see an event, that I hosted in St. John's in 2011 here:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Jennifer McCreath
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Friday, November 8, 2013

Newfoundland Newspaper "Norwester" Publishes Transphobic Article!

The Following Article was written by Norwester Editor Lindsey Foster, yesterday. The article suspiciously, has since been removed from their website. I was able to capture the text in its entirety though, so I present to you, what I feel is a rather disturbing article. Lindsey demonstrates transphobia and ignorance towards global medical standards, based on a bible-thumping attitude. It saddens me to think that a newspaper in Canada, would still publish stuff like this in 2013, but it is proof that there is still much work to be done before transgender people can live in a world that is free from hate and discrimination.

Nov 7, 2013
The Transgender Issue
by Lindsay Foster

Our world has changed so much in the past thirty years. Some of this change has definitely been for the better! Imagine going back to the days with no dishwashers, where air conditioning in vehicles was a rarity, if not impossible to attain. Imagine life without cell phones [well ok, we can and likely should live without those]. There are other things we could mention in this category. However, there are some things that have changed in our society that I would rather not have changed. I believe some of this digressing has helped lead our nation down a road of liberalism and compromise of the values that have shaped our society for generations.

One of the values I refer to is the fact that God has created us [human beings] to be male and female; we are created in His image for His glory. I do not presume to speak for everyone in our society, but I do believe that many in our communities are concerned about the ways and locations in which the liberal agenda is being pushed. I would have never imagined that I would see the day where in a publicly-funded institution a cross dressing-transgender celebration day was promoted, but to my horror that day is here. I thought that for my column this week I would reflect on how I, a Christian minister of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, see the transgender issue.

I believe the Christian church should be dedicated to defending the honor, dignity, value and equality of the two sexes as created in God's image, male and female, each bringing unique qualities to sexuality and relationships. Each of the two sexes is a glorious gift from God, meant to be offered back to Him for procreation and mutual delight or in celibacy for undivided devotion to Christ. Not only do male and female together reflect the image of God, but their coming together in a marriage relationship to bring forth new life is used in Scripture as a reflection of God's relationship with His people. Throughout both Testaments, God and His people are portrayed as husband and wife or as a bride and groom. The creation account found in Genesis lays out this gender-based picture and sets the stage for the final, eternal union of God and His people, of Christ and His bride, described in Revelation. Gender matters. In recent years, a revisionist transgender theology has been put forth in some theological circles that violates God's clear design for the sexes. This distorts His image and His plan for sexuality, marriage, family and the just and proper ordering of society.

I affirm God's design for the two sexes. Sexual relations are to take place between one man and one woman. I disagree with homosexual liberal theologies as contradictory to the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. I oppose the ordination of "transgender" and "transsexual" individuals and the celebration of transgenderism as one of God's gifts. I believe the modern transgender movement is working to dismantle the concept of gender as the Bible and the world have always known it to be. If the liberals succeed, there will be striking consequences for marriage, family and society at large. I believe that God's intent for sexuality and gender is being turned upside down. We must remember that those who struggle with their gender identity have lived lives of great pain, confusion and rejection. And, just as Jesus went out of his way to reach the hurting of society, we are called to share His love and freedom as shared in the gospel. I do not believe in hatred, violence, or bullying of any sort! I would encourage parents and persons of influence everywhere to take a proactive role in their children's development by providing them with a strong, Biblical example of what it means to be male and female. Many of the problems associated with transgenderism, like confusion and pain, stem from a lack of positive role modelling and guidance. Children must be taught that, just as each individual life has holy worth, also each gender brings its own unique characteristics of worth to relationships, family and society. I believe that we are called to share the truth and beauty of God's design and the redemption of sexual brokenness in our lives and culture through Jesus Christ. Like all of us, transgendered individuals are desperately in need of God's truth and deserve to know the love and compassion of Christ as shown through His people. I do not believe our publically funded institutions should be used to promote lifestyles that are logically and morally flawed.

I realize that when a group stands for Biblical truth and absolutes in our age they open themselves up to the sneering of those with the opposite agenda. We hear so much today from the liberals about inclusion, acceptance and tolerance. I perceive that we have arrived at a day when there is the aforementioned for everyone besides those with a Biblical view of morality and truth. But then again, hasn’t it always been that way?



Transwoman, NPATH, says NL Gov still has much work to do.

Transwoman says NL Gov still has much work to do.

While some politicians say it is cause for celebration, local transwoman Jennifer McCreath says that today's announcement by Justice Minister Darin King, regarding a Bill to amend the Human Rights Act to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression, is just the beginning of the solution to a problem that is still very much alive.

Jennifer McCreath says amending an Act can't take back all the acts of discrimination that have happened in the past, nor will it automatically put an end to discrimination presently taking place. While McCreath recognizes that there may be ample examples of discrimination by the private sector towards trans-identified people, McCreath says Provincial Government entities have, and continue to cause, the most headaches for trans-identified people, due to out of date policies or sheer ignorance towards trans issues.

McCreath lost what was supposedly a safe and secure job, in March 2009, as a Senior Policy Analyst with the Provincial Government's IT Department, shortly after she started her transition from male to female. She has since been unable to find employment at that same level. She was even passed up not once, but twice, for job competitions she had won, as recently as the past 12 months. Despite winning competitions for professional-level with with the Department of Innovations Business and Rural Development, and with the Provincial office for Fire and Emergency Services, McCreath was told that she would not be offered employment and no explanation was given.  She is currently looking into both legal action and a potential Human Rights Complaint, against both Departments. She says that it can be very difficult to prove this type of discrimination, when it takes place, "The Government amended their Privacy Act last year to give themselves the right to refuse to disclose information to a job applicant, regarding their job competitions," says McCreath. "Changing the Act in text is nice, but changing societal attitudes is going to take lots of work," she said.

Furthermore, McCreath says Provincial Government health care policies and programs are significantly out of date. She says the Provincial Health Care insurance program, MCP, will only cover some of the procedures needed for transition, even if recommended by doctors, and in some case, will only cover procedures if patients subject themselves to a program at the notorious Clarke Institute in Toronto. While the Clarke, also known as Centre For Addictions and Mental Health, may have capabilities to assess transpeople for Gender Dysphoria (as it is defined in the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual), McCreath says global experts in the field have indicated that any team of doctors can provide suitable assessment and treatment programs - as has been proven evident by the fact that McCreath has been diagnosed and treated by doctors here in Newfoundland, "back in the 70s, transsexualism was considered a mental illness, and hence, people were sent to the Clarke Institute, but global experts have now confirmed that this medical condition is physiological, and not mental, and hence, there is no reason to be sending people there," said McCreath. While she acknowledges that CAMH has improved their services in recent months, she says that back in 2008, she was advised against attending CAMH, due to their out of date procedures. McCreath even says she has heard horror stories from fellow trans people who were put through degrading and emotionally-traumatizing experiments at CAMH, "even my doctors told me not to go there, so I took their advice.  While going through transition may have cost me significant hardship, I have absolutely no regrets," said McCreath.

Over the past five years, Jennifer has failed at over seventy five job competitions, most of which were with the NL Provincial Government. She has been refused housing accommodation by over 30 landlords, when she was apartment-hunting back in 2009. She has spent over $75000 of her own money on health care and related health care expenses, due to do products and services either not being made available and/or Government not willing to fund it.

McCreath also says that the Human Rights process has significant flaws and limitations. She unsuccessfully filed a complaint against MCP in 2009 but was told they could not hear the case because it amounted to a potential policy issue against a group of people (trans identified people), and not an individual.  McCreath has since been in touch with the Federal Government's Human Rights Commission, who said that they do have jurisdiction to send cases to adjudication when there appears to be a public policy matter affecting groups of individuals. She feels that the Provincial system needs to fill in this gap to ensure that vulnerable demographics are not subjected to unfair situations, "Essentially I was told that discrimination against me for being transgender was acceptable, so much that the discrimination against other transgender people was done equally," said McCreath.

McCreath also has concerns that the Human Rights Commission reports to the Minister of Justice, a partisan political entity, rather than to the House of Assembly, as is the case in many other jurisdictions. She cites an interesting situation when the Government was reviewing the Act back in 2010, and refused to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression, even though the Human Rights Commission was recommending it.

While McCreath traveled to Montreal and paid to have sex reassignment surgery out of her own pocket in 2011, she says there are still more medical procedures that she needs to have done, and cannot afford them at this time.  Meanwhile, while she has managed to keep herself employed as a file clerk from 2010 - March 2013, and most recently in her current job answering phone calls and doing police dispatch work for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, she says she is only earning half of what she would be making, should she still have employment at the Senior Analyst level for which she was initially hired onto here with the Government of NL back in 2007.

Finally, McCreath says she is currently suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout, over what appears to be a never-ending challenge of raising societal education and awareness towards transgender issues, as she attempts to negotiate a happy life here in what she says is a very traditional and conservative place to live. She recently ran an unsuccessful campaign to win the Deputy Mayor seat in the latest St. John's municipal election, although her 17% popular vote appears to make her the most popular trans-identified political candidate in the history of Canadian elections.

McCreath currently oversees a grassroots non-profit entity known as Newfoundland Patient Association for Transsexual Health, ( with a mandate of lobbying Health Care entities in the Province to adhere to global standards as set out by international body, World Professional Association for Transgender Health Jennifer will be working hard in the upcoming months to press the Government to continue to take steps necessary so that trans-identified people can live with fair and equal access to the things needed to live a happy and healthy life.

McCreath also says NPATH will be commemorating Transgender Day of Remembrance, by hosting events in Gander on November 19, and St. John's on November 20.  More information will be posted on and on Jennifer's blog:


Jennifer McCreath
Head of Corporate Management,
Twitter: @Jenn_McCreath

Thursday, November 7, 2013

NL Government Finally Agrees to Trans Human Rights!

It was brought to my attention that Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's Minister of Justice, Darrin King, spoke in the House today about trans human rights. He says the Government plans to table a Bill that would seek to amend the Human Rights Act to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression.

Government's official press release can be found here.

The Media was quick to jump on this story. VOCM radio contacted me for an interview. Full footage of my end of the conversation can be viewed here.

The New Democratic Party also applauded this move and have released this statement on their web site.

As I mention in my interview, now comes the real work as we seek to have provincial policies for fair access to employment, housing and health care, amended. Also, the Government must play a role in changing societal attitudes regarding trans people and trans issues. Coincidentally, CBC Radio Noon ran a story today on trans health. A local transman, Chris Higdon, is taking on a campaign to change health polices as well as to raise funds for trans health procedures that he needs for which the Government currently will not fund.  A clip of Chris' interview as well as my reaction can be found here.

St John's Pride Week 2011 Archival Footage

I was asked a few weeks ago by St. John's Pride Inc, to help put together a list of archival footage for a Pride history project they are working on. I am happy to provide links to all content from the 2011 Pride week, that I am aware of, that exists on public websites:

Audio and Video

7-11-2011 VOCM Interview

7-16-2011 Hyping Variety Show

7-18-2011 St. John's Flag Raising NTV Coverage CBC Coverage full flag raising part 1 full flag raising part 2

7-18-2011 Evening Reception Video Clips

7-19-2011 Middle Cove Flag Raising

7-19-2011 Jenn's It Gets Better Message

7-22-2011 Panel Discussion - Arts and Culture Centre - 9 part video.

7-22-2011 CBC Profiles Local Transwoman

7-23-2011 Denielle Hann's set at the Variety Show - Arts Culture Centre

7-24-2011 Parade

Facebook Photo Albums

Day One (Flag Raising, Reception, Coffee House)

Day Two (Aids Committee, Middle Cove)


Self Defence

Yuk Yuks

Scavenger Hunt

Picnic and Zumba

Variety Show

Parade Rally

Drag Racing



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

McCreath gains trust from major Property Management company!

4 yrs ago, nobody wanted to rent me an apartment. Today, a property management company asked me if I wanted to buy a condo in a bldg that they manage! Nice to see at least some people have learned to trust and respect me!

McCreath's Open Letter blasting Dennis O'Keefe for Transgender Awareness Week Snub! 11/04/13

Here is an open letter I sent to Mayor of St. John's, Dennis O'Keefe, today, over his involvement and mishandling of an important transgender event and milestone for this City.

Hi Mister Mayor,

I must write today to express extreme disappointment to learn that you and members of St. John's Pride Inc., would organize an unadvertised Trans Week Awareness proclamation signing event, without inviting me and without inviting/informing members of the trans community, or the general public. I consider this snub personal, and I consider this a clear indication that both the City of St. John's and St. John's Pride Inc, is only interested in paying mere lip-service to the trans community and their issues, rather than taking us seriously, and letting us and our issues be seen and heard.

 Jennifer McCreath

While the idea seems nice, it disappoints me that this was done behind my back, and without any public consultation with the trans community. Sadly, this proclamation omits what is perhaps the most pressing challenge trans people face in order to live independently - fair access to employment. Furthermore, that fact that this was done privately and quietly, demonstrates a clear indication as to where both the Mayor and Pride Inc stand, with regards to their interest in running an open and inclusive program. This was also a major opportunity lost to bring some much-needed mainstream media attention, to the challenges still faced by trans-identified people.

It's no secret that many members of the trans communities across North America, have accused the gay communities, and the rest of society, of throwing us under the bus and attempting to act and speak for us, rather than with us. Sadly, this adds yet another example to this theory.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Canadian Trans Trailblazer Receives Respect and Kudos from American fan 11/4/13

I just wanted to share a piece of fan mail that I received today. The identity comes from someone I only know as a pseudonym, but I know deep down that this is genuine and from the heart of the author.

It is nice to see that someone out there not only recognizes the hard work I do as a trailblazer for trans rights, but is willing to take the time to express such.


Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to take a moment to go over your recent campaign for Deputy Mayor. Like others, I watched your video where you discussed your feelings on the feedback you received after the conclusion of the campaign. You let us all know that you didn't run for that position to lose ... you did it to win. That does not surprise me at all coming from someone that takes athletic competitions just as seriously (you won't train hard enough to bring out the best in yourself if you don't intend to win). I understand why you feel the way you do about this situation, and you have every right to feel the way you do.

However (I'm sure you have heard "however" before many times... please bear with me on this), your candidacy involved more than the possibility of an individual win ... it potentially involved a win for transgendered individuals (and a much-needed win at that). I'm proud of you for running that campaign of yours, but I'm proud of you for a much different reason. This world is simply not even remotely ready for recognizing equal rights for transgendered people, and yet you ran for that position.

I've noticed something as the years roll by ... There are causes that have yet to even be given a voice, and anyone that dares start up that cause is doomed to failure because all worthwhile causes are doomed to fail from the start ... people simply are NOT ready for them. It takes time and many, many champions and voices. There is something very special about the first few waves of fighters for any cause ... they face the worst opposition, they rarely if ever get to personally experience the eventual victory as it never seems to happen within their lifetimes, and yet they STILL start the fight for the cause so that others in the future will be able to benefit from the eventual victory. That's pretty awesome.

I'll be (painfully) honest with you ... I didn't expect you to win either. It's not because I didn't think you deserved to win (far from it). It's because I had an idea (only an idea) as to just how unprepared this world is for a transgendered person to win a political office (any political office). Holding a political office means possessing the power to CHANGE, and people simply are not ready for that kind of change ... yet.

I understand if this feedback feels like a double-edged situation to you. I know you are more than simply an athelete. I know you are more than simply a transgendered person for that matter. However, I hope you soon realize just how much of an impact you have had up to this point. Yes, many didn't vote and you were defeated in your pursuit of that position ... one step at a time, Jennifer :)

I strongly urge you to keep going. Gay people don't even have equal standing yet, and transgendered people are going to have even more of a fight for equality. EVERY single attempt like this one makes ALL the difference in the end because every single fight is necessary to finally GET to the end.

I'm a results-oriented person as well. However, I also like to look several steps ahead in order to help me better layout a plan for success. You now have a much better idea as to what to expect from voters ... you already know what they need (all housing and NO business dooms any location).

I wish you the best. :)