Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009 - Jennifer wins Newfoundland 'Run for Respect' 5k Race!

here's a detailed race report...

i took home 1st place in the women's division, and 2nd overall out of 65 runners in a 5k road race today here at home. i was the beneficiary of a rather weak field, given that the rival and stronger athletic association was holding a 10 miler in a nearby town, hence, most of the local elites were at that one instead..

today's 5k was actually the 4th annual 'run for respect' a race organized to raise money and awareness for the work done by our local Sexual Health Centre, a cause that i just felt i couldn't miss out on, even though i really wanted to do the 10 miler.

i entered the race in rather poor shape for a 5k. i have not done very much speed work as of late and i have gained a few more pounds in august due to a reduced workload in an effort to heal some nagging injuries. both of my knees have been in rough shape since March; i am also dealing with what appears to be tendinitis in the left foot; and i am recovering from stubbing my right baby toe into an electric fan, dislodging the toe nail..

the weather was hot/humid/cloudy and i knew the heat would be a factor. i lined up at the front of the pack and took off rather hard and fast as did one other runner. i would have loved to have been the overall winner, but within 30 seconds, i realized that he was going way too fast for me to keep up. so i stuck with the original game plan of trying to run 4.30 kms.

i hit half way right on schedule but got hit by the heat and a hill as i reached the 3k mark. i looked back and didn't see any other runners in site so that made me relax a bit and i slowed down even more to regain my breath.. by 4k, i was starting to get dizzy, but pushed as hard as i could, knowing that a PB was on the line..

as i approached the finish line, i started lapping several slower runners who were completing their first of 2 laps.. i peaked at my watch to see that i was going to set a PB if i maintained my pace, so i cruised into the finish line and promptly collapsed afterward, scraping my knee rather badly in the process. after a few minutes rest, i was back on my feet and drinking down some water..

i was delighted to learn that one of my two protegees had finished 1st overall in the 2.5k power walking race, which also occurred along side of the 5k run. moments later, my other protegee crossed the finish line with a PB of her own.

my time was 23.43, that's 13 seconds faster than my only other serious 5k this year, which i ran on May 3, just one week after running 3 marathons in 8 days..

my approximate splits today were:


i was awarded a gold medal and a few other prizes for my run. i was a little nervous about the run, knowing that i was entered as a female and knowing that it was probable that i would win.. in the end, everyone seemed supportive and there were no complaints that i am aware of.. yet another nice step forward for me and with regards to societal acceptance of me and what i am doing.. guess i have handled the gender situation better than that other runner did last week in Berlin!

now, my focus will be on resting up for a few more weeks to try to get the knees and tendinitis healed.. then it will be a focus on anywhere from 1-4 fall marathons, where, even with my lung problem, i hope to shave time off what i was consistently running in the spring. i'd love to run a 3.45.59 and get back to Boston, but given my health situation, i'd be happy with a 3.59.59. i guess time will tell!


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