Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 3, 2009 - endurance day #3

well, i think i am getting a good handle on how to successfully increase my distance yet not over do it with this lung issue.. 19, 26.2 and 27.5k over the past 3 days.. specifically, over a 54 hour period, which is asking quite a bit of the heart and the knees. didn't quite make it two 42.2k in a row over 48 hours, but it was still an excellent day.. had a couple of my pupils out for runs as well as some solo runs.. also managed to visit the duckies today, which is always a highlight of the day! there are some new baby duckies at Burton's Pond, which is surprising given that baby season is usually May and June.

didn't swim today as the arms were still sore from yesterday's.. will plan to get back into the pool tomorrow.


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