Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 - morning update on yesterday's run and life in general

went for a tempo run in the morning and felt some flu-like symptoms that made me dizzy.. i cut the run short at 10.3k and rested for the rest of the day and felt better in the evening.. i had a lovely swim in the pond towards the end of the afternoon..

meanwhile, i stubbed my toe while walking around the home late last night, and drew blood, and potentially ripped off the toenail.. definitely not fun.. i think i can tape it up and still run on it.. the weather report is awesome for the weekend. i want to run up to the beach, either middle cove or topsail, and take in some sun and ocean swimming.. but will have to test out the toe first. the tendon issue in the other foot doesn't feel too bad this morning.. breathing appears fairly good, and i had a rather decent sleep..

i had initially thought about bolting it hard at sunday's race in search of a post-op personal-best at the 5k distance, but with all these injuries, i am now planning to make it a gentle run for me as i pace my protegee,, to what i hope will be a personal-best sub 35 minute run for her..

wow, i noticed my former employer, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, is posting 3 temp assignments this week in my old branch for what appears to be a temp replacement for 3 existing staff members.. perhaps these 3 folks have been seconded away to a special project. who knows? i am going to apply and it will be very interesting to see if they interview me for any of these positions..

meanwhile, i continue to get the runaround by the property management company of the apartment which i am living. After moving in with the impression that i would be offered the chance to sign a one year lease at the end of the existing lease, for which i took over from another tenant, i was recently warned that this offer is now off the table, and worse, that i could potentially be asked to pack up and leave without any notice! sensing that this would be an illegal request, i sought an opinion from the government office that oversees landlord-tenant relations. turns out i was right. It was clarified that i am a 'month-to-month tenant' and i am owed at least 3 months notice to be asked to leave.

interestingly enough, the new owner of the property feels offended that i sought clarity and asked that we all work within the boundary of the law.. oh well, at least it is looking like i won't have to plan any last-minute move, but at the same time, looks like a move could be in the works in 3 months.. i guess this is a lesson that it is always best to get things in writing up front.


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