Tuesday, December 2, 2014

McCreath commends NL trans activist for filing Charter Challenge

Mega kudos to Newfoundland resident Kyra Rees and her lawyer Kyle Rees for filing a Charter Challenge with Supreme Court of NL regarding the discriminatory NL provincial law known as Vital Stats Act Section 26. When successful, the Court will order the Provincial Government to amend this law to current global norms, which will make provisions to allow trans-identified people to change ID documents without having to have surgery.

Also, take note that they elected to go the court route, rather than the Human Rights Commission route, which is sadly, the right decision given, that the Commission does not have order power.

Meanwhile, let's not forget that access to surgery for trans folks who need it, is still not accessible as per global norms. Let this be a reminder and a call for trans activists to continue the fight for fair access to health products and services that they need.

For more information, local radio station VOCM has a story on their web site.
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