Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 - end of month cramming

well, i have run 26.2k in the past 30 hours as i try to drop one more pound before that infamous start-of-the-month weigh in. i anticipate being down 3 pounds in November, which is really exciting. if i can drop 4 in december, i will go out the way i came in, which would be an incredible accomplishment given the adjustment to my hormone levels.

the cold weather is back after a few days of nice warm temps. just above freezing today, but it was very sunny and windy. so it was rather nice to be outside.

i seem to say this every month, but i hope to get in more trips to the swimming pool in Dec.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 28, 2009 - warm weather and brutal football pics :(

wow, what a lovely day here. well, it was actually cloudy for most of it, but no rain, and it was 14 degrees again! perfect for a little 8.5k run down the trails by three of my favourite ponds. i had a great time being outside as much as i could today. i also managed to get over to the pool for a fairly strong 2k swim.

and then the heartbreak of watching 2 of my major upset pics in the facebook/myspace NCAA football pool go all the way to overtime, and then lose. a 4-1 upset records quickly turned into 2-3. and to make things worse, many other upsets that i did not have the guts to pick, ended up happening! hard to believe so many top schools choked out on rivalry weekend in games that were fairly important in terms of bowl positioning. oh well, i guess my quest to bring home Canada's first facebook/myspace NCAA football pool title will have to wait. with only 13 regular season games left, and 38 bowl games, i think i am too far behind the leaders to have a chance, but i have some more upset pics planned this next weekend nonetheless. As a woman from Canada, i take great pride in being able to outwit and outpick all these men from the USA who think they know their football... lol

well, i'm hoping for a nice strong swim tomorrow. the ankle is about 95% now, so that is great news. took long enough for that to heal.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 27, 2009 - more rain

it rained harder here today but that didn't stop me from going for a run. i ran 7k at a mid tempo pace. i'm actually trying to cut down on running for a while to rest the knees, but i had some important errands to get done. i also had a nice evening walk in what appeared to be about 13 degree temperatures! more warm weather tomorrow, but more rain too. didn't make it over to the pool all week, so i hope to feel up to a swim tomorrow.


Friday, November 27, 2009

November 26, 2009 - oops missed a day

yesterday was a rest day with no running or swimming. but i did manage to have a nice afternoon walk. i had a 4k run today in unseasonably warm weather. 14 degrees with light drizzle. warm enough for shorts here today!

it has been a busy week filled with a variety of chores, including a major clean up project here in the apartment. it's looking nice, for a chance! i even put up a christmas tree, something i haven't done in 3 years.

i accidentally hit my elbow fairly hard yesterday on a cabinet, so i am now dealing with a sore ankle, 2 sore knees, 2 sore wrists (carpel tunnel) and 1 bad elbow. i just can't win!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009 - long long day

well, i was up very early today to get ready for the long run out to Mount Pearl to visit one of my doctors today. the run out there went fairly well, the doc visit went great, but the run back was very sluggish. i ran out of energy, which i suppose is not surprising given that i didn't have a great sleep. the health report is good. blood tests are all normal, hormone levels are still consistently female, and i am generally in great health. more tests to follow to see if my lung issue is asthma related.

the run back was concerning. at the 15k mark overall on the day, i slowed right down to a walk. i don't think i have ever felt this exhausted after just 15k. but i took advantage of this break and visited the lovely Lester Farm (the road between st. john's and mount pearl goes thru rural countryside). so i got to have a visit with the farm animals - goats, pigs, rabbits, etc.. tons of fun! i also picked up a big bag full of fresh veggies.

i got back on the road and managed to run about half way home, walking the other half. i stopped again for a break at Mundy Pond, where i got to visit 2 lovely swans, as well as about 100 duckies!

when i got home, i needed a 2 hour nap, but that revitalized me and allowed me to have a somewhat productive rest of the day..

oh well, that's 47k over 4 days, which is not unusual for me from a macro perspective, but is a lot of running considering i have only averaged 50k per week for the past 9 weeks. the best news is that the knees aren't any worse for wear.

oh well, a decent sleep tonight should get me back to my normal energy levels..


Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009 - lovely sunny day, and some football picks!

a cold but sunny day here! there was a little snow on the ground this morning. about 0 degrees today with bright sun. i took a light jog over to the pond, then the mall, then over to the H1N1 clinic, where there was what appeared to be a 4 hour line up standing outside the building! hopefully these lines will be shorter in a week or two. i also had a lovely run back home thru the trails, where i got to see ducks and squirrels.

i have a 20k run planned tomorrow to visit the family doc, where there will be a long list of agenda items to discuss.

i still can't get over the fact that out of 62000 people, i am ranked 144 in the facebook/myspace NCAA football pool, which is only 8 games off first place. with a couple of careful upset picks over the next few weeks, i might have a shot at winning this! too bad there's no money involved. but bragging rights is always nice to have. hard to believe that a transgirl from northern canada, who lives closer to the north pole than most of these football stadiums, is in the hunt for a championship!

after hitting 3 of 4 major upsets this past week, i have confidence to keep it going. i have 5 upset pics in mind for this week's upcoming games.. here's some thoughts:

take South Carolina (6-5) over Clemson (8-3). only 43% of poolsters like SC, but think about it. SC plays in a tougher division, they will desperately want this win for bowl positioning, and they are at home. Clemson will be thinking ahead to the big ACC title game and may overlook this one. they have much less to play for.

take South Florida (7-3) over Miami (8-3). only 11% of poolsters like South Florida, but this is their superbowl! a chance to take out their storied local rivals, a Miami team that has looked sluggish as of late. the U seems to lose interest once they are out of the National Championship hunt.

take BYU (9-2), over Utah (9-2). two great teams that are evenly matched and are equally as impressive. BYU is playing at home, so that's my main reason for taking them on this 50-50 toss up. with only 37% of poolsters taking BYU, it makes sense for a realistic and reasonable upset pic.

take Kentucky (7-4) over Tennessee (6-5). Kentucky has looked hot as of late, and are coming off a very impressive come-from-behind win against Georgia, a team on par with Tennessee. TN has been very inconsistent this year. sure, many people only think of Kentucky as a basketball school, but their football team has been good for a couple of years now. with only 23% of poolsters supporting KY, this seems like an easy win!

take Arkansas (7-4) over LSU (8-3). LSU is not the powerhouse they were earlier this season. injuries have decimated this team, and it has shown, with their struggle to beat the woeful LA Tech team, and their confused state at the end of the game this past weekend in their loss to Ol' Miss. Arkansas has quietly been the hottest team in the SEC as of late, blowing out 4 opponents in a row convincingly at home. Both teams have lost to #1 Florida, #2 Alabama, and Ol' Miss. so with easier schedules, both of these teams could be top 10! i see this as an even toss up on paper, but with LSU's injuries, i'll gladly take Arkansas along with only 18% of poolsters. this is a low risk pic with big rewards!

should be fun games no matter what!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009 - snowy cloudy afternoon

hardly any evidence of the sun today, which seems to be a usual situation here. but it was calm and pleasant. i ventured outside on two separate occasions and managed fairly strong runs both times, with 4k and 8.5k runs at BQ pace (which seems like a speed drill for me these days) i've got lots of work to do if i want to maintain that pace for 42.2k on April 19/10 but i know i can get the job done with proper rest this fall and a strong program of base building, speed work, and diet modifications, which i certainly hope will lead to some weight loss.

If the 2-7 KC Chiefs can beat the Super Bowl champs, than anything is possible!


Nov 20 & 21, 2009 - update

been very busy. had a great friday with a couple of great public speeches. it was also a rest day with only some walking. Saturday was very windy here. i ran a light 9k and then joined some friends for a walk around the mall. i have now equaled my running total from all of last year with 3611k. with 6 weeks left, i anticipate finishing the year just over 4000k, which is very high for anyone's standards. looking forward to a swim in the pool sunday.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009 - brrr!

another sub zero day here in St. John's. I spent most of the day inside, including a rather strong 2k swim at the pool (wow two days in a row at the pool!)

a big day tomorrow with two public speaking engagements. both are open to the public. Come on out to the Battery Hotel at 2 pm to hear me speak about Newfoundland's state of transsexual health care to the Federal Liberal Party's Health Critic's stakeholder engagement session! then catch me at 6pm at MUN university outside at the clock tower for a candle light vigil in honour of transgender day of remembrance (and action).

ahh, it's thursday night, so that means football on TV! i am currently ranked 359 out of 61540 in the facebook college pool! most likely making me the highest ranked female and highest ranked Canadian! ahh, gotta love bragging rights!


November 18, 2009 - busy day

had a rather strong 2k swim this afternoon, as well as a light 4k run to and from the pool. a nice little work out, overall.

I also attended an educational and social function commemorating Transgender Day of Remembrance (and Action).

Later this week, I will be speaking at Memorial University as part of their Transgender Remembrance festivities. I am also going to be meeting with Dr Carolyn Bennett, Member of Parliament and the Federal Liberal Health Critic, to discuss the transgender health care situation here in Newfoundland. Should be a fun second half to the week!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 17, 2009 - day off

10km of walking today, but no running or swimming. i really need to give my knee a rest. i think i have pulled the tendon or ligament. i will try to pool tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov 17, 2009 - strange swimming stats website apperance

Gee, you never know who's keeping an eye on you..

Someone has found my stats from the World Outgames swim and has apparently ranked me against other Canadian swimmers. My 800m split has me ranked 20th and my 1500m full time has ranked 10th. I have no idea what this ranking is for. I'd be very very very surprised if I have in fact swam the 10th fastest 1500m freestyle swim by a Canadian woman this year..

hmmmm, I think I will have to investigate further.


Nov 16, 2009 - warm day

wow, an amazing 13 degrees here in st. john's! perfect for a run. i had a rather light 9k today, including some hill work. my right knee and ankle are still feeling the effects of the fall i took on the stairs over a week ago. i'm thinking i will have no other choice but to rest up for a while until it is better. don't want to be running on an injury like that. gonna try the pool again tomorrow to see how that feels. ah, frustrations..


Monday, November 16, 2009

November 15, 2009 - long runs, yes plural!

wow, what a day.. calm and somewhat warm. perfect running conditions! i had a nice 14k run this morning, as i ran to Quidi Vidi lake, did a lap around the lake, then ran home. one of the highlights was seeing the infamous Barry the Goose, who is always honking about down at the lake along with his 200 duckie friends..

later in the day, after watching some NFL on tv, i went back out for an evening run to Kent's Pond, where i was tempted to jump in for a dip, but decided not to. that's 27K. not a bad sunday at all!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 14, 2009 - powerful day!

well, i was up late last night getting some work done and ended up sleeping in until almost noon! but the sleep helped as i was full of energy this afternoon, with a very fast 36 minute 2k swim. i ran home from the duck pond for a break and was back outside enjoying the sunny weather with more running, giving me 12k in running today, all at a very strong fast pace. i had the usual visits with the ducks at Kent, Long, and Burton's ponds on the way..

then as it got dark, it was time to come inside to watch several hours of NCAA college football. i seem to get more interested and excited about the college stuff as each year passes, and as each week passes. the final stretch is shaping up to be very interesting. i am currently entered in the facebook NCAA football pool, where i am currently ranked 360 out of over 61130 entrants! not bad for a girl from Canada huh?


Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 13, 2009 - rest day

a day of rest for me as i focused on preparing for what turned out to be a great job interview with the Newfoundland provincial government. i really hope this turns out to be the one i have been waiting for.

after the interview, i had a lovely walk around Mundy Pond, where i got to visit with, and feed, two swans! these animals are often known to be mean and aggressive towards humans, but these swans were quite happy and comfortable being close to me and even ate out of my hand! tons of fun!

a big day in college football tomorrow and i am ranked among the top 1% in the facebook pool. in an attempt to gain ground and catch the leaders, i am going with 4 major upset pics: Connecticut, Boston College, Northwestern, and Ol' Miss!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009 - swimming!!!

back in the pool today for the first time in a week. the ankle injury made swimming very challenging last week, so i decided to take a break. the ankle is still not 100% but did not give me any significant problems in the pool today. the issue today was energy levels, as i was very slow and sluggish. but i still managed a 2k swim in 45 minutes. I also managed 6k of walking today as i enjoyed some time outside in the sun (why can't we get 4 days of sun in a row during summer?!?!)


November 11, 2009 - more sun

another sunny morning had me up early and running with Kim for the first time in a while. she's fought hard to overcome some somewhat serious health issues to get herself to good health. we ran around the pond a couple of times and fed the ducks. then later, i ran a little more. 10k for me in total. my right knee is feeling some pain of a new kind. not really sure what is wrong but i think there may be a tendon pull in there. gonna take it easy tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009 - officially back at it!

well, i felt really good today after a good sleep and a nice breakfast, so instead of going for a short swim, i decided on a long run. i took the lovely trail down to quidi vidi lake, then proceeded to run 4 laps around the lake, then head home.. that's 26k, the most i have run in essentially one shot since my Sept 26 marathon. i did take a few short breaks to buy some gatorade and to feed the ducks, but it was essentially a continuous run at a consistent pace.. it took 2 hr 30 min, which was essentially a 4 hour marathon pace. i felt really good all the way thru and felt that i could have easily gone on to run 42.2k if i wanted to, but i decided to save it for later. training is all about pushing yourself far enough that you maximize your workout, yet save enough that you can get back out there the next day.

the knee and ankle felt fairly good, although they are not quite 100%.

i found myself getting quite emotional at times. not quite sure why. perhaps it was the realization that the winter is coming fast, or a realization that the sun is starting to set much earlier now, and that it will be a long dark winter.. or perhaps it was positive feeling of enjoying my first long run in a while, and my first run around quidi vidi lake in a while... i think part of it is the fact that i have come to appreciate the simple things in life... feeding the ducks; finding a squirrel in the tree. enjoying a swim in a pond.. nothing makes my day quite like any of these things... Watching the baby duckies grow up has been so much fun.. here's a pic of a set of babies from August, and then a later pic from 5-6 weeks later! Jenn

November 9, 2009 - back at it

had a nice 7k run today in in the cool but sunny windy environment! the knee and ankle injury are almost better. looking forward to getting back at it tomorrow for a full slate of swimming and running

job interview went fairly well today, and i have another one lined up friday, both are government of newfoundland jobs. let's hope for the best


Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009 - another rest day

well, i went out to test the knee but there was enough discomfort for me to cut it short and rest another day. i still managed to have a lovely 4k walk outside for an hour, including a visit to the pond to feed the duckies for the first time in a few days.

big day tomorrow with a job interview.. hope it goes well.


November 7, 2009 - rest day

well, i managed to get outside for a walk for about 15 minutes before turning around and heading back inside. just wasn't in the mood for cold rain today.. lol

oh well, the restful day certainly didn't hurt.


Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 2009 - breath into this tube!

Well, i had my pulmonary functions tests today. oh what fun, breathing into a tube for 20 minutes. i really hope these tests prove to identify what has been wrong with my left lung for the past 6 months. it's really frustrating when you can't take in as much oxygen as you are used to, especially when you can't get enough oxygen to run at full speed!

That proved to be the highlight of my day as i spent the rest of the day home inside trying to avoid the snowy-slush storm and high winds. no running or swimming today, which is rare, as you all know. I fell and twisted my ankle and hurt my knee yesterday, which made my swim very uncomfortable, so the day of rest certainly won't hurt. I hope the injuries will heal up enough so that i may return to the pool tomorrow pain-free.


My letter to co-workers

Here is a modified version of "Jennifer's Story", a newsletter that i was fortunate enough to share with many people whom i worked with in recent years.

Jennifer's Story

I am writing to introduce you to Jennifer McCreath, Senior Policy and Planning Analyst in the Information Management Branch. I want to raise education and awareness about a very personal issue in my life that is playing out in a very public manner, because I want people to learn enough about this so they won’t feel uncomfortable working with me.

After years of confusion and unhappiness, I finally figured out what I needed to do to find happiness. In January, 2007, I concluded that I was a transsexual (a woman born with male sex organs) and that I needed to undertake transition (the medical correction of my sex organs and my hormone levels). After suitable assessment, my doctors agreed with this diagnosis and have been working with me on this transition process ever since.

Transition requires good physical fitness, so from January - July 2007, I undertook a grueling long-distance running regime and dropped 60 pounds. Although the main goal was to get in shape, which I did, the competitive fire from within lead me to take running to a competitive level. I have since completed 19 marathon runs, including the 2009 Boston Marathon.

In June, 2008, I started Hormone Replacement Therapy: the taking of testosterone blockers and estrogen pills. Over the next 3-5 years, this will cause a feminization process to my body: softer skin, lighter body hair, breast growth; as well as changes to my emotions. There will also be side affects such as fatigue, muscle loss, body weight redistribution and slower metabolism.

There are things estrogen won't do. This means that I require a series of expensive medical procedures, including laser facial hair removal and electrolysis, voice retraining, the wearing of a wig or hair transplants, and up to five different surgeries, including two genital surgeries - one of which I had done in December 2008.

In preparation for the surgeries, I needed to prove my readiness by undergoing a “Real Life Experience” (RLE) test as a woman (essentially as a way of proving that this really is necessary for me). This was a full year of living in the woman gender role as documented by doctors. My RLE went very well and I was given the go-ahead by my team of doctors to pursue all procedures.

The announcement of my transition has been well accepted here in Government, among my friends here in Newfoundland, as well as by local organizations such as the Aquarena and the Newfoundland & Labrador Athletic Association.

Raising societal education and awareness about the issues of transsexualism is important to me both for my own good, and in my opinion, for the good of the transsexual community, and all of society. I take pride in being an advocate, and I have been fortunate enough to get my story out into mainstream society by starring in a three-part mini news series that aired on prime time NTV news in March, 2008, a series which lead to a massive amount of positive feedback and support. A follow up news story in February 2009 was also well received.

Since then, I have also been featured on CBC news, VOCM Radio, The Telegram, and the Scope magazine. I have also been a guest speaker at a variety of events, addressing audiences including students, PRIDE week festivities attendees, health care professionals, and politicians & government policy makers. I have also been a guest lecturer for a variety of courses at Memorial University.

So why put myself through all of this? Our brain dictates who we really are. Our brain makes many conscious decisions, but many unconscious ones too. We don't get to choose whether we are left handed or right handed; we don’t get to decide how tall we are going to end up; and we don't get to decide our gender identity. Yes it is rare, only 1 out of every 20,000 people will have this condition, but for me, it couldn’t be more obvious. History has proven that post-transitioned individuals go on to live happy and normal lives, while untreated transsexuals often fall into deep depression, 40% of whom commit suicide.

So, will I really become a female? Well, legally yes, and medically, it’s amazing what can be done with hormones and surgeries, but the bigger issue is gaining acceptance across Government and throughout society as a whole, and this will be the toughest challenge I face. Change has to be slow and gradual, so with this in mind, I have moved forward one step at a time with new milestones: feminine wardrobe, legal name change, hormone therapy, and the first surgery. There are many more steps to come before this transition can be considered complete, but no matter what I look like, I ask that you think of me as Jennifer, a woman, and address me accordingly. It is hurtful to be called, him, sir, or mister. Please try to be sensitive and understanding of this.

Anyway, I look forward to the exciting challenge of continued success in transition, as well as success in the work place as an Analyst. I appreciate the support and acceptance I have experienced thus far and look forward to working with all of you in the future!


If you would like to learn more about me and my transition, please visit my personal website: Http://

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 - signal hill revisited!

well, i just couldn't resist. i was downtown for a doctor appointment today and decided afterward, to make the long 1 mile climb from the bottom of Temperance Street, up Signal Hill Road, to the Cabot Tower. Once again, as was the case during the Cape to Cabot 20k road race, i found it extremely challenging to run uphill and breathe at the same time. But instead of walking, i was able to keep a steady jog for most of it.

It was a very rare beautiful clear day in St. John's, so i had a lovely view of the entire city, as well as out to sea, from the top of the hill. in all, i ran 18k today, and swam 2k in the pool for good measure!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009 - so much for that

well the warm sunny day never showed up today. instead, we got 5 degrees and cloudy.. oh well, a perfect day to go and renew my swimming membership at the pool.... lol

the swim this morning did not go very well. i was having a rough breathing day, which essentially ruins any swim. later in the day, i toured around the city, running from pond to pond. totaling 11.9k.

well, still no luck with the job hunt. i recently applied to another batch of government jobs, some here in Newfoundland, some in Ontario, and even one in Yellowknife! now that would be an interesting place to work!


Jennifer McCreath - Resume (education and work experience) - updated Feb 2010

Here's my conventional resume of education and work experience!


Bachelor of Administration Degree (Management Concentration)
2005 - Athabasca University

Business Administration Diploma (Honours)
2000 - Humber College of Arts and Technology

Work Experience

Information Management Technician
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Department of Justice - Public Prosecution Division
Jan 2010 - present

on Jan 29, 2010, I verbally accepted a temporary position at the above-cited office. It is my understanding that my new work here will be to help office management create and implement policies and procedures with regards to a new record centre, as well as be part of the actual record centre team that creates, manages, and stores Government records.

Senior Policy & Planning Analyst - Information Protection (Privacy and Security)
Government of Newfoundland & Labrador (GNL)
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) - Information Management Branch
June 2007 – March 2009 (Temporary Assignment)

Created, coordinated, managed and implemented a privacy review program that ensured that privacy assessments were conducted on all IT system development projects and major legacy system enhancements. This included collaborating with Government Departments, the official Privacy Office, private sector contractors, and other relevant stakeholders.

Developed and implemented policies, procedures and guidelines with regard to Information Management (IM), privacy, and security

Contributed toward strategic planning and organizational development initiatives; this required up-to-date knowledge of relevant international, federal and provincial legislation, policy, standards, and globally-recognized best practices

Raised education and awareness of privacy and security through creation and delivery of training materials and through written communication

Frequently met with senior management to gain input and to provide briefing of issues, and to advise of recommended mitigation strategies

Member of numerous Government committees including privacy steering committees, OCIO Security Focus Group, OCIO Project Coordination Team, IM Management Team, Internal Security Review Board, and the Risk Assessment and Mitigation Project; had authority to make key decisions and act on behalf of the IM Branch

Served as the backup Access to Information Coordinator for the OCIO. Trained to process formal Access to Information requests
Frequent participant and presenter at major privacy, information management, and government-related conferences

Claims Assessor

Government of Canada, Dept. of Human Resources and Social Development Canada
May 2006 - January 2007 (Temporary Assignment)

Analyzed and processed Employment Insurance Claims ; Identified discrepancies and verified information with claimants and employers; analyzed, interpreted and made decisions based on the Employment Insurance Act

Database Management Coordinator
Education Safety Association of Ontario
January 2006 – March, 2006 (Temporary Assignment)

Conducted analysis of field-consultant / client relationships. This analysis was used to help senior management with their performance appraisal work

Conducted analysis of client feedback data-gathering tools; made recommendations; responsible for data-quality and database management of client information

Electronic Service Delivery Analyst
Government of Ontario, Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer
Identity Authentication & Authorization (IA&A) Working Group
November 2003 – July 2004 (Contract Work)

Assisted Chair with the delivery and management of a cross jurisdictional working group whose mandate was to create a cross-Canada strategy for citizen identity management. Liaised with senior IT managers to help promote Ontario’s vision and goals, and to solicit feedback and buy-in regarding policies, procedures and technologies

Researched various global IA&A methodologies and best-practices; shared findings with Working Group, which often led to buy-in

Created and managed an online file-sharing portal for working group documents

Electronic Service Delivery Analyst
Government of Ontario, Ministry of Consumer and Business Services (MCBS)
Integrated Service Delivery Division, Business Development Branch
March 2003 – November 2003 (Contract Work)

Assisted with the development of a Communities of Interest model, the concept of bringing government and industry stakeholders together to network and collaborate on common issues and program delivery; met with potential model participants to solicit involvement

Conducted business mapping of government services across the Ontario Public Service to identify and implement opportunities for service integration and electronic service delivery

Electronic Service Delivery Analyst
Government of Ontario, Ministry of Citizenship
Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat – Public Education and Awareness Unit
July 2002 – March 2003 (Contract Work)

Represented Ontario on a variety of cross-jurisdictional initiatives designed to deliver products and services to seniors and caregivers through service integration and electronic service delivery

Provided business content for a variety of government web sites that offered information, products and services to seniors’ stakeholders

Responsible for management and maintenance of Ministry web sites

Conducted focus group testing meetings to introduce new web sites to seniors’ stakeholders, gather feedback, and implement changes based on recommendations
Drafted Project Charters, Budget Submissions, and Communication Plans

Created and delivered status reports and briefing notes for Senior Management

Responsible for demonstrating a Pilot Seniors web site at Showcase Ontario, a major governmental conference

Records Management Clerk
Crown Law Office, Criminal - Ministry of Attorney General, Ontario Government
February 2001 - August 2002 (Contract Work)

Responsible for the management of paper and electronic records, including the filing, retention, and disposition of court and other criminal appeal documents

Responsible for updating several case management IT tracking systems

Responsible for reporting bail information to the police

Additional Training and Skills

Proficiency with PC/software - MS Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, Windows, HTML, Internet Explorer, Misc. custom-made Databases; experience with TRIM software

Completed senior level university courses include Change Management, Strategic Public Policy, Innovative Public Management, and Public Policy in a Global Environment

Successfully completed “Managing Information Technology Projects”, a Masters-level course sanctioned by George Washington University and McMaster University

Saint John Ambulance First Aid Certification 2009 - 2012

Current Part-time Volunteer Work

Running Coach (May 2009 - Present)

Work with two individuals to create customized health, fitness, and running programs to help them improve their strength, speed, endurance, and overall running performance through healthy eating recommendations, training runs, goal setting and strategy sessions, and sports psychology mechanisms

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009 - miserable day

more cloudy, rain, cold, and fog today, which meant that i spent pretty much all day inside. i had one hour outside, where i am 6.3k and spent some time at the pond, but it was literally cold and miserable.

i am planning to go to bed early tonight and wake up early tomorrow morning for a long run, in what is being billed as 12 degrees, partly cloudy, which should make for excellent running conditions. i'll be up early thurs and friday for doctor appointments, so i might as well get used to getting up early.. friday is my lung tests, which i certainly hope will lead to a diagnosis of this mysterious ailment that i have been dealing with.


Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009 - actual regular blog post for today

wow, all these bonus posts today as i turn this blog into my official new website... anyway, on with the show.. i ran 10k today, mostly at a leisurely pace, stopping along the way whenever i saw a duck that i wanted to feed. i also saw a squirrel hiding in the tree for the first time in a while at lovely Kent's Pond. that makes 26.5k in two days for me. tomorrow, i plan to return to the pool after a few days off swimming.


November 2, 2009 - new official website

well, with Geocities closing down, i have decided to make
my new official website.. you will notice the addition of a 'links' section on the side, which includes references to a couple of particular new blog posts that will detail more information about me..

Jennifer McCreath - Biography - February 7, 2011

I am Jennfer McCreath, a 37 yr old transsexual marathon runner and trans-rights advocate. I am a post-op (meaning that I have underdone the surgical correction of my genitals to become anatomically female).

I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but have also lived in Black Point, Nova Scotia; Toronto, Ontario; London, Ontario; and currently live in St. John's, Newfoundland.

I am a provincial public figure who is best known for advocating for trans-rights and helping society gain a better understanding, education, and awareness of transsexualism and the issues transsexuals face.

I have been featured on NTV and CBC news, as well as local radio and newspapers in Newfoundland. I have also been a guest speaker at a variety of public events, addressing audiences including university students, St. John's and Corner Brook PRIDE week festivities attendees, health care professionals, and politicians & government policy makers. I have also been a guest lecturer for a variety of courses at Memorial University. I have also done some consulting work for the local Health Authority, in the context of assisting with the transition of a trans patient.

I am a marathon runner and long-distance swimmer. I became the first formally-sanctioned transsexual marathon runner in world history when i ran the World Outgames Marathon in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009. I also became the first formally-sanctioned transsexual swimmer at those games as well. I have run a total of 25 marathons, including 2 Boston Marathons. I am also a part-time volunteer running, health and fitness coach.

I am currently working as a file clerk in the Newfoundland public service, but desire to regain employment at a senior analyst level in a public service capacity. My background is business admin and public policy, having worked 7 years in government policy development and information management jobs - including work with the Canadian Federal Public Service, the Ontario Public Service, and the Newfoundland Public service. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Admin (Management Concentration), and a College Diploma in Business Admin.

I am a non-voting Member of Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (; I am a co-founder of the newly-created St. John's Pride Incorporated; and co-founder of the Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter of International FrontRunners (an LGBT-focused jogging and social club).

I enjoy 1960s and 70s rock, blues, metal, country, and most of all, country rock music. My favourite band is California country rock band, Poco (

I aspire to work with government policy makers to ensure that transsexuals are able to obtain access to the health care that they need, and the human rights recognitions and protections that we currently lack in many parts of the world.

November 2, 2009 - snubbed by Guinness

well, the folks that run the Guinness World Records organization have refused to recognize me as the fastest transsexual marathon runner in the world. they stated that the record request did not meet their policy criteria, which i find rather ironic given that they recognize marathon efforts of other unique minority segments of the population, such as amputees and wheelchair athletes... not to mention, the fact that they recognize seemingly ridiculous records, such as "world's longest lawn-mower ride" and "greatest distance walked with a milk bottle balanced on the head" ...gimme a break!

Oh well, Guinness, i don't need a stamp of approval from you, your lawn mowers, or your milk bottles! My name will forever be archived and documented in the record books of the 2009 World Outgames as the first, only, and hence, the fastest formally-recognized transsexual marathon runner in world history!


November 1, 2009 - frustrated

wow, we had a very warm but very windy day here out east. temps got up to 17 degrees! but with winds of 60 km/h. i spent an hour outside trying to enjoy it, but the winds were just too rough. i ran 7k in the wind and also had a visit at the pond with the ducks. the birdseed was flying all over the place in the wind. so frustrating that the one nice day we have had in the past 4 weeks would be so windy!

oh well, inside i went to watch some football on tv for the afternoon. the wind eventually gave in to rain and cold. late in the evening, i logged into, as i do every day, to check out the latest local running news. there, i found out that 6 Newfoundanders had career days at the NYC marathon. including two females who ran sub 3 hour marathons, which is phenomenal!

Reading that actually made me feel very aggravated and upset. with all the hard work i have done the past year, it should be me breaking 3 hours, but instead, i sit here with an still yet-to-be-identified respiratory ailment, with an extra 15 pounds, with a bad knee that won't get better, and with no job and essentially no money to travel to run marathons any more... not to mention, no where near being able to run a 3 hour marathon.. heck, i haven't even broken 4 hours this year. this even though i probably log more training hours than any of those folks....

well, i channeled my anger into something positive, and decided to go out for a late evening run. i ran 9.5k in 54 minutes. which really isn't all that bad considering it was an unplanned spur of the moment run, and considering i was running while feeling extremely frustrated and upset.

oh well, i think it's safe to say that this has motivated me.. i am going to work extra hard over the next 5 months to get ready for boston. i am determined to make 2010 a good running year for me. 2009 will go down as the worst running year in my life because i am going to do whatever it takes to ensure that my running results never drop this low ever again. i know i am capable of doing better, and yes, i have many handicaps to deal with, but that just means i will have to work harder. and i will.....


Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 31, 2009 - chilly

yikes, i had the exciting thrill of accompanying several children around the neighbourhood for halloween. it was 2 hours in near zero degree cold, wind, and drizzle.. not exactly the greatest conditions. but it was tons of fun. the first time in more than 20 years that i was out on halloween.

i also managed to run 8k today. lifting my weekly total to 33.6. wow, and my knees are still sore.. sometimes you just can't win!