Saturday, April 25, 2015

McCreath inspired, optimistic, re Bruce Jenner coming out Interview!

Having watched the Bruce Jenner ABC 20-20 interview from last night, I must say that my initial reaction is very positive and I am very excited. For all those who were worried, I think we can take a deep breath and relax, and look forward to the amazing positive affects that we as a trans community will realize because of Jenner's activism. Jenner brings several things to the trans spotlight that have been missing or overlooked. I am really happy and have tons of faith and confidence that his transition will do wonders for all of us.

For a more detailed analysis as to why I am so pleased with this, I have recorded a two part video interview vlog that I have posted on youtube here:

Part One

Part Two

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

McCreath Suspends Operations on Several Trans Initiatives

Effective immediately, I will be suspending operations on many of my ongoing volunteer trans activism projects, and scaling back my efforts and roles on many others. For more details, please see my latest Youtube Vlog

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

McCreath prepares announcement about future volunteer trans work

"Unfortunately, the pioneers often fail to gain the benefit of the rights they fight for to the benefit of others following. Your struggle to find employment consistent with your ability is a prime example."

Strong and true words spoken to me today by a very wise individual. All this volunteer trans activism work I do, has not helped me find employment opportunities, and because of this, ironically as we celebrate National Volunteer Week, I will be making some sad and tough announcements about my future over the next few days.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

ECTA Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) Tour 2015 a success!

It was an historic week for the trans community here in Newfoundland, as the 7th annual International Transgender Day of Visibility, was commemorated in 6 towns, by representatives of the East Coast Trans Alliance, along with town council reps, allies, and allied partners.  For the very first time, the trans flag was raised at 6 town halls to commemorate this day: Torbay, Harbour Grace, Carbonear, Logy Bay - Middle Cove - Outer Cove, Gander, and Grand Falls-Windsor. A big thanks to all who participated!  Here are some videos and photographs, and media reports, from the events:


Grand Falls-Windsor
Harbour Grace


The Evening Telegram Newspaper Article
Torbay Today News Blog Article
Conception Bay North Compass Newspaper Article
CBC Radio Noon Newfoundland promo Interview
GFW Advertiser Newspaper Article


1 - Jennifer McCreath raises the trans flag with the Mayor of Carbonear, George Butt
2 - Jennifer McCreath with Mayor of Torbay, Ralph Tapper
3 - Jennifer McCreath with Mayor of Harbour Grace, Terry Barnes, at the Town Hall TDOV Lunch
4 - Sarah Downey and Jake Foley at Harbour Grace Town Hall
5 - Gander flag raising, including Deputy Mayor, Cyril Abbott
6 - Grand Falls-Windsor flag raising, including Deputy Mayor Barry Manual

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools !!

APRIL FOOLS.... i am retiring undefeated! :P and besides, did anyone really think i'd move to a shit-hole like Indiana?? #boycottindiana

McCreath signs contract with WWE Indiana affiliate NXT!

Jennifer McCreath is a transgender woman from Newfoundland, Canada who is breaking new ground today with the announcement of her signing of a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment's junior affiliate, NXT wrestling brand. Founded in 2001, NXT, a developmental wrestling promotion designed for young wrestlers to learn and kraft their trade, has been a launching pad for some of sports entertainment's greatest stars, including WWE legends Randy Orton and John Cena.

McCreath first caught the eye of talent scouts by her portrayal of "Trans Mysterio" a transgender wrestling character who's face and identity is hidden behind a Mexican-style 'lucha-libra' wrestling mask. Jennifer recently reached a new level of local fame when Newfoundland-based wrestling promotion Legend City Wrestling, asked her to partake in a storyline at their recent wrestling card in Bay Roberts. Seated at ringside, McCreath was asked by world champion Mr. Fantastic, to kick his opponent, Tyson Dux, in the head, while the two wrestlers were brawling outside of the ring on the floor area. The kick McCreath delivered was so good, that LCW promoters were swift to recommend that McCreath send a demo tape to the WWE.

At just under 6 feet tall, and at 282 pounds, the retired marathon runner McCreath brings a combination of endurance, strength, and girth, that is needed to be successful in the world of professional wrestling. McCreath wrestled her first pro match at the young age of 14, when she convinced her 8th grade english teacher to all her and her friends to promote a wrestling event, as part of a school project. Even with a legit broken arm at the time, McCreath wowed classmates with a one-armed bodyslam of her classmate opponent, and the legend was born!

As part of the developmental contract, sadly, McCreath will have to relocate from her beloved home of Newfoundland, Canada, to Terre Haute, Indiana, headquarters of the NXT.  The majority of wrestling events promoted by NXT take place in the mid east area of the USA - mostly in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee.  Jennifer is excited to have this opportunity to follow a life-long dream, and anticipates she may even be ready to make her WWE debut after 6-9 months of training.  "It has been a life long dream of mine to be a pro wrestler and to compete at Wrestlemania. I am really thankful for this opportunity NXT has given me," said McCreath.

One of Jennifer's first challenge, however, may actually come outside of the ring. The state of Indiana has recently tabled a 'religions freedom ' bill in their political house, which will allow organizations to discriminate against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Nevertheless, Jennifer is optimistic that this will not pose problems. "When WWE introduced a cross-dressing character in 1996, known as Goldust, there was definitely some controversy at first, but over time, the fans grew to love the character, and he continues to have a successful career 20 years later. I trust that the good folks in Indiana will come to appreciate me for my work ethic and bubbly personality," said McCreath.  Jennifer also hopes that by being the first openly-transgender pro wrestler, that she can raise education and awareness about trans issues and help overcome stereotypes and obstacles.

The start date of McCreath's training is yet to be finalized, but she says she will hold as a special farewell to Newfoundland event, once her time table is sorted out. Furthermore, she promises to do everything in her power to bring a WWE event back to Newfoundland, for the first time since 2007.

Questions and Interviews: Jennifer can be reached at or 709-753-9529.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Transgender Day of Visibility - NL Flag-Raising Tour March 30-31, 2015!

For Immediate Release!

Commemoration of 7th Annual Transgender Day of Visibility to take place at Six Newfoundland Town Halls!

International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual event occurring March 31, dedicated to celebrate trans people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans people world wide. Michigan-based trans activist Rachel Crandall launched the event in 2009 as a response to concern that the only 'day' in which the world recognized trans people, was Trans Day of Remembrance, Nov 20. Rachel wanted an event that brought attention to those living, rather than just the dead. The day has since been recognized by trans communities all over the world.

The East Coast Trans Alliance is a grass roots organization run by and for trans people in the four eastern-most provinces of Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador. The organization has been active since 2010, as they have hosted educational, activism, political policy influencing, and social events in over two dozen cities and towns in all 4 provinces; and representatives have given lectures to universities, high schools and colleges. Co-founder, and head of NL affairs, Jennifer McCreath will be embarking on a cross-provincial tour, March 30 and 31, for a series of flag-raising events at town halls, educational networking round table meetings, and social meet n greet events, to commemorate this occasion.

While based in St. John's, Jennifer feels it is extremely important to do events all over the province, so that education towards trans people and trans issues, can be taught province-wide, "There are many trans people around the province who have reached out to me. Many feel too afraid to come out publicly as trans as they fear that they might be the only out trans person in their town, and that the society around them is completely unaware and unprepared for the challenges facing trans people. Having Town councils demonstrate acceptance and a willingness to learn, understand, and embrace us, is a huge first step towards making all parts of the province of NL a better place for trans people to live their lives to the fullest," said McCreath.

Jennifer is excited to see that most of the the Town Halls that she recruited to co-host flag-raising awareness events, agreed to partake. The trans flag (which has pink, white, and blue stripes), will be raised at five town halls in this province for the very first time: Torbay, Harbour Grace, Carbonear, Grand-Falls Windsor, and Gander, as well as raised at the town hall of Logy Bay/Middle Cove/Outer Cove, for the second time (the first being July 2014 as part of Pride Week).

Local trans activist Sara Pinsent will emcee the Middle Cove event, while Jennifer will emcee the other 5 events.

Torbay mayor Ralph Tapper was quite excited to receive the initial invite from Jennifer "While every individual has the right to achieve ultimate happiness, for some to accomplish this, it is very, very challenging. The Town Council of Torbay recognizes Trans Day of Visibility s an opportunity to bring awareness on the issue of diversity to our community in the hope that all of us will educate ourselves and support transgendered people who strive to achieve and accept their genuine identity. Hopefully other communities will join us in supporting this event," said Tapper.

One of the key goals of the ECTA is to develop strong working relationships between trans community organizations, and women's organizations, "Status of Women Central believes in 'Equality For All'. Let's raise up and honour all transgendered people as valued citizens of our society," said Stephanie Bartlett, on behalf of the organization.

Jennifer has significant concerns that some Conservative members of the Canadian Senate are hesitant to provide Human Rights Protection for trans people, due to myths and unfounded fears regarding apparent increased risks of sexual assaults in washrooms, "there are many jurisdictions all over the world that have had trans rights for quite some time, and there have been no documented reports of any people being assaulted by a trans person or by someone pretending to be trans. Sexual assault is already illegal, and providing human rights to trans people is not going to change that," said Jennifer.

Jennifer also hopes to raise awareness to some NL provincial policies that are out of date and harmful to trans people, "trans people who do not require surgery, are unable to have their identification documents amended to their correct gender identity. This not only causes privacy issues, but it can lead to unnecessary profiling and other types of discrimination. Meanwhile, trans people who do require surgery, are unable to take advantage of the recommendations of the many qualified doctors here in the province, because the MCP funding policy (last updated in 1998) requires trans people to travel to Clarke Institute (aka CAMH) in Toronto, for assessment, which is unnecessary, given that global experts, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, ( have launched transition protocol that can be applied to trans patients by any team of doctors that include a general practitioner, and a psychiatrist or psychologist," said McCreath.

Flag-Raising Schedule:

Monday March 30, 2015

- Torbay Town Hall - Flag-Raising - 9 am

- Harbour Grace Town Hall - Flag-Raising - 12 noon

- Carbonear Town Hall - Flag Raising - 1.30 pm

Tuesday March 31, 2015

- Logy Bay / Middle Cove / Outer Cove Town Hall - Flag Raising - 9 am

- Grand Falls-Windsor Town Hall - Flag-Raising - noon, Social Networking in Boardroom afterwards

- Gander Town Hall - Flag-Raising - 3 pm, Social Networking Event at Gander Women's Centre afterwards

Questions or Interviews:

Jennifer McCreath
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
http://www.jennifermccreath. com