Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Jenn says 2023 already the worst year of her life.

You could write a sad country song about my 2023 so far. the health care system won't fix my knee, the deputy minister of FFA won't give me the job that i won fair and square in a competition, and the sperm i paid $5000 to store in a freezer for 16 years so i could have biological children later in life, are now going in the garbage.. no wife, no kids, no house, now car, and a job that barely pays half of bills. bankruptcy, law suit(s) and human rights complaint(s) on the horizon.. oh what a life!!! the future sure ain't what it used to be!!!!! I think it's officially time for me to admit that Jennifer McCreath will never make it here in Newfoundland and Labrador. I'm just too far ahead of my times, and the discrimination i face here will never be overcome. serious thinking to do ahead now as a contemplate whether or not to renew my apartment lease for another year, or give my notice and literally leave and go somewhere else and start my life over again from scratch with a clean slate and lots of scars. Advice anyone??

Thursday, August 5, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer McCreath Quits NDP!

 Jennifer McCreath has resigned her membership from the NL NDP and Federal NDP effective immediately. More to come.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Brief Update! Jenn returning to NL Public Service!

Wow, looks like it has been 6 months since my last blog post. Interesting that my last post took note that the NL Provincial Liberals were running a trans candidate in the provincial election. Little did I know at the time that the NL NDP would also be running a trans candidate, and that the trans candidate would be me!

And oh my, what an election it was. A Covid-19 outbreak caused the last-minute cancellation of in person voting on polling day, and a series of what seemed to be daily ad-hoc changes to the election rules, that would eventually be challenged in court (cases still ongoing as of this writing).

 Those interested in my election campaign should check out as there are several archived videos there.

Meanwhile, I am excited to announce that I will be returning to the NL Department of Justice, in the near future, in a new role.  I will be doing Information Management work in a junior clerical-admin capacity.  Not necessarily my dream job,  but a big step in the right direction as I continue to build up my skills and experiences.  With this in mind, I will likely be drastically toning down my social media comments as they relate to provincial Government justice matters, as I do not want to be perceived to be in any type of conflict of interest. I will, however, continue to advocate for equal rights and equality for members of the trans community. That, is definitely never going to change.  

I will try to write blog posts more frequently going forward, but I can't guarantee anything!

Cheers to everyone,


Saturday, January 9, 2021

McCreath Says Trans Candidate on Major NL Party Ticket good news towards Trans Equality

Wow, so it looks like the NL Liberals are going to put at least one openly-trans person on the ballot for our next provincial election. This appears to be the first time a major party in NL has done such a bold thing.

For what it's worth, I don't support the NL Liberals and I don't support this candidate. (But those are two other stories for two different days)

However, politics aside, I recognize that a major political party putting a trans person on a ballot is a very huge statement. Let' hope this milestone will act as another step up for trans people as a whole, in terms of the progress for all of us being recognized as equals and us being taken seriously and us being given a chance to partake and contribute to the political process and society as a whole.

So, for this, I celebrate today! #nlpoli

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Are Power 5 Football teams really better than Group of 5? An annual argument renewed!

Analysis 2020 - Group of 5/Independent teams vs. Power 5 teams

It's an argument that takes place every year. It was an issue all through the BCS years, and continues to be a problem during this new "Power 5" CFB playoff era.  We saw teams like Utah and TCU get screwed so many times that they elected to change conferences. We also saw a struggling Big East conference eventually lose most of their teams to the point that the conference was stripped of their "power" status and forced to merge with several lower-perceived teams to form the new AAC conference.

This year was very unique given that the COVID19 crisis caused many games to be cancelled. However, we still did manage to get 16 games. So let's take a closer look at what happened when Power 5 teams played the non-power 5 teams (comprised of Group of 5 conference teams and 'independent' teams).

There were 16 games played in total, not including bowls. Most occurred early in the season and all occurred with the Power 5 teams being the host and home team. Overall, the Group of 5/Indy teams went 6-10.

Here's the conference by conference records:

Sunbelt 3-1
Indy 2-1
AAC 1-2
MWC  0-1
C-USA   0-5
Total:    6-10

ACC   6-3
Big 12   3-3
Pac 12  1-0
Total:   10-6

Here are the individual game by game results:

2020-09-10 UAB lost at Miami FL 31-14
2020-09-12 Arkansas State won at Kansas State 35-31
2020-09-12 Lafayette Louisiana won at Iowa State 31-14
2020-09-12 Coastal Carolina won at Kansas 38-23
2020-09-12 Western Kentucky lost at Louisville 35-21
2020-09-12 UTEP lost at Texas 59-3
2020-09-19 Tulsa lost at Oklahoma State 16-7
2020-09-19 Central Florida won at Georgia Tech 49-21
2020-09-19 South Florida lost at Notre Dame 52-0
2020-09-26 Texas State lost at Boston College 24-21
2020-10-17 Liberty won at Syracuse 38-21
2020-10-31 Charlotte lost at Duke 53-19
2020-11-07 Liberty won at Virginia Tech 38-35
2020-11-21 Liberty lost at North Carolina State 15-14
2020-11-28 San Diego State lost at Colorado 20-10
2020-12-12 Louisiana Tech lost at TCU 52-10

Further break down, here’s an argument to demonstrate parity between the two levels at the top and bottom: Statistical comparison when good Group teams played bad Power teams and vise versa:

For matches involving Power 5 team that would go on to have end of season record above 500 but Group5/Indy team was 500 or below:  The group5/indy went 0-4. Hence, the good Power teams always beat the bad Group teams.

However, for matches involving Group of 5/Indy teams that would go on to have end of season record above 500 but Power 5 team was 500 or below: The group5/indy went 4-0. Hence, the good Group teams always beat the bad Power teams.

Hypothesis #1 Good teams beat bad teams, regardless of power status.

Further breakdown, here’s an argument to demonstrate there is more depth at the Power level over the Group level: Statistical comparison when good teams played other good teams and bad teams played other bad teams.

Note: When both teams had end of season record above 500, the group5/indy teams went 1-4.
Note: When both teams had end of season record 500 or below, the group5/indy teams went 1-2

Hypothesis #2 When the good play the good or the bad play the bad, the Power teams are usually better.

Ultimately, there really is not enough of a sample size to come to any strong conclusions.  Furthermore, it should be noted that three of the best Group/Indy teams, Coastal Carolina, Cincinnati and BYU, did not get a chance to play against any Power 5 teams, due to various reasons - mostly on account of COVID19 forcing games to be cancelled or Power 5 teams not willing to book games against these teams.

Flaws with the Playoffs and Bowl Games:

The playoffs and bowl season usually offers teams above 500 a chance to compete against each other. However, the CFB Playoff committee refused to respect the Group of 5's best teams.

Three group of 5/Indy teams were undefeated and 8 of them were 1 loss teams, but none of them were given a spot in the playoffs. Furthermore, of these 13 teams, only Cincinnati was given a chance to play a power 5 team in the Bowl seasons - that being Cincinnati vs Georgia.

Undefeated Coastal Carolina and San Jose State were both booked in bowl games against other Group of 5/Indy teams. Furthermore one loss teams: Buffalo, BYU, Liberty, Ball State, and Louisiana-Lafayette were booked bowl games against other Group of 5/Indy teams. Also, one loss teams Kent State, Ohio, and Miami Ohio, will not be playing bowl games.  Hence, it could be demonstrated that the powers that be are AFRAID to book top Group of 5/Indy teams against Power 5 teams in bowl games.

In addition to the Cincinnati vs Georgia showdown, there will only be two other bowl games that will feature Power 5 vs Group of 5/Indy teams: Tulsa will play Mississippi State and Army will play West Virginia.

If the 3 bowl games all go in the way of the Group/indy teams, then their overall record against the Power 5 teams could be 9-10, which ultimately, makes for a strong argument that they are just as good as them!!

So, next week, we will get to watch Ohio State vs Clemson and Notre Dame vs Alabama, and the winners will play each other to determine a so-called National Champion.  But wouldn't it be much more fun to see an expanded playoff that include ALL and not just some of the best teams? What if we expanded to 8 and had this as quarterfinals??

Ohio State vs Cincinnati

Notre Dame vs Coastal Carolina

Alabama vs Liberty

Clemson vs BYU

I'd bet these would all be great games!  Would all four Power 5 teams win? Maybe.. but maybe not! But can we please at least start giving these teams a fair chance to compete and prove themselves?? Wouldn't this make college football better for all?? Hopefully, that day will come!


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Discrimination Against Justice Sector no better than Racism

June 20, 2020

Letter to the editor:

Discrimination Against Justice Sector no better than Racism

Dear readers,

Yes folks, racism is wrong..  But so is any expression of "generalized hatred" against any justice sector group or industry.

Folks suggesting that “all police officers are racist” are just as guilty of discrimination as any other type of discrimination.

Folks who post pictures on twitter suggesting that people set fire to police cars, are discriminatory.

Furthermore, gay or trans people who make blanket generalized comments that all police officers and all police organizations are homophobic and transphobic, are discriminatory.

For the record, I am a transwoman who has been open about my trans status since late 2007. I know what discrimination looks like because I have experienced it firsthand.  Ironically, the only two organizations who have been willing to offer me employment (and happy to have me) in the past 12 years are a Crown Attorney's Office and a Police Station. This despite a wide variety of education and work experiences in various other industries.

The Newfoundland justice system has very many great hard working decent people. This includes police officers, lawyers, judges, sheriff officers, law clerks, legal secretaries, civilian dispatchers, policy analysts, and a variety of other people who are essential to keeping our streets safe.  I am proud to call many of these people friends and consider some of them like family.

For all you people reading this who work in the Justice sector, whether you are black, white, male, female, trans, cis, gay, straight, or anything else, know that you are appreciated!

Jennifer McCreath
St John’s, NL

(Jennifer McCreath is a trans-activist who has lived in St. John's, NL since 2007. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Administration Management from Athabasca U. She co-founded St. John's Pride Inc. in 2010. She has run for political office in Newfoundland 3 times. She has worked as a policy analyst in both Ontario and Newfoundland Governments. She has also worked for the NL Crown Attorneys' Office, and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.)


Monday, July 15, 2019

My take on 2019 St. John's Pride

Well, I stayed away from the Pride Parade in St. John's for 6 years in a row now. it's unfortunate that I don't feel welcome or comfortable to attend with so many people in high places in pride who for whatever reason, hate me and try to discredit, and even white-wash, all the trail-blazing i did as a trans pioneer who not only brought the T together with the LGBs.

But history will show that my decision to incorporate Pride into a non-profit entity and open the doors for sponsors, proved to be a great move, and I take great joy and pleasure in seeing the continued growth of St. John's Pride Inc, as it has grown exactly as I had hoped it would, when I created it in 2010, ran a very successful 2011 Pride week with ground-breaking new sponsors, and declared my mission complete when i handed the reigns over to a very capable ops team in 2012 when i resigned.

Finally, I think the best news of all today, though, is that the parade event appeared to go smoothly and there were no interruptions by any of the hate groups that plagued pride events in Toronto and Hamilton last month. so overall, a great day for our city and province!