Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009 - awesome swim

wow, i wasn't expecting much at the pool today. i slept in late and didn't want to get out of bed. i finally dragged myself over to the pool for the noon swim and managed to get off to a strong start. i kept the pace strong for a full half hour, covering 1.65k. i decided to carry on and managed to hold a pace almost as strong for a full 89 minutes, covering 4.5k in total.

it was actually my longest swim since early april, which surprised me. one of my goals this year was to swim more, and for various reasons, i haven't. i have been enjoying the summer and have been spending more time running outside than swimming indoors. i hope to get in more swims in the fall and try to at least match my totals for last year.

wow, up to 387.6k in running this month with two days left. half of which was run in the first 8 days! since then, i have slowed it down quite a bit as i rest some nagging injuries, which are getting better.. i should be close to 100% come Sept 27th's Newfoundland Marathon. Sadly, it won't be a great marathon given my lack of training, but it will serve as a good measuring stick to see where i am at, and will serve as good prep for what i hope will be a late fall marathon that will be more serious..


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