Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30, 2009 - cold rainy run

well the weather couldn't have been much worse for an august day. 9 degrees, wind, and rain. but that didn't stop me from going for an excellent afternoon run. i covered 12.6k at BQ pace, running from my home, the long way to kent's pond, 3 laps around the pond, then back home.

later in the early evening, i went out and did essentially the same drill again, only at a slower pace. by then it had warmed up a bit but was still raining. i took a short break to jump in the pond for a dip. the water was much cooler than it was last week.

overall, 25.2k in 2 hr 28 min of running over a span of 8 hours.

if i can run 4k tomorrow, i will have the 3rd highest monthly total ever for me, behind only Aug and July 2008. this would be amazing given the 'resting' i have done for most of this month.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009 - awesome swim

wow, i wasn't expecting much at the pool today. i slept in late and didn't want to get out of bed. i finally dragged myself over to the pool for the noon swim and managed to get off to a strong start. i kept the pace strong for a full half hour, covering 1.65k. i decided to carry on and managed to hold a pace almost as strong for a full 89 minutes, covering 4.5k in total.

it was actually my longest swim since early april, which surprised me. one of my goals this year was to swim more, and for various reasons, i haven't. i have been enjoying the summer and have been spending more time running outside than swimming indoors. i hope to get in more swims in the fall and try to at least match my totals for last year.

wow, up to 387.6k in running this month with two days left. half of which was run in the first 8 days! since then, i have slowed it down quite a bit as i rest some nagging injuries, which are getting better.. i should be close to 100% come Sept 27th's Newfoundland Marathon. Sadly, it won't be a great marathon given my lack of training, but it will serve as a good measuring stick to see where i am at, and will serve as good prep for what i hope will be a late fall marathon that will be more serious..


Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28, 2009 - more like it!

had a good sleep last night and went for an excellent 10k run this afternoon, and then finished off with a 1.5k swim. i was sluggish towards the end, but overall, a much better energy day than yesterday.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009 - restful day

just a light 5k today. i didn't sleep well last night and found myself really low in energy by mid afternoon. i walked to the pool but decided not to even bother with a swim. instead, i had an extra long visit with the baby duckies at the pond.. and then the sun came out, which was nice.

a rather rough breathing day too. all this added up to a rather emotionally depressing day..

oh well, tomorrow should be better!


August 26, 2009 - slow long distance

made the slow long run out to mount pearl and back today for a meeting with a prominent public figure. always enjoy my chance to discuss my story and issues with people who may be able to help my cause..

18k in total today, all light. that's two high km days in a row and the feet are managing well. the knees are still feeling the affect of the 3 marathon training runs the first week of the month.

i'll be hitting the pool tomorrow for a good workout..


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 25, 2009 - busy day

the day started with some speed with with Kim. we did 5 laps around the 0.8k trail at Kenny's pond. part of the plan for Kim is to increase speed for the next 5k run in Sept.

then it was my turn for speed work as i had an excellent 3.8k run in exactly 18 minutes around the trail at quidi vidi lake. i also had a visit with the infamous Barry the Goose, who continues to hang out at the lake with all the ducks..

then i ran downtown and back to meet some friends for lunch, then had a fairly good 46 minute swim. 20k of running and 2.15k swim in total.

likely to be busy tomorrow with a run with Kim and a run to Mount Pearl and back.


Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009 - light recovery run

got in a light 5k this morning, then a light 4.5k run to the doctor this afternoon. yesterday's 5k really took a lot out of me. i felt generally sluggish all day today. the hurricane Bill hit locally here last night but didn't do much damage, but the risk of the storm made me uneasy and i didn't get a very good sleep.

i still had a good day, sorting out a few issues, applying to a few jobs, and having a really nice visit at the pond with the baby duckies!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009 - Jennifer wins Newfoundland 'Run for Respect' 5k Race!

here's a detailed race report...

i took home 1st place in the women's division, and 2nd overall out of 65 runners in a 5k road race today here at home. i was the beneficiary of a rather weak field, given that the rival and stronger athletic association was holding a 10 miler in a nearby town, hence, most of the local elites were at that one instead..

today's 5k was actually the 4th annual 'run for respect' a race organized to raise money and awareness for the work done by our local Sexual Health Centre, a cause that i just felt i couldn't miss out on, even though i really wanted to do the 10 miler.

i entered the race in rather poor shape for a 5k. i have not done very much speed work as of late and i have gained a few more pounds in august due to a reduced workload in an effort to heal some nagging injuries. both of my knees have been in rough shape since March; i am also dealing with what appears to be tendinitis in the left foot; and i am recovering from stubbing my right baby toe into an electric fan, dislodging the toe nail..

the weather was hot/humid/cloudy and i knew the heat would be a factor. i lined up at the front of the pack and took off rather hard and fast as did one other runner. i would have loved to have been the overall winner, but within 30 seconds, i realized that he was going way too fast for me to keep up. so i stuck with the original game plan of trying to run 4.30 kms.

i hit half way right on schedule but got hit by the heat and a hill as i reached the 3k mark. i looked back and didn't see any other runners in site so that made me relax a bit and i slowed down even more to regain my breath.. by 4k, i was starting to get dizzy, but pushed as hard as i could, knowing that a PB was on the line..

as i approached the finish line, i started lapping several slower runners who were completing their first of 2 laps.. i peaked at my watch to see that i was going to set a PB if i maintained my pace, so i cruised into the finish line and promptly collapsed afterward, scraping my knee rather badly in the process. after a few minutes rest, i was back on my feet and drinking down some water..

i was delighted to learn that one of my two protegees had finished 1st overall in the 2.5k power walking race, which also occurred along side of the 5k run. moments later, my other protegee crossed the finish line with a PB of her own.

my time was 23.43, that's 13 seconds faster than my only other serious 5k this year, which i ran on May 3, just one week after running 3 marathons in 8 days..

my approximate splits today were:


i was awarded a gold medal and a few other prizes for my run. i was a little nervous about the run, knowing that i was entered as a female and knowing that it was probable that i would win.. in the end, everyone seemed supportive and there were no complaints that i am aware of.. yet another nice step forward for me and with regards to societal acceptance of me and what i am doing.. guess i have handled the gender situation better than that other runner did last week in Berlin!

now, my focus will be on resting up for a few more weeks to try to get the knees and tendinitis healed.. then it will be a focus on anywhere from 1-4 fall marathons, where, even with my lung problem, i hope to shave time off what i was consistently running in the spring. i'd love to run a 3.45.59 and get back to Boston, but given my health situation, i'd be happy with a 3.59.59. i guess time will tell!


August 23, 2009 - victory, and post op personal best in the process!

i set a 'post-op' personal best time today in a 5k charity race.. it's a hot and muggy yet cloudy morning here in st. john's. the calm before the storm, perhaps.. with hurricane bill dangerously approaching..

i was not really in 5k game shape at all, having not really done any speed work in a while.. i ran a somewhat consistent race, splitting at 4.30, 4.30, 5.00, 5.00, 4.43 for a time of 23.43.. shaving off 13 seconds from my only other serious 5k race this year.

with most of the elite runners doing a 10 mile race out of town this weekend, i had the rare experience of being one of the leaders, as i stormed in 2nd overall in a field of 65 runners. (pic shows me co-leading the race shortly after the gun went off).

the heat got to me a bit towards the end and i actually collapsed at the finish line and scraped my knee rather badly. overall, it was nice to know that even in my current state of health, that i can still run a fairly decent 5k.

still trying to sort out my fall season regarding marathons. hoping to get in at least 2, with hopes of running as many as 4.

well, time for a nice lunch and then perhaps a swim!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009 - light swim

had a really good sleep in this morning, catching up on rest after an eventful week. i had a 35 minute swim at the pool today that went well, then had a little walk around the city to get some groceries and to visit the baby duckies at the pond.. (see image). it is really fun for me to see animals. they are so primary in their needs and their attention. as long as i have bird seed, they are always glad to see me!

no running today! a rarity for me. i am resting up for tomorrow's 5k road race, which i feel i may actually be a dark horse to win, given that most of the elite local runners will be racing elsewhere to tomorrow.

i was featured in the newspaper here as part of a story about the race and the cause.

meanwhile, i am resting up and watching some tennis and NFL exhibition football on tv tonight..


Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009 - rainy run

so much for the weather forecast here! light clouds turned into heavy rain for a while and i got caught in it! but it didn't bother me all that much as i continued on with the day's early morning run with my protegee. i had a really good fast paced 3.3k before meeting up with her. then a strong run back home afterward. i ran again later in the day with a little hill work, both up and down work, as part of a run to and from left pond, where i had a lovely swim!

left foot is still sore but showing some signs of improvement, which is nice.. broken toenail on the right foot is still sore. i expect the nail to eventually pop off as it appears to have been cracked at the foundation.. breathing fairly good today. knees improving too with the reduced workload..

still hoping for a really nice weather day this week. maybe friday will be the charm. haven't been to topsail beach in 14 days now :(


August 19, 2009 - cloudy day

the weather forecast was not on today as hopes of sun didn't materialize. i managed to do 16.8k of light running today as well as 1.75k in the pool. my first strong test of the week after resting the toe and foot injuries. i generally felt great and look forward to pressing harder in the weeks ahead.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009 - another light day

cold and rainy conditions here in Nfld. i met my protegee at the pond for the last 4k of her 5k run, then ran home after a brief visit with the duckies at the pond. 9k in total this morning, then i came home and dried off and stayed inside all afternoon to work on a research project that is part of a job screening process for a government analyst position which i am seeking.

weather should be warm and sunny over the next few days so i am hoping for runs and swims.. stubbed toe is still sore and the tendinitis in the other foot is still sore. the knees are enjoying the rest and the breathing has been good as of late.. the reduced running workload seems to benefit the body..


Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009 - light day

today was a light day, with a 4k run to the store to buy birdseed (where i ended up buying 20 pounds!) then walking home with it. the run was fairly strong, clocking 23.00 on a hilly route.

then it was a 36 minute swim, where i covered 1.65 km. the left foot is still sore and the right foot's toenail that got stubbed is still recovering. at least i was able to get in some working out. it was a chilly day here with cool winds. rain scheduled tomorrow but i have a dr appt to run to, so that will force me outside again. nicer weather in the works later in the week.

more jobs applied to this week; plus i got an 'assignment' that i need to do as part of a screening process for a job i already interviewed for last week.

had to do a 'system recovery' on my computer tonight and it didn't work properly, so i ended up having to do a full system 'restore.' unlike last time, i had most of my files backed up so i didn't lose much. but the sound card didn't load properly, so i have no sound on my comp. what a pain.. might give the system restore another try tomorrow, but at least i can still get online!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16, 2009 - Quidi Vidi 5k Road Race

An amazing 23 degrees and sunny this morning at 8 am here in St. john's, making race conditions tough, but myself and protegee, managed to run a great race this morning. i taped up my injured toe and managed to complete the run pain free, which was great. i was able to focus on pacing.. we came out a little fast and ended up taking a couple walk breaks between the 2-4k mark but managed a great overall result, finishing strong and setting a PB for her!

split times:

1k 6.15 - 6.15
2k 7.13 - 13.28
(2.5k - 17.39)
3k 6.56 - 21.31
4k 7.34 - 29.05
5k 7.15 - 36.20

my plan for the week ahead will be to generally take it easy so i can give my 5 injuries a chance to heal, at least somewhat, so i can then focus on next week's 5k charity race with a serious attempt at a post-op PB for the 5k distance.

my other protegee struggled with the heat today as well but finished up strong.

World Outgames amended Results posted

looks like they have finally amended the results to indicate my classification in the 'transfemale' division.. nice to see this finally officially documented!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 - cloudy day

well, the stubbed toe was sore, as was the other foot with the tendinitis, so no running today. but i was able to walk on it. the beach was nice until it clouded over, then i walked back to the city and swam in the pond and visited the baby duckies.. a nice day overall.

will tape up the toe and give the 5k race a go tomorrow.. should be ok at a gentle pace..


August 15, 2009 - morning update on yesterday's run and life in general

went for a tempo run in the morning and felt some flu-like symptoms that made me dizzy.. i cut the run short at 10.3k and rested for the rest of the day and felt better in the evening.. i had a lovely swim in the pond towards the end of the afternoon..

meanwhile, i stubbed my toe while walking around the home late last night, and drew blood, and potentially ripped off the toenail.. definitely not fun.. i think i can tape it up and still run on it.. the weather report is awesome for the weekend. i want to run up to the beach, either middle cove or topsail, and take in some sun and ocean swimming.. but will have to test out the toe first. the tendon issue in the other foot doesn't feel too bad this morning.. breathing appears fairly good, and i had a rather decent sleep..

i had initially thought about bolting it hard at sunday's race in search of a post-op personal-best at the 5k distance, but with all these injuries, i am now planning to make it a gentle run for me as i pace my protegee,, to what i hope will be a personal-best sub 35 minute run for her..

wow, i noticed my former employer, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, is posting 3 temp assignments this week in my old branch for what appears to be a temp replacement for 3 existing staff members.. perhaps these 3 folks have been seconded away to a special project. who knows? i am going to apply and it will be very interesting to see if they interview me for any of these positions..

meanwhile, i continue to get the runaround by the property management company of the apartment which i am living. After moving in with the impression that i would be offered the chance to sign a one year lease at the end of the existing lease, for which i took over from another tenant, i was recently warned that this offer is now off the table, and worse, that i could potentially be asked to pack up and leave without any notice! sensing that this would be an illegal request, i sought an opinion from the government office that oversees landlord-tenant relations. turns out i was right. It was clarified that i am a 'month-to-month tenant' and i am owed at least 3 months notice to be asked to leave.

interestingly enough, the new owner of the property feels offended that i sought clarity and asked that we all work within the boundary of the law.. oh well, at least it is looking like i won't have to plan any last-minute move, but at the same time, looks like a move could be in the works in 3 months.. i guess this is a lesson that it is always best to get things in writing up front.


Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009 - medal finally received

well, in the most anti-climactic medal ceremony of all time, i opened my mailbox this morning to find a package that contained my 2nd of 2 gold medals that i earned last month at the World Outgames in Denmark. This brings to conclusion, what i feel was a disappointing undertaking. Pictured are my two gold medals for being recognized as the overall winner in the transsexual woman category for the 42.2km (marathon) run, and the 1500M freestyle swim. In addition, is the silver medal i was initially awarded by IGLA (international gay and lesbian aquatics association), and apparently will still get to keep, for being declared the 2nd ranked 'female' in my age category for the very same swim.

As mentioned before, the World Outgames officially recognized transsexual athletes who are in transition, and allowed them to participate in a 3rd sex category, the first time in world history that such a classification has been sanctioned for international sporting events. However, on their official results page, they have converted all trans athletes to either male or female scores.

Anyway, i was extremely pleased with my run and swim; and i certainly enjoyed my time in europe. i was upset at the lack of opportunity to raise education and awareness about transsexualism, but i did all i could and will close the books on this and feel proud of my accomplishments. that being said, it is highly unlikely that i will ever be involved with a world outgames ever again.


August 14, 2009 - several short runs

couple of 5k runs with my 2 protegees today as tune ups for what i hope will be personal bests for both of them at this sunday's 5k race. i added several more k over the day with runs to and from the pond, the mall, and the lake, and home from a friend's house. 24k today in total.

i'm starting to think the foot issue is tendinitis, not plantar.. resting didn't seem to help and running today didn't seem to hurt it any more. definitely going to get a medical opinion on it soon.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 12, 2009 - update

job interview went well. the questions mostly focused on transferable skills, which i feel i was strong with. there was a written component that required me to briefly write about my knowledge of the industry. i felt i did great with this too. there is actually a 3rd part, a take home assignment that they want me to do next week. should be interesting to see how that goes.

i took a 2nd day off running but hit the pool, and turns out swimming aggravates the foot injury too, as the feet are needed for balance and floating, even if i am not actually kicking. i still got in 2k in 43 minutes.

will try a gentle run tomorrow


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009 - day of rest

a rare day of rest for me. no running and no swimming. only 6k of slow walking. the foot pain continues.. i've started icing and stretching periodically.. i may seek a medical opinion in a few days if it does not improve. this appears to be a re-aggravation of an old injury from a 1996 injury when i landed awkwardly while hopping a fence. the foot was aggravated last month while moving, and is back again to haunt me. i speculate the long run last thursday on shoes that were somewhat worn out was the key factor. i will have to be careful to run on fresh shoes, when i do decide to run again..

definitely not good news as i tend to go thru shoes quickly given the quantity of running i do. my last pair of Asics 2130 only lasted 21 days as i put 321k on them. sadly, although i like this brand and model of shoe, the 2130 has been highly critisized for breaking down. most good running shoes should get you 600-800k. but these ones tend to break down in the 300-400k range.

i've got one more pair of 2130s on the shelf, as well as one pair of 2120s that i have been saving.. i may hit the store and ask about the newest model, the 2140.

job interview and probably a big swim tomorrow!

August 10, 2009 - plantar fasciitis, perhaps?

well, i had two separate 5k runs this morning with my two protegees. both did very well and were pleased with their runs. later in the day, i ran over to kent's pond and back for a sun tan and swim. it was a lovely day in St. John's, but apparently warmer and sunnier in Middle Cove. i had a swim towards the end of the day which i cut short due to fatigue.

the bigger issue appears to be the development of plantar fasciitis in my left foot ball under the big toe. not officially diagnosed yet but it appears to be an inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot. it's gonna be rest and ice for the rest of the day. we'll see how it feels tomorrow.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 2009 - early update

well, i finally dragged myself out the door around 11.30 am to finish up the 9k i needed. it was not easy as the legs were sore and the tank on empty, but it's this type of struggle that is an important part of training. 62 minutes to log the 9k but it's in the books. that's 3 '42.2k within 24 hours' completed this month. overall time was 21.07.00 for what amounted to 4.33.16 of running, officially my slowest training marathon of the year. but it still counts!


August 8, 2009 - silly stats

here's a look at my weekly km totals from the start of the year....

18.6 (first three days of the year)
67.1 start of taper for 3 marathons in 8 days
44.0 boston marathon accounted for 42.2 of these
58.4 waterloo marathon accounted for 42.2 of these
43.0 recovery
115.7 mississauga marathon and more
114.5 halifax marathon and more
45.4 lung issue developed
55.3 three days off to move
72.1 world outgames taper week

days off per month:
5 resting in between marathons
4 three days in hospital
7 three days moving, three days traveling

ok seriously, only 9 days here where i don't really have a legit excuse for taking the day off.. lol and chances are, i swam my butt off on these days, so these are actually cross training days, not days off! hehe.....

anyway, august 8 was a great day.. 2.4k in the pool, which was sluggish as i was still recovering from my mega run on thursday. then i got my second wind and ran pretty much all evening. 33.2k in total, mostly on trails around ponds.. amazing how strong i felt tonight. that running didn't even start til 3.48 pm so i have all morning and most of the afternoon tomorrow to run 9k and i can count my 3rd training marathon of the month!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 7, 2009 - recovery day

just a light 4k run and a very sluggish 1.25k swim today. the run last night really took a lot out of me. but i am still really feeling great about the run as it was an extreme confidence builder.

hoping for some good runs and swims on the weekend


Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009 - run of the year!

well, i completed the 2nd '42.2k run within a 24 hour period' of the month, today, but the highlight was the back to back 16k runs to and from topsail beach. the hot cloudy haze made for interesting running conditions, and of course, the treck up kenmount and topsail roads are quite hilly.. i seem to be slow on the hills but managed to pick up the pace on flat and downhill sections. what was amazing was the energy and power i had all thru the day. running several of the 32k in sub 5 minute kms. while taking the hills much slower. overall, i covered those particular 32k in 3 hr 08 min, which is not necessarily anything to brag about, but given the conditions and the hills, and given the fact that i had already run 100k in the past 5 days, it has to go down as the run of the year.. the lungs managed to handle the extra stress ok, although there is clearly still an issue there..

throw in an extra 5k this morning with my protegee, who has recently set up a blog of her own at as well as tacking on the last 5.2k of the run last night, gives me my 42.2k within 24 hours, 22.15.00 to be exact. these remaining 10.2k were run much slower, hence, an overall 42.2k time of 4.18.00, but seriously, if you were to bell curve my 32k, you'd get about a 4.07.00. put that run on a flat course, it would be down to 3.55.00. put me on fresh legs in ideal weather, i know it would be down to about a 3.40.00! this was a HUGE confidence builder for me and it has be seriously thinking about taking a run at a new post-op PB later this summer or early in the fall.

next issue for me is sorting out my future residence. the building for which i am subletting a lease for an apt was recently sold, and at this point, nobody seems to have an answer on who makes the call regarding a new rental agreement. i'm hoping to get some answers tomorrow so i will know whether or not i will need to start yet another apartment hunt. oh what fun!
meanwhile, the job hunt continues with more resumes sent out to various government of newfoundland jobs.. i certainly hope my life will get itself sorted out soon!


August 4 & 5, 2009 - blog catch up

yikes, been a couple of busy days. only ran 15k tuesday and 13.5k wednesday. the knees really needed a break. (hard to believe that 28.5k over 2 days is considered a break.. lol)

a nice 2k swim on tuesday as well. tuesday also featured some hill work as i made the massive climb from arts and culture centre up allandale road all the way to left pond. a 4k climb which i did in a fast 24 minutes. it was nice to get up to left pond for the first time since may. i had a brief swim there. also swam at kent pond. really nice to have sunny summer weather!

wednesday was cloudy but hot. i spent some time walking around the st. john's royal regatta, where they had all sorts of fun and games.

August 6 will hopefully be a run to the beach!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 3, 2009 - endurance day #3

well, i think i am getting a good handle on how to successfully increase my distance yet not over do it with this lung issue.. 19, 26.2 and 27.5k over the past 3 days.. specifically, over a 54 hour period, which is asking quite a bit of the heart and the knees. didn't quite make it two 42.2k in a row over 48 hours, but it was still an excellent day.. had a couple of my pupils out for runs as well as some solo runs.. also managed to visit the duckies today, which is always a highlight of the day! there are some new baby duckies at Burton's Pond, which is surprising given that baby season is usually May and June.

didn't swim today as the arms were still sore from yesterday's.. will plan to get back into the pool tomorrow.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009 - Marathon #1 of 31

hmmm, well, you'll never achieve greatness unless you start to expect great things of yourself. last year, i honestly thought i could run 31 marathons in 31 days.. in the end, i ran 11, which was more than any other month.. which is positive, even though i did not even come close to the goal.

i honestly don't expect to run 31 this August, but i certainly think 12 is doable. perhaps more. i'd like to think that i am a more experienced endurance trainee and should have no problem doing this, even with all the issues i currently face.

the rules are as follows, which are similar to last year:

a 'marathon' will be credited for every 42.2k of running that takes place within a 24 hour window of time. extensions will be granted for every minute spent in the swimming pool (we can't allow running marathons to get in the way of swimming!)

the contest got off to a good start today, which actually started last night. an 11k 66 minute tempo run in the rain, followed by a couple of hours break, then two 4k runs to and from my friend's house for dinner... today got off to a great start with a 59 minute swim in the pool, the time it took to cover 3k. then it was a run to the pond and grocery store, the former where i saw some brand new baby duckies!! after the shopping was done, it was back out there for the remaining 15.2k which went fairly well. overall, it was 42.2k of running in a running time of 4.26.33, all within 24.59.00.

i celebrated by jumping into the pond with most of my running gear on! then sat in the cool evening sun for a while, then got marathon #2 under way!


August 1, 2009 - 1 year for the blog!

Wow, hard to believe it was one year ago today that i started this blog as a way to report upon what was to be 31 marathon training runs in 31 days. i didn't quite make it that far but look back on August 2008 as the greatest running month of my life. not sure what i can do for an encore, but i got off to a good start today, with a really strong 2.1k in the pool, then a combination of 19k of running, including a nice 11k tempo run in the rain with yet another new running friend.

i've decided that i want to take swimming more seriously now and will set my sites on the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne Germany as a potential place to make my mark... health and financial status permitting, i will keep this on the radar as there will be 3 days of road running and 5 days of swimming there.. in addition, they have a trans policy that appears to be favourable towards me. they want 2 years of hormones but don't require full SRS nor legal sex change recognition. i've gotten in touch with these folks to clarify and certainly hope to be accepted and sanctioned as a female athlete for these Games..

speaking of swimming, a young girl is in the news today for swimming across Lake Ontario today, she swam 52k in just under 20 hours.. wow, that's darn impressive! my longest swim was 10.1k, which i swam in 3h 44 min on Oct 13/08. i consider myself an excellent endurance athlete, having run 18 marathons in just over 2 years.. to put her swim into context, i was completely exhausted after that 10.1k. she essentially swam 5 times as much at a just slightly slower pace.. plus, she swam in rough lake water, and in some cases, thru polluted water!

the most i have ever run in one day was 85k on July 1/08. that was 8 hr 17 min of running over a span of 13 hr 39 min, so lots of breaks.. this girl essentially did her swim non stop, only breaking briefly to take in food and liquids.