Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009 - light swim

had a really good sleep in this morning, catching up on rest after an eventful week. i had a 35 minute swim at the pool today that went well, then had a little walk around the city to get some groceries and to visit the baby duckies at the pond.. (see image). it is really fun for me to see animals. they are so primary in their needs and their attention. as long as i have bird seed, they are always glad to see me!

no running today! a rarity for me. i am resting up for tomorrow's 5k road race, which i feel i may actually be a dark horse to win, given that most of the elite local runners will be racing elsewhere to tomorrow.

i was featured in the newspaper here as part of a story about the race and the cause.

meanwhile, i am resting up and watching some tennis and NFL exhibition football on tv tonight..


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