Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009 - victory, and post op personal best in the process!

i set a 'post-op' personal best time today in a 5k charity race.. it's a hot and muggy yet cloudy morning here in st. john's. the calm before the storm, perhaps.. with hurricane bill dangerously approaching..

i was not really in 5k game shape at all, having not really done any speed work in a while.. i ran a somewhat consistent race, splitting at 4.30, 4.30, 5.00, 5.00, 4.43 for a time of 23.43.. shaving off 13 seconds from my only other serious 5k race this year.

with most of the elite runners doing a 10 mile race out of town this weekend, i had the rare experience of being one of the leaders, as i stormed in 2nd overall in a field of 65 runners. (pic shows me co-leading the race shortly after the gun went off).

the heat got to me a bit towards the end and i actually collapsed at the finish line and scraped my knee rather badly. overall, it was nice to know that even in my current state of health, that i can still run a fairly decent 5k.

still trying to sort out my fall season regarding marathons. hoping to get in at least 2, with hopes of running as many as 4.

well, time for a nice lunch and then perhaps a swim!



kim said...

we had an awesome day!!! it was a very exciting race and we both did well. congratulations on winning your medal, i am so proud of you. watching you cross the finish kine was awesome. you rock!!!!!

Jennifer McCreath said...

thanks, it was a great day for both of us. i'm looking forward to working on 10k runs with you over the next few weeks!