Monday, July 27, 2015

Grand Falls - Windsor, NL to celebrate Pride Week - July 28

Members of the Grand Falls - Windsor (GFW) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities, along with their allies, will commemorate Pride Week on Tuesday July 28, 2015 with two special events.

First of all, Status of Women's Central will be collaborating with the East Coast Trans Alliance (ECTA) to have a ceremonial 'flag waving' event at 12.15 pm at their office at 7B Bayley Street. The event will feature flag waving and photo ops with both rainbow and transgender flags. The event will include speeches from Women's Centre reps, ECTA's NL rep, Jennifer McCreath, who will travel from St. John's to emcee the events, and local GFW student and LGBT activist Cassondra Parsons (who made provincial headlines a few years ago by creating social media protest movement "Dunderdale Must Go"). A social event will occur after the ceremony with coffee and light snacks.

Secondly, at 2 pm, Town Hall, who has flown the rainbow flag for the past 9 days, with minimal fanfare, will commemorate Pride Week by lowering the flag. However, the key message will be that members of the town and province should keep LGBT issues in mind around the year, and not just during pride week. Deputy Mayor, Barry Manual, will join Jennifer McCreath and others, to commemorate this occasion.  Afterwards, there will be a meeting open to the public in Town Hall's main boardroom, in which members of the local LGBT community, and their allies, will discuss the creation and launch of a permanent round-the-calendar entity that will exist to provide educational information and social support to LGBT community members. This new group has also set up a new Facebook page in hopes of reaching more members of the community. The page is listed at this address: .

Jennifer, a candidate in the next Federal election in the riding of Avalon, for the new political party Strength In Democracy, and the first openly-trans person to ever run in a Federal election, says she is extremely excited to see the continued support and growth for LGBT issues among GFW residents and allies, "The good folks at the Women's Centre and at Town Hall are genuinely more than happy to be a part of Pride. GFW is a wonderful town that is open and accepting of diversity of all types. It will be an honour to share in their celebrations," said McCreath.

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Jennifer McCreath

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ECTA's 2nd Annual NL Trans Health Protest! July 24, 2015


ECTA's 2nd Annual NL Trans Health Protest! July 24, 2015

Friday July 24, 2015, 8-9 am
Confederation Bldg, East Parking Lot Entrance
St. John's, NL

8:00 am - 8:40 am

Members of the trans community and allies are encouraged to bring signs, trans flags, and plungers, to Confederation building, East end parking lot entrance, for this grass roots politically-partisan-neutral, event, designed to raise awareness and to push for change to bring Newfoundland and Labrador up to national and global norms in terms of access to health care products and health care funding.

The Cause:

Many medical interventions required by trans people are not funded by NL's health provider, unless the patient travels to a particular clinic in Toronto, called CAMH, who are known for long waiting lists and transphobia. No other province who funds trans health, requires a visit to Toronto except Ontario and NL. This unnecessary red tape must be removed. Allow trans patients to chose local doctors, just like every other province does!

There are many procedures not covered, whatsoever, in NL. Many of these procedures are approved in other provinces. The range of medically-necessary trans health products needs to be comprehensive, like they are in British Columbia. (comprehensive list for NL here ).

NL's health provider will not fund trans health procedures if performed at private clinics in Canada; however, there are many services not available through public institutes in Canada. Several other provinces have negotiated public-private-partnerships. No reason for NL to send trans people half way around the world to a foreign country!

The Human Rights Act of NL does not have the teeth it needs to help trans people. As per a case rejected in 2012, the Commission states they cannot hear cases of systemic discrimination against oppressed groups of people (such as trans people), but only cases of individual discrimination. This leaves trans people out in the cold. The Act needs to be toughened so the Commission has the tools they need to accurately hear cases of government discrimination against trans people. (details about 2012 case here ).

8:40 am - 9:00 am

At 8.40 am, members of the trans community and allies, are encouraged to take their flags and signs with them for a gentle walk down Prince Philip Drive to the trail of Kent's Pond, which is just east of Confederation Building. Note: This is NOT a parade.

Disclaimer: these are non-sanctioned 'suggested' events that are not formally booked or endorsed by any individual or legally-recognized corporate body. People attend these suggested events under the assumption and impression that they are attending under their own free will as individual citizens, who are exercising their civic rights to physically attend government properties such as the side walks in front of Confederation Building and the Trail at Kent's Pond. Note: East Coast Trans Alliance is not a legal entity.

Facebook Event:

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Jennifer McCreath

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Avalon candidate McCreath to attend several St. John's Pride events!

Jennifer McCreath literally takes pride in St. John's Pride week! Jennifer was among a small consortium of individuals who formally created St. John's Pride Incorporated, in Sept 2010 and she was the first Head of Corporate Management and remained so until her resignation in March 2012.

Jennifer is well-aware of the lack of LGBT services and events that take place outside of St. John's, in the Avalon peninsula, and Jennifer hopes to take steps in the future to bring more events and services to different parts of the riding, in future years. Meanwhile, Jennifer hopes to have an opportunity to meet with many Avalon constituents who travel to St. John's this week for Pride events.  Please do not hesitate to come up to Jennifer and say hello! Just a reminder, that the riding of Avalon includes most of the town of Conception Bay South, and some of the town of Paradise.

Here is a list of St. John's Pride Inc., and MUN Pride on Campus events that Jennifer plans to attend:

Monday, July 20, 2015:

10:00 am: St. John's Pride Inc. - Flag Raising - Confederation Building
12:00 pm: St. John's Pride Inc. - Flag Raising - City Hall
02:00 pm: MUN Pride on Campus - Flag Raising - MUN Arts Building
03:30 pm: MUN Pride on Campus - BBQ - MUN Breezeway

Tuesday, July 21, 2015:

12:00 pm: MUN Pride on Campus - Brunch - Bitters Pub
08:00 pm: St. John's Pride Inc. - Bonfire - Middle Cove Beach

Wednesday, July 22, 2015:

03:00 pm: St. John's Pride Inc. - lecture with Dr. Sarah - Bitters Pub

Thursday, July 23, 2015:

06:00 pm: MUN Pride on Campus - Panel - Inco Bldg IIC-2001

Friday, July 24, 2015:

08:00 am: Trans Health Policy Protest - Confed Bldg, East parking lot

Saturday, July 25, 2015:

01:30 pm: MUN Pride on Campus - Trans March - Harbourside Park
03:00 pm: St. John's Pride Inc. - Trans Picnic - Harbourside Park

Sunday July 26, 2015:

02:00 pm: St. John's Pride Inc. - Pride Parade
02:30 pm: St. John's Pride Inc. - Pride at the Lake - Quidi Vidi

Jennifer McCreath launches first of her campaign Vlog series!

I am going to do my best to post as many blogs (written) and vlogs (videos) as possible, to ensure you, the voters of Avalon, can get a chance to get to know me, and get your questions answered.

Here is the first vlog 


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jennifer McCreath Political Bio & Campaign Highlights

Jennifer McCreath was born in Nova Scotia in 1973. She split her childhood spending time in both Halifax, and the rural town of Black Point. At the age of nine, she moved to Toronto, Ontario, where she lived until 2007, when she moved to Newfoundland (NL). She earned a Business Administration Diploma from Humber College and a Bachelor of "Administration - Management Concentration" from Athabasca University.

In between studies, Jennifer took on a variety of employment opportunities in both public and private sector. After graduating from high school she spent two years in retail hardware and two years in the banking business. After graduating from College, Jennifer spent four years in the Ontario Public Service, undertaking work in four different departments. After returning to school to obtain her Bachelor Degree, she moved to St. John's in 2007 to accept a senior-level policy analyst position in the NL public service.

She has since taken on a diverse portfolio of employment assignments, ranging from conducting Privacy Impact Assessments for information technology projects, to archiving paper records for the Crown Attorneys' office, to answering 911 inquiries and managing a fleet of police dispatch cruisers for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary police force.

Her work experiences highlights include:

- Jennifer has done policy writing, policy analysis, and policy compliance work for the Ontario & Newfoundland Government's Information Technology departments and Justice departments. She also, oversaw the management and protection of Government information and information assets, both physical and electronic for both departments.

- Jennifer developed and managed a 'portal' of information about Government services for Ontario senior citizens and senior citizen organizations. The portal was unique in a sense that it allowed citizen access to 3 levels of Government services through one main entry point.

- Jennifer conducted an internal business-mapping project for the Ontario Ministry of Consumer & Business Services and undertook change-management exercises. The result of this work was the creation of integrated service delivery mechanisms that cut Government costs, made service delivery more efficient and more e-friendly.

- Jennifer was part of an Ontario Government team that chaired a working group that included the Federal Government and all ten Provincial governments. This working group collaborated on a policy that would ensure congruence in how they shared information with each other, and how they conducted identity authenticating of individuals and businesses who sought government services while out of province on vacation or business.

Jennifer also has a variety of volunteer and non-profit leadership work experiences, having been the founder and original Head of Corporate Management for St. John's Pride Inc., as well as the founder of grassroots movements, the NL Animal Appreciation Society, the East Coast Trans Alliance, and the Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Association of NL.

Jennifer is also no stranger to civil activism, having delivered passionate speeches at public meetings, including the 2009 Police Violence G20-protest, the 2009 provincial Human Rights Act review consultation meeting, and the 2011 Provincial Privacy Bill-29 protest.

Jennifer is also an educator and motivational speaker, giving countless presentations to audiences ranging from high school and university classrooms, to boardrooms full of politicians and senior-level bureaucrats. She is also a part-time journalist and blogger, and a frequent subject-matter-expert speaker on local political radio and television talk show programs.

Jennifer is also a transgendered person who 'transitioned' from male to female in 2007. She has been a champion, educator, and activist for human rights. She has played a key role in attaining formal human rights recognition and equal protection in the provinces of NL, NS, and PEI. She has also helped improve access to health care for transgendered persons in these provinces.

Jennifer is also an avid athlete, having completed 30 marathon runs, including the famous Boston Marathon twice. She also holds two gold medals and one silver medal from her experiences as a distance runner and distance swimmer at the 2009 World Outgames.

Jennifer's Priorities for Avalon:

Citizen Participatory Democracy

- Encourage citizen engagement through regularly-scheduled town hall meetings in towns all over the riding; hold periodical interactive online meetings to allow citizens to speak directly with their elected representative

Government Service Integration

- Develop better working relationships between the Federal and other levels of Government and create a "Service Centre of Excellence" that will allow citizens to conduct business affairs with multiple levels of Government from a single access point, either on-line or in person

Regional Development

- Enhance regional development by encouraging Federal Government to house departmental offices in towns in the riding and by taking steps to encourage private sector growth and job-creation in the regions

- Work to ensure that local citizens who go to school in St, John's or the mainland can return to the region and expect high quality employment opportunities that will allow them to grow and maximize their potential

Environmental Issues

- Repair the damage Canada has done to their global reputation in terms of their role in environmental issues and become world leaders

Jennifer McCreath
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jennifer McCreath to run for Strength In Democracy, in Avalon Riding!

For Immediate Release:

What started as a Quebec-specific movement, is becoming Canada's fastest-growing national political party. Strength In Democracy was conceptualized in 2014 by two MPs who felt their hands were tied too tightly by party leadership to the point that they were unable to adequately represent their constituents. Last month, they announced an Ontario candidate, and today, well-known Newfoundland grass-roots political activist, and former Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) provincial public servant, Jennifer McCreath, is announcing her plans to run for the party in the NL riding of Avalon.

McCreath stated she is running for Strength In Democracy because many voters are tired of mainstream party politics.  "Strength In Democracy members share the vision of improving our regions by empowering citizens through direct representation. Their issues and concerns are not unique to Quebec, but exist among citizens nation-wide," said McCreath.

With regards to why Avalon specifically, McCreath takes note of the concern that many NL citizens have expressed regarding interference by two of the three major party headquarters in that riding, "People are fed up with interference. They do not want to vote for a puppet.  A vote for a Strength In Democracy candidate is a vote for direct citizen access and direct impact in Ottawa. " said McCreath.

A native Nova Scotian who lived most of her life in Ontario, Jennifer moved to NL in 2007 to accept a job as a senior policy analyst with the Provincial Government. She lost that job shortly after she transitioned from male to female.  Jennifer holds a Bachelor Degree from Athabasca University and a Diploma from Humber College. She ran unsuccessfully in the 2013 St. John's municipal election.

Jean-Francois Larose, the MP for Repentigny, Que. who co-founded Strength In Democracy, says McCreath is "precisely the type of candidate our party is looking for. Jennifer genuinely understands the importance of local and regional participatory democracy that appears lacking in the Avalon region of NL."

McCreath is currently working on a new web site specifically for her campaign. The link will be posted on as soon as it is ready.

Questions or Interviews:

Jennifer McCreath
Candidate - Avalon - Strength In Democracy
Twitter: @jenn_mccreath
Phone: 709-753-9529

Jean-Francois Larose
MP - Repentigny - Strength In Democracy
Twitter: @jflarose
Phone: 450-581-3896

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jennifer McCreath joins Strength in Democracy!

After three years as a federal politically-neutral citizen, I have decided to sign up and become an official card-holding member of the new political party known as Strength In Democracy.

Three years ago, I resigned all political memberships in an effort to have an unbias and open discussion with all three major political parties, regarding the various issues I represent and advocate for. Well, three years later, I have determined that neither the PCs, Libs, or NDP represents what I stand for.

I feel that all three of these parties are too focused on power, greed, and winning elections, that they will overlook or throw under the bus, many of the very citizens that they claim to represent. I also feel that these political parties have put too much emphasis on the party as a whole and essentially muzzle and tie the hands of of their MPs. MPs do not have the true authority or autonomy to represent the best interests of their constituents.  Well, the newly-launched federal political party known as Forces et Democratie (aka Strength in Democracy) brings a much-needed solution to these problems.

The following summarizes my understanding of the values, visions, and goals of Strength in Democracy, that really impress me:

- MPs will have the authority and autonomy to bring various issues to caucus and will have the power and freedom to speak openly about issues and solutions that affect their constituents, without facing fear of going 'against the party line'.

- This party will not be branded as left-wing, right-wing, or centre. Instead, it will be a sliding scale spectrum that allows for leverage to take various stances, depending on the issues, as presented to MPs by their constituents.

- Debates and discussions within the party caucus will be encouraged, rather than feared.

- Party members will be encouraged to work in collaboration and cooperation with politicians of other parties. Members will also be encouraged to collaborate with representatives of any political party, regardless of whether they have elected representatives in the House or not.

- Each party member will be solely focused on building and growing their riding, rather than worrying about national party branding or platforms.

- A party where there will be no party line, but rather a common goal: the well-being of people in all regions and ensuring the vitality of all regions as an equal part of Canada.

- A party that will stimulate youth engagement and all those who love and believe in the potential of their region by promoting more participatory democracy and greater participation by the citizens in decisions that affect them. A party that will treat all people equally, regardless of their demographics.

- A party that will fight to demonstrate their willingness to have meaningful citizen engagement, and one that will fight the voter apathy that continues to plague the country.

- A party that will operate with full transparency and accountability and will respect the various rules and regulations that oversee how politicians and political parties operate.

Sound like some refreshing new ideas?? Yes, I think so!

Well, I decided to get in touch with party officials and I had a lengthy telephone call with two representatives this week so far, including sitting MP Jean Francois Larose.

I am excited to report that not only does Stength in Democracy welcome my application to join their party, but  we are in the process of putting together a part-time volunteer role that will allow me the opportunity to oversee the development and management of the Strength in Democracy brand here in Newfoundland and Labrador!  So in the coming weeks, you can expect to read something official from the party. Meanwhile, my work begins immediately, and I am very very excited!

....and yes, there is a strong possibility that I will offer myself up as a candidate in the next Federal Election. But ultimately, I am committed to helping the party find the best possible seven candidates for the seven ridings in Newfoundland and Labrador, regardless of whether I end up being one of the seven or not.

So in closing, I'll put the call out to anyone reading this: do you like what you see? If so, let's chat about how we can all work together to create strong positive change in political culture and among attitudes of voters. Let's work together to build this great new party! There will definitely be more posts here on my blog in the near future, as I anticipate starting to put together some public stakeholder engagement meetings in the very near future.

Jennifer McCreath