Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reacting to Newtown Connecticut Shooting

Well, I have been trying to figure out what I was going to say about this story, and I still can't come up with anything. Even more ironic, were the spin-off threats that hit several Newfoundland schools in the days afterwards.  The topic came up on CBC news this past week and one of my tweets was quoted.  It just totally blows my mind that this type of violence could happen in what is supposedly a safe and civilized society. It has been a rough month for violence, as we had an NFL football player shoot his wife then himself, and now this Connecticut situation where someone shot his parents dead, and several students and staff at an elementary school.  While I have no idea of the circumstances, I find it interesting that the main stream media has not caught on to the additional fact that this guy not only opened fire in a school, but he did kill his parents, apparently. It's bad enough to murder anyone, but from where I sit, the fact that he killed his parents, points to what may be the true cause and story here.

Bottom line, we need to find a balance between taking precautions necessary to ensure safety vs not being afraid to live our lives.  What I will speak out about, and what makes me sick, is that certain niche entities are trying to utilize this tragedy to score political brownie points - specifically, the gun rights vs gun control folks, and the religious right. To think that a prominent person (can't remember who now), stated that this should be blamed on the gay community??  Gimme a break!

Also, I don't want to get too deep into the gun control debate, as I have not done sufficient research into the matter. But I will state that this crime would have been less likely to have happened, should the perpetrator not had access to firearms. Sure, a gun alone can't kill someone. It takes a person to use the gun. But at the same time, I think society needs to take a really close look at gun accessibility - because far too often, we see stories in the news about crimes being committed by the use of guns.

I don't have all the answers. In fact, I probably have very few. But I wanted to blog about this and express my outrage and disbelief that this event happened in Connecticut, and that spin-off threats occurred here in Newfoundland.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

McCreath promotes Animal rights in Newfoundland

With the recent string of animal abuse stories here in Newfoundland, and around the rest of Canada, I have decided to pull up my socks and take on a more active roll in animal rights activism work. I have recently gotten involved, donated money, filed membership paperwork, and/or engaged and/or plan to engage, each of these 5 organizations. I will encourage everyone reading this to click on all of their websites and learn more about how you can help.


(photo credit to Beagle Paws)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

4 new Vlogs today! 12/22/2012

hope you enjoy!

Muskrat Falls Review
Keith Russell's Sexist Comments
Meeting Justin Trudeau
Ontario Stonewalling Trans ID Changers

Bowl Game Picks

A little late, but here are my Bowl pics:

Straight up winners:

Arizona over Nevada
Utah State over Toledo
San Diego State over Brigham Young
Lafayette over East Carolina
Boise State over Washington
Fresno State over Southern Methodist
Western Kentucky over Central Michigan
San Jose State over Bowling Green
Cincinnati over Duke
Baylor to upset UCLA
Louisiana Munroe over Ohio
Rutgers to upset Virginia Tech
Texas Tech over Minnesota
Air Force over Rice
Arizona State over Navy
West Virginia over Syracuse
Texas to upset Oregon State
Texas Christian over Michigan State
Vanderbilt over North Carolina State
Southern California over Georgia Tech
Tulsa to upset Iowa State
Louisiana State over Clemson
Northwestern to upset Mississippi State
Oklahoma State over Purdue
Georgia over Nebraska
South Carolina over Michigan
Stanford over Wisconsin
Northern Illinois to upset Florida State
Florida over Louisville
Oregon over Kansas State
Oklahoma to upset Texas A&M
Pittsburgh to upset Ole Miss
Kent State to upset Arkansas State
Alabama over Notre Dame


I predict that all of my winners will cover except:

East Carolina covers against Lafayette
Washington covers against Boise State
Ohio covers against Munroe
Nebraska covers against Georgia
North Carolina State covers against Vanderbilt

McCreath decorates Office Christmas Tree! 12/22/2012

After word spread at work about my infamous temper tantrum in which I took my frustrations out on my Christmas tree at home, I managed to redeem myself by decorating a tree at the office, using the clever strategy of printing out Christmas-themed images of well-known cartoon characters, including Scooby Doo, Bert & Ernie, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck. In addition, I made sure that several pictures of cats got on the tree!

The office, which is often very business-like, has shown a strong internal demonstration of Christmas spirit.  Although I skipped the official office Christmas party, I attended the support-staff Christmas lunch, participated in the mystery gift-exchange, and will be bringing my infamous Tofurky Sausages to the office Christmas breakfast on Monday.

Talking trans with Justin Trudeau and Federal Liberals

On December 17, 2012, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Justin Trudeau, Siobhan Coady, and Scott Andrews - all prominent members of the Liberal Party of Canada. This meeting took place at a public engagement social event which was booked to raise education and awareness towards Justin's quest to become the leader of the party, and his quest to revitalize and re-brand the Liberal Party.

Having stood up in the House of Commons and questioning Conservative Government's Minister of Transport, Denis Lebel, regarding a controversial regulation that bans air travel for gender-variant citizens, I knew trans issues were not only on Justin's radar, but ones he took to heart.  Meeting Justin and others gave me a great opportunity to demonstrate and remind everyone, that there are indeed trans people in Newfoundland who have concerns, as well as those who are keenly interested in having access to the eyes and ears of the Liberal Party.

Not only was this a chance for me to make a personal impression on these individuals, but it was a chance for them to demonstrate support to the trans community, which they did, by virtue of their willingness and gratitude to participate in a photo op with me and a transgender flag.

Another goal of mine was to ask them to gently pressure members of the Provincial Liberal party to get off the fence and take a positive stance in terms of supporting trans people and trans issues provincially.

This also serves as a wake up call to the NDP and all other political parties, that trans issues are not a political partisan matter, but something that is recognized and supported across party lines.


Friday, December 21, 2012

My Open Letter to NL Womens' Policy Office re Keith Russell 12/21/2012

Dear Women's Policy Office,

I am writing to express extreme concern over the comments made last night in the House of Assembly by Keith Russell.

While i'd love to think that Minister Charlene Johnson and/or Premier Dunderdale would make a public statement denouncing his comments, due to political reasons, I can understand why they might feel compelled
to bite their tongue on this one.

However, given that the WPO is a non-partisan public service, i'm writing to encourage you to release a position statement that discusses the impact towards society, of public displays of misogyny among male politicians.

As a member and perceived leader of the transwomen community of the province, I have a personal and moral interest in women's issues, and have an interesting rapport with many women's rights and women's
issues organizations and movements.

I respectfully, would like to call upon your office to take a leadership role in taking steps to denounce Mr. Russell's actions in the House, to demonstrate to the public how and why these types of actions are harmful, and to take steps to proactively engage all politicians to educate them on how they can best conduct their
business without having to launch these types of sexist attacks against female politicians.


Jennifer McCreath


Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Dozen Live Memories of the Rolling Stones!

Well, tonight may be the last time the Rolling Stones ever play a live concert. The event is going to be broadcast tonight live on Pay Per View all over the world. The concert takes place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, USA at 9.00 pm EST, on December 15, 2012.

The Stones are wrapping up a mini tour in commemoration of their 50th anniversary in the music business!  The tour started with two 'warm up' shows in small clubs in Paris, France (making this the first time in decades that their warm up shows did not take place in Toronto, Canada, interestingly enough). The official shows took place shortly thereafter, including two concerts at London England's O2 Arena, one show in Brooklyn New York, and now two shows in Newark.

While there are rumours that the tour will eventually continue into 2013, nothing has been formalized as of yet, and there is still a chance there may not be any more shows. I briefly contemplated a trip to Newark to see the show on Dec 13, but the cost of ticket and travel would have amounted to $2500, so I decided to take a pass.  I am certainly hopeful that there will be more shows booked, and shows for which the ticket do not run $800 each!  Quite frankly, I would be totally shocked if they didn't book at least one concert in Toronto - their unofficial home away from home. It would also seem ridiculous for them to not book at least one show in Los Angeles - perhaps tied with New York as the entertainment mecca of the world.

I was first introduced to the Rolling Stones music by a friend back in 1998, who suggested we attend their Bridges to Babylon concert at Toronto's Skydome.  After growing up in the 80s and ignoring music, it was during the late 90s where I started to take an interest in 70s rock. I had recently been introduced to the Eagles, Aerosmith, and KISS, and had seen them all live, and was highly impressed with the spectacle of a live concert event.

Seats in the nosebleed level of Toronto's infamous baseball stadium, the Skydome, were reasonable, so without even knowing any of their music, I had tickets in hand.  I hit my local used music store and grabbed a cassette of Hot Rocks - the Rolling Stones Greatest Hits album featuring tunes from their 1964-1971 era.  Come showtime on April 26, 1998, I had not only familiarized myself with most of their greatest hits, but had also bought a copy of their newest album, Bridges to Babylon.

Well, the show turned out to be what i consider to be the greatest concert I have ever seen in my entire life, at the point, and it had secured the Stones a spot in my list of all time favourites. Over the next 8 years, the Stones would undertake 3 more major tours, allowing me the chance to see them live, a total of 12 times.

Cashing in on the success of their 1997-98 tour, the Stones released a live album entitled No Security, which featured a selection of rare tunes that were played live on the tour. They also hit the road immediate again in 1999 to tour in support of this album.  At this point, I had become a major fan, and took steps to get myself a ticket in the 6th row on the floor for their Feb 25, 1999 concert in Toronto, this time, at the smaller arena, the newly-opened Air Canada Centre. This marked the Stones first Arena tour in almost 20 years, after playing giant football stadiums.  I attended this show with a much younger cousin, who at 17, was still old enough to be a Stones fan.  Seeing the Stones from the front of the floor was a tremendous experience. At the end of the show, we were both in a state of shock.  I looked at him and said "I don't think you'll ever see a better concert in your life". He agreed.

Fast forward to 2002, the Stones launched a tour in commemoration of their 40th anniversary, and released a box set entitled 40 Licks, which included 4 new tunes. This tour would be one of the most unique ever, as it featured three totally different sets and structures, as the tour contained shows played in giant stadiums, arenas, and small clubs. As was customary, the Stones traveled to Toronto,where they would spend a few weeks in a studio doing tour rehearsals.  All fans anticipated an infamous 'secret gig' to take place at some point.  It was August 16, 2002. I was about 5 weeks into a new job I had just started with the Ontario Government's Ministry of Citizenship. Word had just broken that a gig would take place that night at Palais Royale.  Access to the show would require a wrist band situation on a first come first serve basis.  As early as it was, I had been advised that there was already a huge line up outside of the club. Tickets would be sold for a mere $10 a piece!  So, the quest was on: find a wrist band for sale!  Using my crafty networking skills, I had found what appeared to be one wrist band for sale via black market for $500. Quite the mark up, but still would have been worth it. Unfortunately, when I followed up, the wrist band was gone. Oh well, I'd have to wait for the official tour to launch.

The first leg of the tour featured a stadium show and arena show in Toronto, and a stadium show in Detroit, Michigan, which was about a three hour drive from my home. So i grabbed tickets to all three gigs. I had a seat on the floor in Detroit about 15-20 rows back. For the arena gig in Toronto, I had to settle for a seat behind the stage, and for the Skydome,  I was on the floor about 40 rows back.  The Stones delivered sound performances each gig, mixing up the set list quite a bit.

When they announced an additional batch of Arena shows in winter 2003, I was determined to pick one gig and get myself the best seat possible. This lead me to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I spent a personal high $500 for a ticket to sit 5th row floor.  I made a weekend event out of it, attending a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game the night before, ironically against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I also bought tickets in the nose bleed seats for one show in Montreal and two in Chicago.

What will likely go down as the most amazing musical festival I will ever attend, The Stones interrupted their summer European tour to return to Toronto for a special concert to help the city stimulate its economy following a massive outbreak of infectious disease SARS.  A day-long festival was booked at the Downsview Air Base in the northern part of the city. The event would feature 12 bands, including several international superstars, as well as some of Canada's best musicians.  Tickets would be a mere $25 and the entire floor would be general admission standing room (ugh).

A bit of a monkey wrench was in my way though, as i had previously booked a vacation to Nova Scotia that week. Determined not to miss the gig, I booked a plane ticket for the morning of the show and flew in to Toronto.  it was one of those early morning flights that got me into Toronto around 8 am. I jumped onto a bus and went directly to the venue. being their by myself, I was able to weave my way thru the various groups of people and blankets and towels that had been laid on the grass to denote territorial claims.  I managed to get right up to the front, where there was already a wall of people lined against the steel baracade. I stood right behind them as part of the second row of a massive mosh pit.

5 hours later, the first opening act hit the stage and the event was on. for the next 6 hours, the crowd was entertained with 15-30 minute sets by Dan Akroyd, Jim Beluchi, Sam Roberts, Kathleen Edwards, Sass Jordan, the Isley Brothers, the Flaming Lips, french canadian band La Chicanne, Justin Timberlake (who was pelted with debris throughout his set), Blue Rodeo, The Guess Who and Rush.

Then it was time for the featured opening act, Australian heavy metal legends, AC/DC who are one of my top 10 favourite bands. To have them on the card as the primary opening act, made another great reason to attend the gig. They hit the stage about 7.30 pm and launched into 70s hit Hell Ain't A Bad Place to Be. Although the crowd had been standing for 10 hours, it became its most wild, as heavy metal fans began moshing and body surfing.  5 songs into their set, I had to take a few steps back and free myself from what was becoming an increasingly rough mosh.  AC/DC played a total of 12 songs over 70 minutes, including many of their greatest hits and live crowd favourites.  This had already been the greatest concert of my life, and the Stones still hadn't even hit the stage!

After a stage set change, the Stones were out and ran through an 85 minute set, featuring 16 tunes that had been customary tunes on this tour. Being about 15-20 rows deep now in the mosh pit, I was still very very close to the stage and could literally see the wrinkles on Keith Richards' face! The announced attendance was 450000, making it the largest single day ticketed concert event in Canadian history, and among the top 5 in USA history. Somehow, I made it back to their airport and back to Nova Scotia, a mere 24 hours after I had left, to resume my vacation.

Two years later, the Stones were back at it again, with a full studio album of new tunes, and a world tour of stadiums that would span three years. I took in their 2005 show in Toronto, and their 2006 show at Wichita, Kansas, which was part of one of the most incredible short driving trips I had ever taken in my life.

Friday night Sept 29, 2006, I drove to Ann Arbour, Michigan, where legendary country/folk/rocker Chris Hillman, of Byrds fame, had a solo gig. I then followed Hillman to Chicago the next day, where he played two gigs at the infamous Chicago School of Blues, where I got the amazing chance of a lifetime to meet him briefly for a chat and, got my acoustic guitar autographed.

This trip also featured a Saturday afternoon football game in South Bend, Indiana, at the legendary Notre Dame Stadium, where I saw Brady Quinn and the Irish defeat arch rivals Purdue.  The Sunday featured what has now been my last visit to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, to see my beloved KC Chiefs play a football game - a game they won 41-3 over San Francisco, in what featured the debut of recent Alabama graduate, Quarterback, Brody Croyle.  The evening was topped off with the Stones in Wichita, a city they had never played. Mick Jagger joked that they were 'virgins of Wichita' and then launched into a bar of local tune Wichita Linemen. While my seat at this show was way up in the bowl, about 70-80 rows, it was perhaps the best show in terms of sound quality - making this the first outdoor stadium gig I had seen them play. The show also highlighted live versions of two songs from their new album which I really enjoyed, Rough Justice and Streets of Love.

After seeing the Stones play 12 concerts in a span of eight and a half years, it has now been more than six years since that last gig, on October 1, 2006, in Wichita.  I seems like a lifetime ago, and for many reasons, it was!  In 6 years, I have relocated to Newfoundland, run 30 marathons, and undergone a complete gender and sex transition.

As I sit here typing away, preparing to click into my digital television terminal to order tonight's concert on pay per view television, just a few weeks shy of my 39th birthday, an age once considered old for rock stars, I look forward to seeing 69 year old Mick and Keith, and 71 year old Charlie, bring down the house with what is sure to be a 5 star show. I can only hope that there will be at least a few more chances to see them live, in 2013, before they pack it in for good.


04/28/1998 - Toronto, Skydome
02/25/1999 - Toronto, Air Canada Centre
10/12/2002 - Detroit, Ford Field
10/16/2002 - Toronto, Air Canada Centre
10/18/2002 - Toronto, Skydome
01/08/2003 - Montreal, Bell Centre
01/10/2003 - Pittsburgh, Mellon Arena
01/21/2003 - Chicago, United Center
01/22/2003 - Chicago, United Center
07/30/2003 - Toronto, Downsview Air Base
09/26/2005 - Toronto, Skydome
10/01/2006 - Wichita, Cessna Stadium

Setlists and concert reviews for all 12 gigs can be found at fan site Iorr.org

Thursday, December 13, 2012

#121212concert Who i've seen live!

Wow, quite the list of performers tonight at NewYork City's Madison Square Garden to raise money for Hurricane Sandy clean-up and relief.

I have been fortunately enough to have seen most of these acts live!

Bruce Springsteen: 2002 Toronto, 2003 Toronto, 2005 Cleveland

Roger Waters: none

Bon Jovi: 2001 Toronto, 2003 Toronto twice (had 3rd row seat both 2003 gigs)

Clapton: 2004 Los Angeles - sat top row at Hollywood Bowl

Rolling Stones: Toronto 98, Toronto 99, Detroit 2002, Toronto 2002 x2, Montreal 2003, Pittsburgh 2003, Chicago 2003 x2, Toronto 2003, Toronto 2005, Wichita 2006

Billy Joel: Toronto 2006

The Who: Toronto 2002

Foo Fighters: 2006

Pearl Jam 1998 Toronto, 2000 Toronto

Coldplay 2001 Toronto

REM 2001, Toronto

Duff McKagan (w/ GNR) 1992 Toronto

Paul McCartney 2002 Toronto, 2005 Toronto

Diana Krall 1998 Toronto

Alicia Keys: none
Kanya West: none

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ESPN transphobic announcers unleash assault!

A transwoman college basketball player was recently the subject of a vicious verbal assault by two ESPN broadcasters, Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin. Not only did they show their ignorance regarding the medical transition of trans athletes, they went so far as to say that we shouldn't be allowed in sports. They also referred to trans people as 'it' and suggested this was a politically correct term.

Needless to say, I am disgusted and plan to do something about this!  Meanwhile, check out Lexie Cannes Blog about this for more information.

#transphobia in sports

Transwoman Removed from Texas Airplane! 12/10/2012

This from Seattle resident, Rebecca Heineman:

Around 6PM Dallas time on Monday, December 10th, 2012, my good friend Tegan Marie Smith was at Love Field in Dallas TX on board her flight to Atlanta GA when the police boarded the aircraft, handcuffed and arrested her. They held her for a few hours telling her she had no rights and demanded why she was "Transgender". In the process she lost her phone and several other personal items and missed her flight. She is currently in a hotel in Dallas awaiting the next flight home..

This is a total outrage!! She didn't deserve this treatment. She only was in Dallas to see her family and was on her way home.

This is the text from Tegan's facebook page:

"Arrested in Dallas, detained for two hours in handcuffs, released. Most of my stuff, including phones, missing. I still had one credit card and my drivers license, so I got a nearby hotel and will try to fly home to Atlanta tomorrow. I had to give life story about being transsexual to officers. My earlier flight was cancelled, and I had a few drinks at the bar, no more than the others I was with. I was boarded, then removed, placed in handcuffs, not read any rights, was told I didn't have any. They demanded to know why I was transgender. I was finally released, my wrists are bruised, the handcuffs hurt like hell but I sure as hell wasn't going to let them see me cry. I feel pretty bad right now, I was singled out of six people from the bar near the gate, I am certain because of my height and size. I don"t have any phone numbers but one. my phone is gone, and she is not answering. A wonderful weekend in Dallas gone bad for no reason. I was told to stay away from the airport tonight, to fly out tomorrow. Likely I will have to buy another ticket, and I have no idea where my carry on bag, hormones, etc are.

No one is going to see me cry. Yey though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I am the toughest Bitch in the valley."


Animal Abuse! The Legalized Canadian Pig Torture in Manitoba! 12/10/2012

CTV Television News program W5 recently uncovered a shocking animal torture and abuse program that has been taking place at a Pig Farm, run by mega company Puritone, in Arborg, Manitoba, Canada.

An undercover worked for Mercyforanimals.ca shot hours of footage that show staff smashing  baby piglets against metal poles and the floor, staff kicking and slapping already wounded animals, and even degrading animals, both dead and alive.  They also showed footage of them severing body parts on live baby animals, including tails and testicles.  They also depicted the living conditions of pigs stuffed in metal jail cells so small they can't sit or move, and even worse, their face and nose snouts get stuck in the bars, causing infected cuts and even death by strangulation.

The report is making international news today. The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies was so concerned that they have launched a petition to raise awareness (see above image).

I was so outraged that not only did I make this Vlog, but i have actively signed up for membership with Mercy For Animal - offering my free services to launch a Newfoundland branch and/or act as their eastern region spokes person.

In 2013, one my my biggest goals, is to not only enter the year 100% vegan, but to promote both animal rights and the healthy benefits from a vegan diet and lifestyle. I will also venture into the dangerous world of advocating for the banning of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Another attack from the cis-sexist community

Wow, yet another cis sexist female, who refers to self as 'female bodied' - has launched an assault against me on her blog. I'm not quite sure what the spark was, but I was on the receiving end of about 5 negative tweets, before I clicked on her profile to see what she was all about and wrote back.

Funny how these cis-sexists often use the term 'misogynist' to attack transwomen. (This is a term that is generally applied or implied to males who put down women and/or denounce feminism).  In actuality, transwomen are generally the last people in the world who either consider themselves male nor want to be seen as male.

Once again, this person seems upset that I called out former USA Presidential candidate and actor Roseanne Barr, on her transphobic comments made last month, regarding trans people and washroom safety. This person also referenced my infamous blogs and vlogs discussing my concern over LGBT organizations in Newfoundland not remaining neutral on controversial issues such as political party alliances and abortion rights debate.  There's also a chance my recent tweets about 'Motion 408' may have played a roll, so I will address this all here and now...

Quite frankly, as someone who cannot biologically ever get impregnated, I don't feel it adds any value to the world for me to engage in any pro-life vs pro-choice debate, let alone openly reveal and discuss my personal stances.  However, I will speak out against any organization or person who attempts to suggest that trans rights and abortion rights are one in the same. I will also speak up whenever someone insists that all LGBT people must be, or should be, on one particular side of this argument, or the other.

Much like sexual orientation and gender identity is a dichotomy, so is trans issues and abortion issues.

Bottom line, I respect both sides to the abortion debate and I respect anyone who stands up and advocates for something they believe in.. But folks, please do not try to shove your values into my face, and definitely please do not try to guilt me into this debate, much less, entice me to take up your stance on it.

Quite frankly, I am really sick and tired of seeing so much time and resources, supposedly devoted to trans rights, being devoted to pro-life vs pro-choice matters.  Apples and oranges folks!

Frustrating Day!

As a reaction to the Conservative Government's filibustering of the C279 committee meeting yesterday, as well as frustrations from having to deal with a Human Resource Management Director from Department of IBDR, who refused to hire me to a job recently, even though I won the competion; well, it was all too much to take, so I snapped and took out my frustrations on my poor innocent Christmas Tree with a chair! Pro Wrestling Style! 

This infamous photo, which I tweeted out last night, became the butt of an inside joke between me and the radio personalities at Coast 101.1, who this morning, noted how great it was to see so many people in this city getting into the Christmas Spirit, 'especially Jenn McCreath'  

Anyway, I will have more to say on both of these matters later this weekend..

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NPATH is back!

NPATH.NET was supposed to be a non-profit organization that was to have been launched in May 2012, but was shelved for 6 months. I have been in consultation with several trans Newfoundlanders, as well as some key allies. The spark that got this thing back in business was an excellent series of discussions regarding the pending launch of TCAC279.org, a national trans human rights activism .

NPATH is currently recruiting members, as well as considering business partner recruitment work, so that a suitable Board of Directors can be launched within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, as registration of Business name owner, I technically have a quasi-organization under my custody and control, yet for which i must put personal liability into, at least until it gets incorporated.

Our first piece of work today was to draft and send invitations to ministers of justice and health, to follow up on trans health care and human rights matters.

NPATH has also secured two registration seats for an interesting upcoming Government-sponsored conference event, Ovations NL, an event that will pay tribute to women business owners.  This should be a great chance for networking, and to demonstrate that the business community of women contains transwomen.

exciting month ahead!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


TCAC279.org 'draft' Fact Sheet


Org Type: grass roots / non-profit / national / human rights activism / politically-neutral / alliance

Purpose: to raise education and awareness to the concerns and potential harmful impacts of excluding "Gender Expression" from the proposed additions to the list of explicit grounds of Human Rights Protection in federal Canadian laws, as per the proposed revision of the Canada Human Rights Act, via Bill C279.

Goal: to take steps to ensure that Gender Expression and Gender Identity get added to the Canadian Human Rights protections, together.

Lifecycle: this organization will exist until the Goal cited above is met.

Key Points to the Argument against Bill C279:

- Precedent: Bill C389 passed the House with 'expression' included. proof it can pass a Federal House!

- Best-Practice: Ontario, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, City of Toronto, Vancouver have all included gender expression - hence, acknowledging that it is needed, and acknowledging that implied coverage under gender identity, sex, or disability, is not sufficient.

- Difference and Dichotomy: between identity and expression strongly exists. It is much tougher to prove discrimination based on identity alone. identity is private and personal information, that may not be known.

- Medical: before gender identity issues can be treated medically, it is often required of patients to 'express' their desired gender, via Real Life Test, before gaining access to hormones and surgeries. trans people face extreme discrimination during the early stages of transition, including stages where they are pre-hormone and pre-op. protection during these time frames is even more important than others.

- Definitions: without 'expression' it would be easy for the anti trans rights activists to argue that a formal medical diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria be obtained before anyone can site discrimination upon the basis of 'identity'

- Historical lack of Definition: Government of Canada has used the term 'gender' in many policies for years, without it ever being defined. hence, the argument that lack of definition or confusion, is moot.

- Politics: it's sad to think that explicit human rights protection could be considered a political issue, and that members of the trans community, could be considered political pawns. this is NOT acceptable. our rights must not be compromised or offered as political favours. Toby's Bill in Ontario was inclusive of gender expression, and was met with unanimous support across all political party lines.

- Inclusive History: has demonstrated that gender expression is most likely to be accepted into Human Rights laws, when concurrently entered with Gender Identity.

- Exclusive History: has NOT demonstrated that it is easy or easier to add gender expression after gender identity had previously been added on its own.

- Non-Medical Trans*: not all members of the trans* umbrella have been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. not all require medical treatment either. yet many, for whatever reason, feel the want and/or need to express a gender presentation that is not congruent with presentations expected based on societal myths and norms.

- Cis Individuals: outside of the trans identity could also face risk of discrimination due to presenting gender roles or gender expressions, either part time or full time, that are perceived to be outside of societal norms or myths. These folks may not realize human rights protection under gender identity, given that their identity is not congruent with their public gender presentation.

- Regression: What sort of message, precedent or trend would be set by a Federal Government excluding 'expression' shortly after several provinces included it? Would this message make it tougher for the remaining provinces to sell the need for it to be included?

- Damage reversal: Experts say it would be much easier to do it right the first time, rather than have to undo damage, then redo it correctly

- Quality over Quantity: as more provinces pass human rights bills that include gender expression, the more pressure there will be to ensure that any modification to the federal act would also be inclusive. while the Cons may not be ready to accept gender expression as an explicit human right in 2012, with 3 existing provinces and territories on board, they may be more pressured to do so in 2014, should the count be up to 6 or 7 provinces.

- Manitoba: is the only province who has passed gender identity without gender expression. it would be important to analyze and assess the impact of this. no Manitoba trans people have been asked to testify at the Bill C279 committee meetings. this is a mistake.

- Limitations of Bill Sponsors and Supporters: it should be noted that the bill is being lead by gay activists and gay organizations, not trans activists. They have gone out of their way to exclude input and feedback from members of the trans community. One might question their true intentions of creating and pushing a flawed Bill. - Geography of Sponsors and Supporters: the bill-processing has been managed almost exclusively by Toronto-based entities, including reps of two Toronto-based organizations who have not demonstrated historical positive rapport with prominent Canadian trans activists outside of Toronto. Out of site, out of touch!

- Inside the Box: trans people in Toronto already enjoy protection at the city and provincial levels under 'expression' being explicit in their legislation. why then, are these folks so anxious to pass a bill federally without it? are they remotely aware of the impact currently faced by trans people who do not have same protections at said levels?

- Our Bill? Our Community?: do trans Canadians really feel comfortable with cis gay Torontonians speaking for them, making decisions for them, and potentially taking donations away from them? Seeking and realizing societal awareness is the best way to sell change: Trans* people across Canada need to be the key leaders and sellers of this movement. Bill C279 was written without consultation with many key individuals who will be affected by its impending implementation. It does NOT have explicit support from many of these said individuals either.

- Bathroom: the Criminal Code of Canada clearly states that harassment, assault, sexual harassment and sexual assault, are criminal activities. No current or past human rights acts have justified any of these activities. Arguing that including 'expression' will legalize such activities, is not only false, but to give in to this perceived myth might make it easier for Cons to justify the argument that trans* people are, in fact, sexual predators. Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence in any jurisdiction around the world, that have demonstrated that adding 'expression' to human rights codes have facilitated or increased instances of sexual harassment in public places.

- Moral Message: it's ok to have gender identity issues but not ok to e expressive of gender or expressive of these matters. This is NOT appropriate!

- Partial rights are not rights: Look at Rosa Parks. It was ok for her to ride on the bus as long as she sits in the 'blacks only' section at the back? This was NOT equality!

- Equivalence: it's ok to get married to same sex partner but illegal to life together and/or engage in romantic activities together. NOT right there. Why is it right here?

Website: www.tcac279.org

Email info@jennifermccreath.com for now

Facilitators: Jennifer McCreath

Monday, December 3, 2012

20 years of a suffering KC Chiefs fan. Toughest day this week!

Well, after growing up on hockey and baseball in Toronto in the 80s and early 90s, it was an 8 month visit to London, Ontario, and Western University, where I met some friends who introduced me to NFL football.  Determined to not conform with any norms, I refused to cheer for Buffalo and Dallas, the two greatest teams in the league in 1993, and the two most popular teams among Ontarians.

Enter the 1993 KC Chiefs, who had just acquired legendary 4 time Superbowl winner, and the greatest football player in world history - Joe Montana. A perfect band wagon for me to jump on! well, Joe lead us to the playoffs twice, but no Superbowls. He retired after the 1994 season but he was at least able to help bring a winning attitude back to the team and city.

the next 20 years would feature nothing but heartbreak, as teams finished first overall in the conference in 1995, 98, 2003 and 2nd in conference in 2010, only to lose every play off game. but the worst heartbreak had to be the news yesterday, when a player, Jovan Belcher, killed himself and his girlfriend in a murder/suicide. He shot himself right in front of his coach! and leaves behind a 3 month old daughter.

After starting the season 1-10, chief fans had turned to a variety of public demonstrations of frustration, including flying an airplane with a banner over the stadium asking for the removal of coach and manager. Fans have worn black to the games, worn paper bags over their heads, and many have no-showed despite holding season tickets.  from 3000 miles away, on this small island in the north Atlantic, we call Newfoundland, I have been leading the charge on twitter..

But everything change yesterday. the team, the fans, and the city, have all come together to mourn and console each other over this horrible event. the team decided not to cancel the game, even though knowing it would be played under significant emotional duress.  a spirited speech by the coach lead to an awesome display of team work, bringing KC an amazing 27-21 win over Carolina today, to move to 2-10 on the season..

I have had the fortune to travel to the USA many times to see football games. I have seen KC play live 6 times. 3 at home and 3 on the road.

How ironic that my last trip to Arrowhead Stadium was a game Oct 1, 2006, to see the then 0-2 Chiefs upset the San Francisco 49ers in a 41-3 blowout win! Damon Huard and Larry Johnson lead the Chiefs to victory.  How ironic was it though, that 24 hours earlier, I was sitting in Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend Indiana, watching future KC Chiefs QB Brady Quinn lead his Irish to victory over Purdue.

Brady was a highly touted prospect on draft day, but fell down a few spots, before getting picked by woeful Cleveland, where he had three uneventful years. a trade to Denver saw him sit on the bench for two years and not even get to see any game action, while watching the saga of Tim Tebow. When Denver signed Peyton Manning, Quinn and Tebow were let go, and KC grabbed Quinn for the roster, ironically enough, after losing another former Denver QB, Kyle Orton, to free agency.

I went deep into my storage closet and dug out my collection of KC jerseys' including Tony Gonzalez, Steve Bono, and Elvis Grbac. I was too upset to watch the game on TV live, so I set the VCR and went outside for a walk over to the pond to visit and feed the ducks and get some sun. It was nice to return to see that they had won the game.

Here's me at the KC Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, from Oct, 1 2006. Not very often I dig out any pre-Jennifer pic. but my support for this team continues, and I never want to forget the awesome memories of seeing them live 6 times.  For a deeper reaction from me about yesterday's murder/suicide, I have vlogged here.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

phone unplugged again

will not be accepting phone calls for the rest of the day. i need the weekends to rest. sorry folks.