Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009 - Marathon #1 of 31

hmmm, well, you'll never achieve greatness unless you start to expect great things of yourself. last year, i honestly thought i could run 31 marathons in 31 days.. in the end, i ran 11, which was more than any other month.. which is positive, even though i did not even come close to the goal.

i honestly don't expect to run 31 this August, but i certainly think 12 is doable. perhaps more. i'd like to think that i am a more experienced endurance trainee and should have no problem doing this, even with all the issues i currently face.

the rules are as follows, which are similar to last year:

a 'marathon' will be credited for every 42.2k of running that takes place within a 24 hour window of time. extensions will be granted for every minute spent in the swimming pool (we can't allow running marathons to get in the way of swimming!)

the contest got off to a good start today, which actually started last night. an 11k 66 minute tempo run in the rain, followed by a couple of hours break, then two 4k runs to and from my friend's house for dinner... today got off to a great start with a 59 minute swim in the pool, the time it took to cover 3k. then it was a run to the pond and grocery store, the former where i saw some brand new baby duckies!! after the shopping was done, it was back out there for the remaining 15.2k which went fairly well. overall, it was 42.2k of running in a running time of 4.26.33, all within 24.59.00.

i celebrated by jumping into the pond with most of my running gear on! then sat in the cool evening sun for a while, then got marathon #2 under way!


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