Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009 - medal finally received

well, in the most anti-climactic medal ceremony of all time, i opened my mailbox this morning to find a package that contained my 2nd of 2 gold medals that i earned last month at the World Outgames in Denmark. This brings to conclusion, what i feel was a disappointing undertaking. Pictured are my two gold medals for being recognized as the overall winner in the transsexual woman category for the 42.2km (marathon) run, and the 1500M freestyle swim. In addition, is the silver medal i was initially awarded by IGLA (international gay and lesbian aquatics association), and apparently will still get to keep, for being declared the 2nd ranked 'female' in my age category for the very same swim.

As mentioned before, the World Outgames officially recognized transsexual athletes who are in transition, and allowed them to participate in a 3rd sex category, the first time in world history that such a classification has been sanctioned for international sporting events. However, on their official results page, they have converted all trans athletes to either male or female scores.

Anyway, i was extremely pleased with my run and swim; and i certainly enjoyed my time in europe. i was upset at the lack of opportunity to raise education and awareness about transsexualism, but i did all i could and will close the books on this and feel proud of my accomplishments. that being said, it is highly unlikely that i will ever be involved with a world outgames ever again.


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Born to Run said...

I am really proud of your accomplishments!

If it were me, I'd be wearing those medals everywhere I went. :-)