Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16, 2009 - Quidi Vidi 5k Road Race

An amazing 23 degrees and sunny this morning at 8 am here in St. john's, making race conditions tough, but myself and protegee, managed to run a great race this morning. i taped up my injured toe and managed to complete the run pain free, which was great. i was able to focus on pacing.. we came out a little fast and ended up taking a couple walk breaks between the 2-4k mark but managed a great overall result, finishing strong and setting a PB for her!

split times:

1k 6.15 - 6.15
2k 7.13 - 13.28
(2.5k - 17.39)
3k 6.56 - 21.31
4k 7.34 - 29.05
5k 7.15 - 36.20

my plan for the week ahead will be to generally take it easy so i can give my 5 injuries a chance to heal, at least somewhat, so i can then focus on next week's 5k charity race with a serious attempt at a post-op PB for the 5k distance.

my other protegee struggled with the heat today as well but finished up strong.

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