Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009 - day of rest

a rare day of rest for me. no running and no swimming. only 6k of slow walking. the foot pain continues.. i've started icing and stretching periodically.. i may seek a medical opinion in a few days if it does not improve. this appears to be a re-aggravation of an old injury from a 1996 injury when i landed awkwardly while hopping a fence. the foot was aggravated last month while moving, and is back again to haunt me. i speculate the long run last thursday on shoes that were somewhat worn out was the key factor. i will have to be careful to run on fresh shoes, when i do decide to run again..

definitely not good news as i tend to go thru shoes quickly given the quantity of running i do. my last pair of Asics 2130 only lasted 21 days as i put 321k on them. sadly, although i like this brand and model of shoe, the 2130 has been highly critisized for breaking down. most good running shoes should get you 600-800k. but these ones tend to break down in the 300-400k range.

i've got one more pair of 2130s on the shelf, as well as one pair of 2120s that i have been saving.. i may hit the store and ask about the newest model, the 2140.

job interview and probably a big swim tomorrow!


Born to Run said...

How did the interview go?

I met you by Long Pond with my two dogs a couple of weekends ago. :-)

I hope all is well with you.

Jennifer McCreath said...

ah yes, i remember! interview went very well. it will be very interesting to see how they rank me.. life is generally challenging for me these days with a variety of health care issues, as well as struggles finding work and finding a long term place to live. it can only get better from here!

Born to Run said...

I love your optimism!

I agree that things will get better. You have some challenges, for sure, but you have a lot going for you because of your personality and many wonderful characteristics that even a stranger (like me) can recognize.

I'm rooting for you! Please keep us posted out here in blog-land.