Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011 - not so hilly half!

a rare half marathon for me today. it's been a long time since i ran a race that was not 42.2k, so this brought some unique challenges and anxieties. but generally, the pressure was off and i just went out there and ran as hard and as fast as i could, at a pace i felt i could keep throughout. it was a perfect race with almost 21 identical 6 minute kms. couldn't be more pleased, especially entering with very bad knees from having done 3 fulls over the past 3 weeks! 2.05.38 was the time. splitting at exactly 1.03.00 and 1.02.38. i may write more about this run tomorrow, but wanted to post today to let everyone know i am still alive!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Finding my Female voice 5/21/11

Well, I have finally started to put some effort into training my voice. The goal is to take the voice up to falsetto, then lower it as far as it can go while not using the chest to talk. Some transwomen can find it easily, while many others struggle. Voice is a very important part of the communication program for anyone. Having a voice that sounds socially acceptable is critical for anyone, trans or not. there are many transwomen out there who do not modify their voice, while there are many who try but can't come up with anything passable. There are many who end up sounding like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse.

After tons of practicing, and tons of video shoots, I have finally completed a video that I feel is at least good enough to share: Jennifer tries to find Female Voice.

This is definitely going to be a work in progress, but I hope that by the end of the year, I will have a full-time new voice that I am comfortable with.

Out of shape Newfoundlander runs 3 marathons in 14 days!

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Well, with a grand total of maybe 3 or 4 long runs in 6 months, running any marathon was probably going to be a challenge. having just recently recovered from surgery in late January (genital surgery no less), I was forced to take it easy for a while. as I rested, gained even more weight. Tipping the scales at 220 pounds, I ventured out to Fredericton, Mississauga, and Halifax on three consecutive weekends.

I ran Fredericton last year and found it to be a really nice town with a lovely marathon course that was fairly flat. I wasn't going to run it this year, but when I saw a seat sale, and when I started to become really close friends with a fellow transwoman from south eastern new brunswick, I had the excuse to book the extra trip!

The day started out cool but ended up hot (20 degrees and sunny). Having recently struggled through the Georgia marathon on March 20, I knew I could do it, even in this brutal shape, but I also knew it would be tough. As an added handicap, I knew that I would have to save enough for the next two weekends, the knees really started to get sore early on in this marathon, and that limited my ability to run fast. in the end, that was probably a good thing, as I was forced to run slow enough that i didn't really burn out or hit the wall. 5.29.22 put me a little faster than georgia, so i was at least able to take something positive from that. Added to this was the fact that I entered this race totally emotionally exhausted and stressed out from a very busy week.

Anyway, onto Mississauga the next weekend, where i felt great. I ran into a friend from california at the start, and we decided to run together for a while. I ended up running 10k with him, and did so at a faster pace than i should have. I ended up slowing down later into the race, but still managed to score a 5.05.27 - putting my fairly closer to what was my insane A-goal (4.57).

After 7 days of no running, the knees and immune system had healed up a little, but nowhere near where they need to be for a top quality athletic performance. I started Halifax strong but at 26k, my knees seize up to the point where I could barely move. After a strong 2.22 on the front half, I found myself slowed to a very light limp. the pain I had to suffer to finish Halifax was among the most intence pain in my entire life. While running a 5.15.35 was a disappointment, I can feel pleased that at this weight, I was still able to do 3 runs in 3 weekends in 3 different provinces!

Anyway, this was actually a great confidence booster. If I can run 5 hr marathons overweight, under-trained, and on bad knees, just imagine what I could do in 3 month with 30 pounds off and a ton of training in the books!


May 21, 2011 - Black Point - a homecoming!

Well, as is customary whenever I visit Nova Scotia, I always make a point to drop by the little beach in Black Point, that is situated less than 100 feet from the site of my first home.

May 21, 2011 - Meeting the Wayves team!

On May 21, 2011 in Halifax, The magazine executive had the opportunity to meet two of their new team members, one of whom was yours truly, as part of what was billed - Networking Brunch with Transsexual Advocates Jennifer. Wayves is an Atlantic Canada monthly magazine that features news stories and advertising that caters to the LGBT community. Based out of Halifax, Wayves has done some outreach to gain prominence in the other three Atlantic provinces. Furthermore, they have reached out to members of the trans community to ensure that stories are not just about LGB issues. Also in attendance, were two Halifax transsexuals, which was great for me, as I got to form a bond with more sisters in our community.

Newfoundland Runners invade Halifax! 5/22/11

Wow! I think we set a record for most Newfoundlanders running in the Halifax Bluenose race weekend events this year! Congrats to all!

Unofficially, here's who all I found on the results list:

Full marathon

margot doucet - st. john's - 3.21.35
adrien doucet - st. john's - 3.29.02
jamie snook - goose bay - 3.39.53
jesse mcfee - paradise - 3.53.46
diane wiseman - cbs - 4.16.26
jackie cabot - cbs - 4.18.03
vicki lush - cbs - 4.26.25
rosalie russell - st. john's - 4.32.39
regina coady - st. john's - 4.34.50
alfred power - st. john's - 4.34.50
jeffrey saunders - st. john's - 4.35.16
sandra cable - cbs - 4.43.16
jule white cluney - cbs - 4.43.16
pierrette kavanagh - cbs - 4.43.17
tracy lundrigan - cbs - 4.43.17
jennifer mccreath - st. john's - 5.15.35 (29th career marathon and 3rd in 14 days)
ashley dawe - cbs - 5.16.17
darlene dawe - cbs - 5.16.18
melissa eason - cbs - 5.16.18
gail soper - cbs - 5.16.19
sherri o'halloran - mount pearl - 6.11.31 (walk)

half marathon

patrick collins - st. john's - 1.27.03
beans wentzell - st. john's - 1.30.45
alexandra maher - st. john's 1.36.27
andrew snelgrove - mount pearl - 1.40.59
mandy mclean - pasadena - 1.41.54
jamie houlahan - goose bay - 1.46.52
w george smith - st. john's - 1.51.10
lisa oldford - baie verte - 1.51.37
megan smith - st. john's 1.52.29
susan collins - st. john's - 1.55.37
christine hann - corner brook - 1.57.05
nancy robbins - clarenville - 1.58.37
cathy cook - st. john's - 1.59.32
rosemary roberts - goose bay - 2.02.35
diane houlahan - goose bay - 2.02.45
shelley moores - cbs - 2.03.36
susette farrell - corner brook - 2.04.21
natasha hunt st. john's - 2.06.19
loretta johnson - cbs - 2.07.09
cara lutke - cbs - 2.10.37
garry furlong - lab city - 2.10.57
megan eason - cbs - 2.11.48
danika gulliford - cbs - 2.12.38
sharon vardy - cbs - 2.13.39
fiona curtis - logy bay - 2.16.31
kevin pardy - st. john's - 2.18.37 (1st in age/sex category!!)
mary-beth eason - cbs - 2.19.54
betty ann hunt - cbs - 2.24.04
joanne cooze - cbs - 2.24.08
janna cleary - cbs - 2.24.09
dana o'brien - cbs - 2.30.02
gregory strong - cbs - 2.42.15
joan butler - cbs - 2.42.26
carol ann o'brien - cbs - 2.42.30
pamela bussey - goosebay - 2.46.07
amanda rickert - cbs - 2.46.46
ruth porter hart - holyroo - 2.46.48
dallas whittle - cbs - 3.01.09
kelli winsor-bursey - mount pearl - 3.01.11
ethel janes - cbs - 3.04.19
denise eddy - cbs - 3.05.01
paula allen - corner brook - 3.25.43 (walk)


aubrey sanders - cornerbrook - 36.56 (2nd overall)
thea baird - cbs - 46.03
paul snow - pleasantville - 49.10
greg stoner - st. john's - 50.08
david sellars - cbs - 54.24
melinda watts - st. john's - 56.14
lorna acreman - goose bay - 56.31
marcia snow - st. john's 56.59
megan saunders - paradise - 1.01.21
tommy farrell - corner brook - 1.03.36
michelle porter - cbs - 1.05.57
linda goodyear - cbs - 1.08.07
elizabeth lawrence - st. john's - 1.08.29
courtney gabriel - cbs - 1.11.32


precilla rideout - cbs - 22.54
wayne hann - corner brook - 29.14
betty hann - corner brook - 30.35
sonya meisner - lab city - 37.18
elaine dyke - st. john's - 37.26
jeannine chaulk - goose bay - 1.00.53

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011 - another quick update

mississauga marathon was awesome. i ran a 5.05.27 on tired legs, which was a drastic improvement from my 5.29.22 on so-called fresh legs a week earlier. i started the marathon by running into a good friend from California, who is a fellow 'marathon maniac.' we ran together for the first 10.5k. he going a little slower and i going a little faster than usual. 67 minutes for the first quarter gave me a good work out. i knew i would pay for that in knee pain, and i did. but i also knew i would still finish the race in 2011 record time, which i did. it's awesome to have a strong handle on where my body and fitness levels are at.

yesterday, i co-hosted a special edition of international frontrunners - a walk/run around the lake to commemorate international day against homophobia. we had a good turn out, including the newly-appointed chair of the newly-resurrected pflag canada st. john's chapter.

meanwhile, the busy work continues. halifax weekend ahead will be jam packed with events, including a networking brunch hosted by myself and my infamous trans friend Josie. then we will both be off to an event hosted by the Imperial Court - Nova Scotia chapter - a group of drag queens who raise money for charity.

i will also visit with Nova Scotia running superstat Erin Poirier, the team captain of the Love For Gambia halifax marathon fund-raising team.

i'll also have a visit with my father. looking forward to seeing him again.

more soon!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14, 2011 - 4 year anniversary

wow, it was 4 years ago yesterday that i ran my very first official marathon, the 2007 mississauga marathon. it's awesome to be sitting at the airport this morning getting ready to fly to ontario to run what will be my 5th consecutive mississauga marathon tomorrow. this weekend tends to be my unofficial start to the new year as far as running is concerned. i've had my ups and downs but enter this run optimistic that improvement is ahead. i struggled thru the fredericton marathon last week and i am still a little sore, but feel confident that i can produce a much better run this weekend!

if you are reading this from toronto area, i will be having a late lunch at 2.30 pm today at fazoolis restaurant at 209 rathburn road west in mississauga. please come and join me and my friends for social chatter!

facebook event here


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Another Marathon in the books!

well, Fredericton is in the books. 5.29.22 gives me a slightly faster finishing time than my last one. i will do up a nice report when get home later today.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011 - awesome day

wow, an airport experience that actually went well! flight from st. john's to halifax totally routine. an uneventful drive to fredericton, where i will be running my 27th marathon tomorrow.

but the highlight of the day was meeting the amazing Josie, New Brunswick's most visible transperson and trans advocate. we had an awesome time hanging out and chatting about our transition journeys. we also shot a series of educational videos together, that will likely find their way to youtube very soon. i am really excited to have yet another trans friend. i have realized that this had been a major gap in my life. when i went to montreal for surgery, my life changed on more ways than one. making transwomen friends has added so much to my life. awesome to have a close circle of friends that can totally relate to each other.

anyway, the internet connectivity here at the knights inn really sucks. i had to walk all the way over to the head office to actually connect. no internet access in the hotel room. oh well, not a huge deal, but there won't be any skyping tonight..

anyway, marathon tomorrow morning, another visit with Josie afterwards, and back home on Monday.

Happy weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011 - Crazy Week

Wow, lots going on. I hardly have time to breathe, let alone sleep. But it has been a very productive week. Will definitely post more news after the weekend.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011 - Current Memberships & Projects

This entry is intended to be a supplementary link to my 'advocacy resume.' it provides a brief overview of the various things I am involved with:

- Founder, Board of Director, and Head of Corporate Management for St. John's Pride Inc., a registered non-profit organization with a mandate to help grow the local LGBT community as well as oversee the delivery of Pride Week celebrations.

- Member of Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH) ; and a key member of their Policy Committee. I am currently taking the lead on revising their membership structure policy.

- Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter of International Frontrunners, an LGBT running/walking/social club.

- Journalist, Correspondent and Consultant for Wayves Magazine.

- Member of Moncton, New Brunswick Chapter of PFLAG Canada; member of their Trans Education Project Team.

- Member of the New Democratic Party of Canada and member of their LGBT Committee.

- Member of Canada Blood Services' LGBTTQ working group, an entity that has actually been dormant for a while.

- Member of an informal national Trans alliance task force that is undertaking education and awareness work about the importance of Trans Human Rights.

- Working with other Trans people to form the first national non-profit entity with a mandate of Trans advocacy work. Will likely become a founder and Board Member.