Saturday, March 30, 2013

Positive & Sympathetic Reaction pouring in from layoff stories

I had the opportunity to chat about Government of Newfoundland and Labrador cut to the public service, twice this week on VOCM radio station, once on Wednesday night with Pete Soucy, and once Friday afternoon with Paddy Daly.  It gave me a chance to vent frustration and concern over the lack of respect paid to the employees who were cut - many without any notice.  I also made it clear that i had personal concerns about how the gutting of the Justice system could put their offices in shambles and create safety risks for vulnerable citizens such as women domestic abuse violence and transphobic violence.

one comment on the VOCM site suggested i sue the Government, and yes this may happen. I am now legally entitled to two week pay in lieu - something i gather they have already tried to refuse to give other colleagues of mine who were told with just 1 day that their job was done.

My full interviews with Pete and Paddy were video recorded from my living room live as they happened. Sadly, you can only hear my parts, but u clearly get enough to tell what the conversations are about.

An online article summarizing the issue has also been posted here.

here's an additional comment i added to their site for context: and what you don't see in this article is the additional challenges i have been faced with my the provincial government over the past 5 years since becoming Jennifer. health care funding denied, overlooked for promotions, refused employment even when i won a job competition.. now the loss of what was supposedly 2 safe and secure jobs...  but beyond me, yes, gutting the justice system is a major mistake in my opinion. yes it is a mess, but it can be fixed with business process improvement and technology advancements, not by clear cutting most of the young professionals. i worry significantly now about the crime in this city, which as we see reported frequently on VOCM, seems to be on the rise.

and here's my latest public status on Facebook today: so nice to see sympathetic comments coming in over on the VOCM article. and really nice to see someone suggest i sue the provincial government.. yes, this is indeed on the radar. will more than likely be heading down to Small Claims Court on monday shortly after i turn in my badge at the Crown Attorneys' office.... nobody's rights shall be bullied or abused, certainly not mine and certainly not by our Provincial Government.. bring it on! i ain't scared of the Minister of Justice, I ain't scared of the Premier. heck, i ain't even scared of Hulk Hogan for crying out loud! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

McCreath cancels April Fools Plans, will meet w/ former Employer

Well, the clock has ticked all the way down and expired on my contract, and my employer, the Department of Justice Crown Attorneys Office, has failed to give me 2 weeks written notice of either their intention to renew my contract, or their intentions to not renew it. (thus opening up what appears to be a legal requirement to provide me with 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice, as per federal Canada Labour Code, section 320.1, in the process, interestingly enough).

However, I have been asked to meet with my now former manager, and the Director of Public Prosecutions on Monday, and I have graciously agreed to accept and attend this meeting.  At this meeting, I will make it clear that I expect nothing less than compliance with said law, and ask that they either provide me with a contract extension of not less than two weeks, or two weeks pay in lieu of notice.

I can clearly state that anything short of this legal requirement WILL result in legal action on my part, against the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Given that all of this will go down on April 1, I am formally announcing that I will not be playing any April fools jokes this year. I will promise to report the facts from this meeting, as accurately and truthfully as they occur.  the public deserves to know what's going on and the world needs to know how the Government of Newfoundland truly treats their employees and former employees.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

McCreath Still left Hanging re Employment!

Quick update: lower back spasms kept me off work today and in bed on anti inflammatory. Today was to have been my last day of work on paper, with tomorrow's stat holiday being my last official paid day of work.

Amazingly, a phone call to my manger this afternoon still resulted in lack of clarity as to whether or not I will still have a job on Monday. Unlike many of my colleagues, I did not receive any paperwork either denoting an official layoff or an official extension.

Having reviewed the Canada Labour Code and having spoke with someone in Human Resources, 2 weeks formal written notice of 'intent not to renew' or a formal extention letter, is apparently required to confirm any future status. So in lieu of anything new in writing, I am to defer to the last piece of paperwork I received, which was a letter I received 12 months ago indicating I am considered under contract on a temporary basis from April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013.

I was asked to attend the office Monday morning April 1, 2013, which I will do, where it is expected that I will either be offered an official lay off notification plus 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice, or offered a new contract. 

Given that others in my office have apparently already been let go, it is anticipated that they would have bumping rights to take my job, should I somehow manage to retain mine, my stay will likely be very short-lived, and I would then look to bump a less senior staff member from their job, elsewhere in the Department. 

So it is looking quite likely that either way, my career with the Newfoundland Crown Attorneys' office will officially come to an end on Monday, but there's a good chance, given my seniority, that I will end up somewhere else in the Department.

But given that there are no guarantees with regards to the bumping protocol, I am technically without a contract, unemployed, and looking for work. So it will be my plans to file an EI claim on  March 31, and start sending out applications and resumes to find a new job.

Will keep this blog updated with any new information about me, as it becomes available. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

McCreath disgusted w/ lack of clarity in NL layoffs

I can't help but express extreme disgust at the way in which renewable temporary workers have been left hanging literally to the last minute by the government of Newfoundland. Budget cuts were announced today, but very few individuals were notified specifically. Many folks like myself who are essentially doing permanent functions, yet under the classification of renewed temp assignments, are still left hanging. 6 people in my office alone, are all schedule to finish their temp assignment on Thursday. I would find it hard to believe we are all going to be cut, but anything is possible.

Technically, we've already been given notice of lay off based on original letter of employment received a year ago, stating March 31, 2013 is our last day. There should have been written follow up two weeks ago, either confirming that the temp assignment will not be extended, or making note that an extension has been approved and is offered.

It would now be quite ironic if I find myself taking a new job with a temp agency or call centre, only to have them turn around at the last minute and offer me an extension. Bottom line, if I find a new lower-paying job before the end of the week, I take it. That's what any unemployed person would be expected to do!

Finally, the lack of knowledge has caused many folks to hold off or cancel plans to travel to see family on Easter weekend, cancel winter march break plans, and hold off on signing leases with their landlords. Government, whether you know this or not, you have caused significant stress and anxiety, not only to those already laid off, but those likely to be laid off Thursday, and those likely to get 'bumped' next week.

I gotta be honest. You're not going to get me at 100% these next two days. stress and anxiety takes its toll. The productivity of me and others around me in the office, has clearly taken a step back.

I have been in the workforce for 24 years, and I must honestly say, this has got to be the most disrespected and degraded feelings I have ever had from an employer. I feel the employer sees me more of a piece of their property, rather than a human being.

To work my butt off for 3 years, only to get turfed aside or left hanging with 24 hours notice? This will be the last time! Whether I do in fact get laid off Thursday, or get an extension at the last minute, it will be my plan to leave this organization ASAP, as I have had enough of this disrespect. Taking a job in a call centre or a retail outlet may pay less, but at least I can save my dignity and work for an org I am proud of. Cuz right now, I am not proud to say that I am a provincial Public Servant!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Desjardins Insurance rejects transgender health funding!

Desjardins Insurance has rejected a Special Authorization claim for health insurance funding for natural female hormone Prometrium, stating that "reimbursement cannot be considered for the treatment of male to female transitioning" because it is not part of the "terms and conditions" of the contract.

As an employee of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, I face a compulsory requirement to contribute payroll deductions for so-called supplementary health insurance benefits. However, this "contract", which ironically enough, the Desjardins Customer Service hotline was unable to provide me a copy of, seems to be full of loopholes and technicalities that have made finding funding for transsexual-related health care to be nearly impossible to obtain.

An investigation will be launched into the matter to determine whether or not Desjardins and/or the contract, is discriminatory in nature. More information will be reported on this blog as it becomes available.

#nlpoli #cdnpoli

McCreath disappointed with the passing of Bill C-279 at 3rd Reading

March 20, 2013

Regarding today's passing of Bill C-279 at 3rd reading, I continue to hold significant concerns that the passing of this Bill will ultimately make it tougher to pass a future Bill that includes "gender expression" as a protected ground, a ground that I feel is extremely necessary. This Bill essentially states that it is ok to have a self-identified gender, but it is not ok to express said gender.

I also continue to hold significant concerns that a formal definition for "gender identity" which equates it to a self-titled label, will create loopholes and barriers that will ultimately lead to continued, and even worse, additional, discrimination. Specifically, this may open the door for certain people to claim that transsexualism (aka Gender Dysphoria) is not a medical condition that requires medically-necessary treatment.

Furthermore, by creating a definition for Gender Identity, we risk putting limits on how Tribunals and Courts may interpret such an Act. This is the first time a definition has ever been added to a Bill in the Human Rights Act, setting what may be a dangerous precedent for future minority groups that will come to the table looking for equal rights.

Bill C-279 is significantly watered down from the Bill C-389 which was passed thru the Canadian house a few years ago. It appears that we as a nation are taking steps backward, rather than forward, in terms of keeping up with global standards, and this is ultimately disappointing. With this in mind, I will be urging the Senate to consider eliminating this flawed definition for Gender Identity, and consider reinstating Gender Expression, into the Bill, as they consider the matter further.

For more information on my concerns, see

For questions and interview requests:

Jennifer McCreath


#tcac279 #c279

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Strong Week of Running! 3/16/2013

Well, even with tons of stress and anxiety going on in my life this week, I managed to have the strongest and most consistent running week since April 2010. Running every day, including a rare week night run, I managed 7 strong runs. I booked my 4th consecutive Wednesday off work, and split my run into two sets. Saturday's long run was supposed to be a 28K, but I cut it short, ironically, because I felt better than I expected at that point, with the idea that I would run again Sunday, rather than take the day off.

With a Monday stat holiday ahead, I hope to make it three consecutive days of 20K to give me a strong boost. I anticipate the week ahead may be my first of what I hope will be many consecutive 100K weeks. I am now down a total of 18 pounds this year, and sit just 12.2k away from matching my net running total of all 2012. I am extremely pleased with my progress and feel quite confident that I can be Boston Qualifying-ready come September!

3/10/13 sun 6.20k
3/11/13 mon 10.50 rare night run
3/12/13 tue 4.00
3/13/13 wed 16.60
3/14/13 thur 4.00
3/15/13 fri 4.00
3/16/13 sat 20.00 long slow distance 2.43.46

65.3k week
309.3k year

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Running Stats Update, March 9, 2013


I am quite pleased with the progress I have made in the past three weeks. I had my first strong 'speed drill' which is what I call a fast-paced 5k training run. I also ran a very strong 24k long run today, a run in which I felt myself feeling very strong in the latter part of the run. This also marked the fastest 21.1k run I have had since the May 2011 Not So Hilly Half Marathon, which is likely best technical run I have ever had!

Meanwhile, the weekly mileage is increasing on a gradual basis, and my runs are picking up speed as well. Most importantly, the back pain has reduced significantly, weight continues to drop, and I generally feel strong during most runs. I would have to say that right now, I feel I am in better shape than I was on Sept 25, 2011, the date I ran my last marathon. Will continue with gradual progress to increase distance of weekly long runs, as well as the general speed of all runs.

2/15/13 fri 6.00
2/16/13 sat 1.60

2/17/13 sun 15.00k in 2.01.00
2/18/13 mon 5.40
2/19/13 tues off but 4 k walk
2/20/13 wed 14.00
2/21/13 thur 4.00
2/22/13 fri 3.40 terminated run early due to knees

2/24/13 sun 8.00
2/25/13 mon 6.40
2/26/13 tues 4.00
2/27/13 wed 10.00 afternoon 5k 39.41; evening 35.14
2/28/13 thur 4.00
3/1/13 fri off but 4 k walk
3/2/13 sat 7.60 strong evening run

3/3/13 sun 9.00 sluggish, cut long run short
3/4/13 mon 1.40 terminated run early due to exhaustion/knees
3/5/13 tues off - exhausted
3/6/13 wed 12.00 k in 89.15 felt sluggish
3/7/13 thu off extremely stressed out - poor sleep
3/8/13 fri 3.60 terminated run early due to exhaustion
3/9/13 sat 24.00 k in 3:05:45 strongest run of year!


Jan 01 - Feb 02, 69.0 k
Feb 03 - Feb 09, 36.0 k
Feb 10 - Feb 16, 7.60 k sore ankle
Feb 17 - Feb 23, 41.8 k
Feb 24 - Mar 02, 40.0 k
Mar 03 - Mar 09, 50.0 k

2013 Personal Bests

fastest 5K = 35.14 on Feb 27
fastest 21.1K = 2.47.00 for the first 21.1k of my March 9 run
longest run = 24 k on March 9
longest week = 50k early March

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Open Letter to MPs Goguen, Albas and Anderson re C279

Should Canadians really require a Tribunal for Equality?

Dear MPs Goguen, Albas and Anderson,

I listened carefully this week as the three of you debated Bill C279 and found it very interesting that you all seemed to feel that since the Human Rights Commission was able to hear cases, that this Bill is not needed. Well, quite frankly, I think you have demonstrated the importance of how and why this Bill is desperately needed, and more importantly, demonstrated that inequality still exists in society. I write you this open letter today, to explain why.

Basic Human Rights: access to employment, housing and health care - these are things that most Canadians take for granted and hold dear to their hearts as a Canadian values. But when it comes to attitudes towards transwomen?? why do we see the opposite? Why is it that organizations such as the Government of Canada's Transport Canada Department, the Bank of Canada, and many private sector organizations still feel the need to discriminate?

Going to a Human Rights Tribunal to gain rights shouldn't have to be the norm! This should merely be a last resort! Something is gravely wrong with a country that routinely denies citizens equal access to employment, housing, and health care, simply because they were born with a trans medical condition.

While the debate is still out on whether or not Bill C279 is the right answer, quite frankly, doing nothing will not solve the problem either. Whether you pass this bill or not, really isn't the issue. What matters most is that all members of the trans community need our Governments, federally, provincially, and locally, to all step up to the plate to lead society into a change of cultural morality. We need Governments to play a leadership role in promoting and demonstrating equality and acceptance towards everyone.

Rather than fight transwomen, you need to embrace us. You need to go out of your way to make sure myths are overcome and that institutions are better educated about us and learn to overcome their phobic fears. Having to go to the Human Rights Tribunal to resolve issues is a major logistical and financial headache that nobody really needs. A little change in societal attitudes could go a long way to resolving these gaps. I publicly call on all three of you to take on a better leadership role in demonstrating acceptance and equality, rather that continue to try to justify the oppressive nature of your Government, towards minorities such as trans people.

Quite frankly, I really don't care what the text in the Human Rights Act says. What I really care about is attitudes and actions of my fellow Canadian citizens, businesses, and Government institutions. Sadly, since coming out as Trans in 2007, I have seen a significant changes in how I am perceived and accepted in this country by all. Only after I came out as trans, did I ever have a problem getting on to an airplane or crossing a border. Only after I came out as trans, did I find myself losing government job competitions that I had always won in the past. Only after I came out as trans, did i find myself having to pay for health care out of my own pocket. Only after coming out as trans, did I find family and fiends turning their backs on me. Only after coming out as trans, did I even find myself in a position of having to file complaints with tribunals to simply gain equal access to products and services that I always had at my disposal. Only after I came out as trans, did I find over 30 landlords refuse to rent me an apartment. Only after I came out as trans, did i find myself losing what was supposedly a safe and secure job. Only after I came out as trans, did I find rejection from social groups who had always been welcoming.

In conclusion, I am highly offended that access to human rights for trans-identified persons is still considered a political issue, rather than a universal issue. While you may intent to dismiss this letter as left-wing propaganda, let me assure you that not all trans-identified people are NDP supporters or left-wingers. Quite frankly, I am quite supportive with much of the Conservative agenda with regards to economic policies, foreign affairs, and so many other areas. But what keeps me from joining your party is this one critical issue of a lack of acceptance towards this issue.

While you may think taking a leadership role in promoting the nation-wide acceptance of trans diversity, may cost you votes, I challenge you to dig deeper and get to know your electorate better. Canadians are generally kind, loving, tolerant and accepting people - save for a few examples of extreme religious evangelicalism.

I urge you, as leaders of our country, to please step up to the plate and do a better job with this issue! If you don't like C279, then come up with a better bill yourselves! Heck, several Governments of all political stripes have stepped up to the plate and done so here in Canada at provincial and City levels - and the world has not come to an end! There is a huge opportunity here for the Conservative party of Canada to make a statement and continue to demonstrate the leadership abilities that you often claim to have. Simply stating that there are no gaps in the status quo, simply demonstrates your ignorance towards the matters at hand. If there really was no problem, do you really think the opposition parties would be spending so much time calling you out on these issues?

Finally, I urge you to take a greater effort to reach out to, and liaise with trans-identified Canadians, such as myself, so that you can gain a clearly understanding that we are not threats, but are simply regular ordinary Canadians who are trying to maximize our lives. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with or meet with any of you directly, if it would prove helpful to further your understanding of these matters.

-- Jennifer McCreath
St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador


Equality: Should we really need a Tribunal for this? C279 update

I couldn't help but watch in amazement this week as Federal MPs debated whether or not to consider 'amendments' that had been tabled at a committee meeting for Bill C279, prior to the House voting on the Bill at third reading. Bill C279 is a proposal to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination.

What I found sad was that three Conservative MPs, Robert Goguen, Dan Albas, and David Anderson, stood up and spoke essentially the same message. The all openly acknowledged that members of the trans community had been denied basic human rights from both public and private sector entities. Specifically, they spoke about how transwomen had been denied employment and health care, to the point that they had to go complain to a Federal Tribunal in order for rights to be sought - the same rights that all other Canadians not only have, but are often taken for granted!

What kind of country do we live in here folks?? Most of you reading this might likely take access to equality for granted. Regardless of what is written in  Constitutional Laws or Government Acts and Legislation, I'd like to hope that basic access to equality would be something ingrained in our culture, not something certain folks would have to get only through a complex legal procedure.

The very fact that we have documented evidence of discrimination against transwomen by Federally-regulated entities, such as the Bank of Canada, is clear indication that our Government is NOT doing nearly enough to promote acceptance and equality.

While the Conservatives spoke about how Justice had ultimately been served through the Human Rights Tribunal process, what they fail to recognize, is that a Tribunal should only have to be a last resort, not the first point of contact. These tribunal processes take years! As Steven Harper himself once said, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" and "access to a waiting list is not access to service."

While the Conservatives tried to use the Tribunal process as evidence that our country is good enough, I feel that the exact opposite was demonstrated: that we as a country are failing our most vulnerable citizens, and regardless of what is written on legal documents, it is us as people, as Canadians, who's values need to change the most!
 #c279 #tcac279 #cdnpoli