Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 2013 running stats

Well, you gotta start somewhere when you are completely out of shape, obese, old, and have a torn ligament in your ankle.  What I do have is a proven history of starting running comebacks from scratch, and doing very well. this one will be the toughest yet, but I enter with a positive attitude, and the eye on the prizes.

January Highlights:
  • 15 runs in 31 days, netting 66k
  • longest run: 9k on Jan 21
  • best streak: Jan 6-11 = 6 runs in 6 days, net 25.1k
  • net weight loss = 6 pounds, the real highlight of the month!
  • best month since May 2012 - when i ran 78.1k (21.1k of which was a half marathon race)
  • heck, you gotta start somewhere! 

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic as I head forward. My adjusted eating program has brought me more energy, and less junk calories. Back pain which plagued me for most of the fall and early winter, is not as bad. I will look to slowly and gradually increase mileage, speed, and instances of runs.

February Goals

  • more weight loss, don't care how much specifically, but this will take place if i hit the running goals
  • at least 18 runs in 28 days of at least 3k or more (including 3 much longer runs)
  • start a weekly long run, and gradually grow it each week.

2012 running stats

Let's quickly review 2012, which wasn't much to brag about. The inactivity was mostly due to complications from a nagging, and potentially permanent, grade 2 torn ligament in my right ankle.

- 67 runs totaling 321.6 k
- Only 7 of these were 10 k or higher
- 1 road race: the 21.1k "Not So Hilly Half Marathon" on May 27 in Mount Pearl, NL.

2012 saw the sad ending of many annual 'ironman' streaks:

- 5 consecutive Mississauga Marathons
- 5 consecutive Newfoundland Marathons
- 5 consecutive Cape to Cabot 20K races
- 5 consecutive years logging more than 1000 km
- 5 consecutive years running at least 5 marathons
- 3 consecutive Halifax Marathons

As I enter 2013, sadly, this injury has essentially been upgraded to a chronic condition, something that may never heal on its own, and something I may opt to have surgery on, in 2013. Meanwhile, I continue to gain weight, and continue to get older. Yikes, the future path to better health keeps getting tougher.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

McCreath watches MUN Volleyball on Webcast, Does Commentary!

Well, I've always wanted to do sports play-by-play and colour. With the magic of a hand-held camcorder, a netbook, and a live webcast (that did not appear to have any copyright), I had the fun challenge of creating and producing the following:

MUN vs Cape Breton - Women's Volleyball, Jan 27, 2013

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06
Part 07
Part 08
Part 09
Part 10

Friday, January 25, 2013

CBC Human Library project contains significant trans presence!

The Human Library is a series of interactive educational and communication program that take place annually around the word, with the purpose of facilitating opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to interact and break down stereotypes by challenging the post common prejudices in a positive way.

Here in Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will partner with more than two dozen public libraries and culture organizations to present events where members of the general public may engage in one on one interview-like conversations with prominent Canadians and other unique individuals.  In addition, there will be a national-level online version, where members of the general public may tweet and video chat with a selected panelists.

It excites me to see that there are several trans* identified people who have accepted invitations to take part.

...and yes, I will be involved! However, unlike most trans folks involved, I will not be an interviewee, but an interviewer!  I was recruited today by CBC to engage New Brunswick-born opera singer Measha Brueggergosman, in conversation, and graciously accepted. While the event takes place live, I will technically be engaging her via pre-recorded video, which I have already filmed and posted on Youtube. CBC has confirmed that my question will air during the show and Measha will provide a response.  Tons of fun!

In-person events will be taking place in 13 cities across the country. Also, as mentioned, there will be a national interactive online version, which I will be a part of! Here is a summary of trans involvement, that I am aware of:

- Gayle Roberts will be taking face to face meetings at the event in Surrey, BC
- Deidra Roberts will be taking face to face meetings at the event in Regina, Saskatchewan
- Ro Walker Mills will be taking face to face meetings at the event in Winnipeg, Manitoba
- James Moriarty will be taking face to face meetings at the event in St. John's, Newfoundland
Jennifer McCreath will video-engage Measha Brueggergosman at the National Online Library at noon EST

for more information, check out and get into the conversation on twitter at hashtag #CBCHumanLibrary

McCreath launches Newfoundland Animal Appreciation Society

It has been a very rough year for animals in St. John's, Newfoundland and surrounding areas. We have tuned into the news on a regular basis to learn of animal abuse cases ranging from mistreatment of cats and dogs, to Memorial University's attempt to dissuade duck-feeders at Burton's Pond, resulting in ducks dying of starvation.

Furthermore, a recent news article by CBC Newfoundland took note that people who 'even think about' questioning the Newfoundland seal hunt, are often subjected to negative repercussions and claims of not being one who holds true core Newfoundland values.

Well, as the City of St. John's and surrounding areas experiences significant growth, people are coming to Newfoundland from all over the world. Many of these folks do not hold values congruent with condoning mistreatment of animals. Jennifer McCreath moved to St. John's from Toronto in 2007 and has no intentions of ever leaving. While she is perhaps best-known for being a woman of transsexual medical history who runs marathons and has political aspirations, she is also an avid animal lover who spends considerable amount of time visiting with wild animals at local ponds, and visiting domesticated animals at the local city animal shelter.

Today, she has decided to launch a Facebook group entitled Animal Appreciation Society of Newfoundland, with a description as follows: "An informal grassroots respectful positive safe space for animal lovers of Newfoundland island to discuss issues affecting both wild and domesticated animals, and to express and discuss their love for animals without fear of repercussions." An official website is also in the works.

McCreath hopes to utilize this entity to bring animal lovers and animal-rights advocates together, to raise further awareness about the harm mistreatment of animals can bring to the image of the province, and the impact these type of values will have on society. 

"This is more than just about loving animals. This points to a fundamental educational component of society, which starts at a very young age.  If we are taught that it is okay to torture certain animals, how can we expect children to grow up and respect any form of life? We starve ducks, club seals, torture pigs and chickens, yet we act surprised when people allow dogs and cats to suffer? We act surprised when humans attack other humans?" said McCreath.

While this group has been set up as informal, McCreath hasn't ruled out the idea of formalizing the entity into a registered non-profit organization, should this prove to add value. In addition to raising awareness of issues and putting pressure on government regulators and organizations like Memorial University, McCreath hopes this group will also facilitate the development of new friendships and social events.

McCreath also stressed that her goal is to keep things positive. "My goal is to focus on solutions, rather than just complain about the problems" she said.

The Facebook group is accessible here:

For more information, or to get further involved outside of Facebook, Jennifer can be contacted directly at or via phone at 709-753-9529.

Ducks Dying at MUN, McCreath Speaks Out!

Due to an apparent infestation of rats at a building on the campus of Memorial University, officials have (most likely inaccurately) determined that the rat problem is directly related to the feeding of ducks at the nearby pond. They have erected signs asking "please do not feed the ducks".  This has apparently dissuaded folks from feeding these ducks, who have essentially become domesticated due to years of eating, and relying, on human feedings.

To all of a sudden, stop feeding them at this point, during the dead of winter, means that these ducks can and will starve.  Mainstream media, specifically, CBC and VOCM, have reported that ducks have been dying and that dead birds have been seen and photographed. There is now public outcry.

For me, this is more that just about loving animals. This points to a fundamental educational component of society, which starts at a very young age. If we are taught that it is okay to torture certain animals, how can we expect children to grow up and respect any form of life?  We starve ducks, club seals, and torture pigs and chickens, yet we act surprised when people allow dogs or cats to suffer? We act surprised when humans attack other humans?

Here is a paragraph I submitted to VOCM's news site, which they have published:

"we allow ducks to starve, we are supportive of the cruel way pigs and chickens are farmed in this country, we do everything we can to justify the seal hunt, even when the rest of the entire world chastises us, then we are shocked when we hear animal cruelty stories of dog and cat abuse? i think we all need to look ourselves in the mirror. we live in a society that condones animal abuse as a normal way of life. no wonder we have so much violent crime in this city. we have no respect for other living creatures of any species! shame on MUN and shame on society!"

Well, I have seen enough and I intend to step up to the plate in a leadership role to deal with this major societal problem. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

McCreath questions Government Emergency Prepardness

The VOCM question of the day: Do you think that it's acceptable in this day and age to be subjected to power rationing by Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, after one of their units at the Holyrood station is now out for the rest of the winter? Why or why not?

My response: This is a strong indication of an insufficient emergency preparedness or disaster recovery strategy. This is not good enough folks! We know we have harsh winters here. Take steps to build power programs that can better withstand snow or wind, and/or build better quality power back up programs! this is 2013!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Blue Rodeo Gig!

Blue Rodeo
Mile One Centre
St. John's, Newfoundland
January 19, 2013


01 Cynthia
02 One More Night
03 What Am I Doing Here
04 Piranha Pool
05 Bad Timing
06 Diamond Mine
07 Fools Like You
08 How Long
09 Five Days in May
10 Out of the Blue
11 Tell Me Again
12 Mattawa
12 One Light
13 Left in Heaven
14 Never Too Late
15 Photograph
16 Dark Angel
17 Summer Girls
18 After The Rain
19 Outskirts
20 Til' I am Myself
21 Hasn't Hit Me Yet
22 You're Everywhere/Somebody Touched Me
23 Try
24 Head Over Heels
25 Lost Together
26 Heart Like Mine

set time, not including breaks 2 hr 35 min.

List of all Blue Rodeo gigs I have seen:

02/24/2003 - Performing Arts Centre, Brockville, Ontario
04/05/2003 - Civic Centre, Oshawa, Ontario
07/13/2003 - Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa, Ontario
07/30/2003 - SarsStock, Downsview Airbase, Toronto, Ontario
08/21/2003 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario
02/13/2004 - Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario
05/01/2005 - Scotiabank Centre, Kanata, Ontario
05/27/2005 - Sunderland Arena, Sunderland, Ontario
01/19/2006 - Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario
01/20/2006 - Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario
01/21/2006 - Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario
02/22/2008 - Mile One Centre, St. John's, NL
01/31/2010 - Mile One Centre, St. John's, NL
08/02/2010 - George Street Festival, St. John's, NL
01/19/2013 - Mile One Centre, St. John's, NL

Musicians I have seen perform live the most!

Here's a list of musicians I have seen perform live the most, as of Feb. 9, 2015
This does not include backing musicians - only includes lead singers, guitar, bass, or drums.

Jack Sundrud 30 (29 w/ Poco, 1 w/ Great Plains)
Rusty Young 30 (29 w/ Poco, + 1 w/ Richie)
Paul Cotton 29 (all w/ Poco)

Don Henley 27 (20 w/ Eagles, 7 solo)
Josh Gordon 26 (22 w/ The Jukes aka Red Hot Blazers, +4 others)
Glenn Frey 25 (20 Eagles, 5 solo)
Joe Walsh 24 (20 Eagles, 2 James Gang, 2 solo)
Andrew Taylor 24 (22 Jukes, + 2 others)
Peter Charles Cohen 23 (22 Jukes, +1 w other)
Chris Chiarelli 22 (all w/ The Jukes)
George Lawrence 21 (all w/ Poco)
Timothy B Schmit 20 (all w/ Eagles)

Jim Cuddy 18 (15 blue rodeo, 3 solo)
Basil Donovan 17 (15 w/ Blue Rodeo, 2 w/ Cuddy)
Blue Rodeo 15 (Greg Keelor, Bob Egan)
Randy Bachman 15 (9 guess who, 5 solo, 1 BC)
Burton Cummings 13 (9 guess who, 3 solo, 1 BC)

Rolling Stones 12
Aerosmith 11
Chantal Kreviazuk 11

Richie Furay 9 (double bills w/ Poco only count as 1 each)
Donnie McDougall 9 (w/ Guess Who)
Gary Peterson 9 (w/ Guess Who)
Bill Wallace 9  (w/ Guess Who)
Britney Spears 9
U2 9

Paul Stanley 11 (10 w/ KISS, 1 solo as Phantom of Opera)
Kenny Loggins 9 (5 w/ Messina, 4 solo)
Gene Simmons 10 (all w/ KISS)
Chris Hillman 8 (5 w/ Pedersen, 3 w/ Larry Park)

Jim Messina 7 (2 solo)
Cheap Trick 7
Nashville Pussy 7
Terry Rielly 8

America 6
Ron Hynes 7
Ted Nugent 6

Poison 5
Herb Pedersen 5 (all w/ Chris Hillman)
Pure Prairie League 5
Motorhead 5
Deep Purple 5
Skid Row 5
Gordon Lightfoot 5
Metallica 5
Bob Dylan 5
Sting 6 (including 2 w/ The Police)

Kudos to John Furlong for questioning the unquestionable!

CBC journalist John Furlong wrote an intriguing article yesterday about how it is apparently immoral to criticize the new Newfoundland seal hunt.  This attitude, taken by many Newfoundlanders, totally ignores the values and attitudes of much of the rest of the world. "If you're a Newfoundlander, you can be for or against capital punishment, for or against abortion  for or against same-sex marriage... all with less grief than if you said you were even conflicted, as i am, about the seal hunt" he wrote.

Well, I decided to enter the fray and commented as follows:

The Seal issue is nothing more than a political issue / political pawn for Harper and the Feds, as are issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, or transgender health care, for that matter. However, i will point out the biggest difference: we are talking about an animal that doesn't have the power or tools to come to the table to defend themselves here. funny how it is socially acceptable to kill seals, chickens and pigs, but not dogs, cats, or horses. we as humans have fooled ourselves into conflicting value systems that suit our selfish needs. we all need to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves what our true values really are, and what those values do in terms of sending a message to our children. personally, i don't support killing or eating any animals

I see I am getting more thumbs down than thumbs up for this comment, but folks, it's 100% true! Perception is reality, and the seal hunt has become a provincial, national, and global embarrassment for Newfoundland! Furlong was right to question this double standard, and I applaud him for asking everyone to take a closer look at the silly excuses we make to justify our poor behaviour.

Conforming to norms has never been a priority for me, especially norms that don't make any true sense, so kudos to John for making us all ask ourselves the tough questions!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

McCreath meets Republic of Doyle's Krystin Pellerin

While I do not consider myself to be much of a television drama fan, over the years, I have come to be a regular viewer of CBC's Republic of Doyle. This crime/drama/comedy is filmed and produced in my home of St. John's, Newfoundland, and features mostly Newfoundland actors. In addition, this show has been specifically close to my heart because the star of the show, Allan Hawco, is married to the television journalist who  helped put me on the map, in terms of making me a respected public figure.

Well, almost immediately after watching the first few episodes, I became infatuated with character Sgt. Leslie Bennett, a very business-like police officer who often struggles to deal with private investigator Jake Doyle's interference in police matters. She also struggles to fight her impulsive romantic attractions to Doyle.

I have never been shy about my infatuation with this character. In May 2012, while doing an extensive interview for The Telegram newspaper's biographical feature, 20 questions, when asked about my most 'vivid dream', I jokingly made an insinuation that it involved sexual activity with Sgt. Bennett! 

Well, the woman behind this character is truly an amazing person. Krystin Pellerin, a local actor, is also deeply involved with various community activities, and is also an aspiring musician.  Earlier this week, she was emcee and host of a banquet entitled Ovations (an event which I will blog extensively about, later this weekend), that was organized by the Provincial Government to commemorate achievements of Newfoundland women. After the event was over, Krystin and I had the opportunity to have a little chat and pose for a few pics. She seemed equally as excited to meet me as I was to meet her. I was pleased that she seemed to know much about me and my various stories of struggle to find societal acceptance. 

Rubbing shoulders with celebrities is always fun, but it can be extremely gratifying when they know who I am, and appear to have a strong level of respect for me.

So today, I write to promote the show! Republic of Doyle airs Sunday nights on CBC, now in its 4th season.

McCreath reacts to rumours of an NDP City Hall Takeover

Here is a comment I posted on the Telegram's website today, in reaction to an article that raises awareness to a rumour of a potential planned takeover of St. John's City Hall, by a partisan political party, specifically, the NDP.

"While it is important for City Council to have good rapport with all provincial and federal political parties, we as voters have to be well aware of the impact - specifically the risks and potential conflicts of interest, of allowing provincial and federal partisan politics to impact municipal issues.  When I announce my intentions to run for City Council - and yes, I plan on making a formal announcement soon, I will make it clear that I will not be a member of any provincial or federal political party, so long as I am seeking election to City Council, and/or so long as I sit on city council." Jennifer McCreath

More ankle woes!

Well, after having increasingly-better runs on Jan 6,7,8,9,10 and 11, I was forced to take a 7 day break due to my never-ending ankle problem. but today, i got back at it with a light 2.4k run that went fairly well.

Being a 39 year old athlete who is trying to get back into shape, has forced me to learn a valuable lesson in patience! Even if I can't get myself in good enough shape to run a 3 hr 40 minute marathon later this year, I am still hopeful that I can at least run one, in any time!

McCreath interviews on VOCM about ethics in Sports Journalism

My recent open letter to the editor of the Telegram, raising concern about what I felt was a harsh article about the Memorial University ladies volleyball team, caught the attention of Paddy Daly, a well-known local radio talk show host.  We arranged for a live on-air interview to discuss the matter further.

On Jan 15, 2013, around 3.15 pm, I did about a 6 minute spot on VOCM's Backtalk show, which turned into more of a debate than an interview.  It made for an interesting conversation, as fellow-journalist, Paddy defended the rights and role of the media to criticize athletes who under-perform, while I tried to justify why this specific team deserved a bit of a mulligan. Ultimately, I think this was a win, win, win, situation, as it brought positive attention to me, VOCM, and the MUN team.

I am hopeful that an MP3 archive of the debate will be published soon, so those who missed it, will get a second chance to hear it.

McCreath gets published!

Earlier this week, I wrote a lengthy letter to the editor of the Telegram to express disappointment at what I felt was an unfairly-harsh article that criticized the Memorial University women's volleyball team. Well, the paper decided to publish the article in its entirety in today's weekend paper. I want to say kudos to the paper for publishing an article, even though it was criticizing one of their journalists.  Ultimately, I think justice has been served, as this has brought positive attention to both me, and to the volleyball team!

This volleyball team has been close to my heart since 2007, when I first started attending their home games, when I initially took note that their games were being played in the same building as the swimming pool where I was cross-training for my marathons, at the time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

McCreath asks CPATH to respond to Dr. Berger


Trans advocate Mercedes Allen has brought to light, the fact that a Doctor Berger has engaged the federal government's standing committee on justice and human rights. among his work includes suggestion that transition causes more harm than good, and an assertion that as per the APA, trans-identified people are mentally ill and require repairative therapy.

While I am a trans person who has undergone a transition from male to female, under the guidance of doctors who are closely linked with CPATH, as a patient, there's only so much I can do.

As a former CPATH non-voting member, I am well aware of the existence of CPATH's Advocacy committee. I am writing to encourage CPATH to review the work submitted by Dr Berger, and to hopefully consider writing this committee as well, and provide them with the truth about transition and gender dysphoria - including sound facts about the formal recognition of transsexualism being considered by the medical community as a physiological condition, and statements that demonstrate that transition does indeed prove to be the best, if not the only, suitable course of action to rectify gender dysphoria.

Jennifer McCreath

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Open Letter to the Editor: McCreath calls out Telegram for nasty MUN Volleyball article

Dear Telegram, I'm sure that your regular readers will agree that your paper generally does a great job at not only providing us with important news stories, but do so in a manner that is morally correct. There should be a moral obligation on all media to tell stories about people, both positive and negative, in a way that respects their dignity.  The times you have covered stories about my life, one that frequently delves into controversial and taboo topics, I have been extremely satisfied with the way in which my stories, and specifically, my hardships, have been reported through a lens of compassion, dignity, and respect. 

As 5-time finisher of the Newfoundland Provincial Marathon, 5-time finisher of the Cape to Cabot, 2-time finisher of the Boston Marathon, and 2-time World Outgames Gold Medalist (marathon running and distance swimming), it should not come as any surprise that I pay close attention to the local sports scene here in St. John's.

With all of this in mind, I was extremely shocked and saddened to read John Browne's article in the January 15, 2013 edition, in which he criticized the Memorial University Seahawks (MUN) Women's Volleyball team. While I will agree that a 2-7 record is not necessarily desirable, perhaps Mr. Browne, and the rest of your organization, needs to be reminded of the true fundamental objectives and values of University sports. Furthermore, I'd call upon him and your publication to be specifically more sensitive towards this year's team, given all that went down this summer with the tragic death of their team captain, Erin Bursey.

First of all, I don't care what team you are talking about, be it amateur or professional, if you take away their best player, and add in the tragedy of having that player lose their life suddenly, it will not only affect the emotions of the team, but it is likely to leave a huge gap in terms of personnel, and in strategic game schemes. Taking would-be Libero, Erin, away from this team, is kind of like taking Quarterback, Tom Brady, away from the New England Patriots. In fact, this is perhaps even more of an impact. It's not like there's a roster of 52 players and thousands of free agents to chose from, to replace Erin, like there would be in the National Football League. 

Secondly, let me remind Mr. Browne that we are talking about Atlantic Canada varsity here, not professional sports.  While we all like to win volleyball games and win championships, at this level, participating in sports is about so much more.  Being on a sports team not only teaches these young students some valuable life lessons in teamwork, it keeps them in good physical shape, and grooms them to become among the province's best community leaders, and role models, upon graduation from school. Our neighbours to the south have a catch phrase that sums this up: "Most collegiate athletes will go pro in something other than sports."

Could our volleyball players spend more time on the practice courts? Perhaps. But you know, I'd much rather they divvy up their time to equally to do the many other things that are important in their lives - specifically, time in the classroom and study halls, and time in the community, where I know many of the players devote free time to helping make this city and this world a better place. The girls on this team are hard-working strong-character people. They have overcome so many emotions this past summer just to even get to the point where they can step back onto a volleyball court. I was in the Fieldhouse on June 30, when we all said goodbye to Erin, and I could see the pain and heartbreak in each and every player, as I looked into their eyes that day.

The last thing these girls need is an ignorant, vulture-like, journalist, taking cheap shots at them. Mr. Browne says talk is cheap? Well, first of all, the girls backed it up the next day with a 3-0 victorious sweep of the same St. Francis Xavier team that they lost to the night before. So Browne, feel free to eat crow for those comments!  Furthermore, let me remind you that many of these girls are mentors to high school volleyball players all over the province. In a province where our obesity rates are among the highest in the country, the last thing we need is to discourage teenagers from getting involved in sports, especially young girls, who seem less encouraged to get into sports than young boys, in many cases. The threat of being bashed in the media is definitely not going to help encourage any of these young athletes to pursue sports and taking it to the next level. These girls are trying hard to make the best of a tough situation and a tough year. Additionally, these girls aren't just volleyball players and students, they are daughters, siblings, girlfriends, and best friends too. Family and friends of these athletes around the country will have read that article too, and I am sure they are equally as disgusted.  

I keep thinking back to the infamous tirade by Oklahoma State college football coach Mike Gundy, who sounded off at a press conference in 2007, after a local journalist wrote an article attacking his quarterback. Gundy said, "Don't attack an amateur athlete who does everything right, but might not play well on a Saturday. Come after me, I'm a man, I'm 40!" 

Well, although, as you know, I have worked so hard the past five years trying to prove I am 'not a man', that this has become my legacy; ironically enough, I do turn 40 later this year! So I'll echo Gundy's sentiment and I'll step up to the plate and go to bat for these young women that I admire and respect so much. If you want to write a nasty article, don't go after our ladies volleyball team, come after me! Within the next month or two, I intend to formally throw my name into the fray for a seat on St. John's City Council, so as our September election approaches, I promise you many great opportunities to give me critical attention and sell more papers!

In closing, I'd like to challenge Mr. Browne, and your entire organization, to not only apologize, but to take proactive action to do whatever you can to promote this team and promote the selling of all remaining tickets to the final four lady Seahawks volleyball home games, and the playoff tournament that they will host.  Let's fill the building each of these nights, and win or lose, let's come together as a City and as a community and show these hard-working girls the love and respect that they all surely deserve. 

Jennifer McCreath
M2F Transition Consultant
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Founder -

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snowmaggedon hits Newfoundland!

An historical snow storm yesterday practically shut down the entire city. Here's a look at the aftermath in the front of my parking lot. Luckily, a contractor, and not I, did the shoveling!

Running Update Jan 1-11, 2013

Well, as promised, here is a report on my running progress to date this year:

Jan 01, 2013 - 3.2k ran from home to mount scio road, back down thorburn, to wicklow. hurt knee

Jan 02, 2013 - resting sore knee

Jan 03, 2013 - resting sore knee

Jan 04, 2013 - resting sore knee

Jan 05, 2013 - resting sore knee

Jan 06, 2013 - 1.6k run light pace home to river to feed ducks & back. knee still sore

Jan 07, 2013 - 3.5k ran home from work, via freshwater road. -22 w/ wind frostbite! walk breaks

Jan 08, 2013 - 3.0k ran home from work partially - more consistent than yesterday

Jan 09, 2013 - 6.0k ran from work to the mall then home

Jan 10, 2013 - 4.0k ran home from work during midst of snow storm. strong run

Jan 11, 2013 - 6.0k ran from home to mall to burton pond then home. snow storm.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hamster named after Keith Urban passes away 1/1/2013

Well, it's with sadness that I write to report that a sibling of my hamster, Scooter, has died of an apparent stroke. Mickey the Hamster was renamed Keith Urban in honour of the famous country rock star, after a concert appearance here in Newfoundland in August by his namesake. While it was reported that Keith was often afraid of human contact, he warmed right up to me the day I took this picture; and he seemed to have a warm and friendly personality that rivaled that of his brother Scooter.

As was reported in an earlier blog, Scooter, Keith, and 4 other baby hamsters were a surprise addition to their human family, and I was the beneficiary of Scooter, who I've now had the pleasure of sharing my home with now for the past 14 months.

It's always sad when a pet dies, but it is part of what is an overall fun and amazing experience that I feel enriches lives. Animals can help us humans park our crazy life problems at times, and learn to enjoy the simple things.  A pets' love is truly unconditional, and I think many of us judgmental humans out there could learn some valuable life lessons by studying the life of a lovely creature such as a hamster.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hopkinton 2014 Project Launch 1/1/2013

Well, I have decided to give it one last shot at attempting to get back into shape and resurrecting my running career.  It started with a vision Friday Night Dec 28, 2012, as after sitting and watching bowl games, I decided to go out for a light run of one mile, just because... lol  A Saturday afternoon run the next day, cemented the goal: get back to Hopkinton, Massachusetts for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

After taking the next two days off to rest, I was back at it this morning on this chilly and very windy January 1 morning. I logged 3.2k on a very hilly route, but finished at my target pace. As I plan to slowly add mileage, the main goal is to stick with it. My weight has ballooned to a career-high 282 pounds - mostly due to inactivity this year, and as a side affect to a mood drug I was taking for 3 months in the fall. I am now off that product and already feeling better.

I am going to publish all my training logs, as incentive to work hard.  So here is the first update:

Dec 28/2012 - 1.60 km in 12.45 (5:34 marathon pace) 2 degrees drizzly weather
Dec 29/2012 - 2.00 km in 15.30 (5.27 marathon pace) 2 degrees drizzle, slush, fog, wind, felt strong
Dec 30/2012 - rest
Dec 31/2012 - rest

Jan 01/2013 - 3.20 km in 25.28 (5.35 marathon pace) 2 degrees high wind. hilly route strong finish

follow my training progress on twitter via hashtag #hopkinton2014