Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009 - light day

today was a light day, with a 4k run to the store to buy birdseed (where i ended up buying 20 pounds!) then walking home with it. the run was fairly strong, clocking 23.00 on a hilly route.

then it was a 36 minute swim, where i covered 1.65 km. the left foot is still sore and the right foot's toenail that got stubbed is still recovering. at least i was able to get in some working out. it was a chilly day here with cool winds. rain scheduled tomorrow but i have a dr appt to run to, so that will force me outside again. nicer weather in the works later in the week.

more jobs applied to this week; plus i got an 'assignment' that i need to do as part of a screening process for a job i already interviewed for last week.

had to do a 'system recovery' on my computer tonight and it didn't work properly, so i ended up having to do a full system 'restore.' unlike last time, i had most of my files backed up so i didn't lose much. but the sound card didn't load properly, so i have no sound on my comp. what a pain.. might give the system restore another try tomorrow, but at least i can still get online!


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