Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009 - run of the year!

well, i completed the 2nd '42.2k run within a 24 hour period' of the month, today, but the highlight was the back to back 16k runs to and from topsail beach. the hot cloudy haze made for interesting running conditions, and of course, the treck up kenmount and topsail roads are quite hilly.. i seem to be slow on the hills but managed to pick up the pace on flat and downhill sections. what was amazing was the energy and power i had all thru the day. running several of the 32k in sub 5 minute kms. while taking the hills much slower. overall, i covered those particular 32k in 3 hr 08 min, which is not necessarily anything to brag about, but given the conditions and the hills, and given the fact that i had already run 100k in the past 5 days, it has to go down as the run of the year.. the lungs managed to handle the extra stress ok, although there is clearly still an issue there..

throw in an extra 5k this morning with my protegee, who has recently set up a blog of her own at as well as tacking on the last 5.2k of the run last night, gives me my 42.2k within 24 hours, 22.15.00 to be exact. these remaining 10.2k were run much slower, hence, an overall 42.2k time of 4.18.00, but seriously, if you were to bell curve my 32k, you'd get about a 4.07.00. put that run on a flat course, it would be down to 3.55.00. put me on fresh legs in ideal weather, i know it would be down to about a 3.40.00! this was a HUGE confidence builder for me and it has be seriously thinking about taking a run at a new post-op PB later this summer or early in the fall.

next issue for me is sorting out my future residence. the building for which i am subletting a lease for an apt was recently sold, and at this point, nobody seems to have an answer on who makes the call regarding a new rental agreement. i'm hoping to get some answers tomorrow so i will know whether or not i will need to start yet another apartment hunt. oh what fun!
meanwhile, the job hunt continues with more resumes sent out to various government of newfoundland jobs.. i certainly hope my life will get itself sorted out soon!


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kim said...

Awesome run!!!! Save some energy for the 5K.