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Jennifer McCreath's Media Portfolio (as of April 24, 2013)

Ok, I was asked to compile a list of major media and public speaking appearances I have done for which broadcasts are archived, so here they are, at least the ones I know of! I have Bolded the ones I feel are most significant and/or ones I am most proud of.

Feature Television News Stories:

CBC Human Library - National Edition - Chat with Measha Brueggergosman - Jan 26, 2013
Rogers News - Out of the Fog - Biography Feature - May 15, 2012 - part 1/2
Rogers News - Out of the Fog - Biography Feature - May 15, 2012 - part 2/2
Rogers News - Out of the Fog - McCreath talks Talackova - March 28, 2012
CBC 6 O'clock News - McCreath Resigns from Pride - March 14, 2012
NTV 6 O'clock News - Transgender Day of Remembrance - Nov 20, 2011
CBC 6 O'clock News - Feature story - July 22, 2011
CBC 6 O'clock News - McCreath Incorporates Pride - July 18, 2011
NTV 6 O'clock News - Pride Week - McCreath talks Trans - July 15, 2010
NTV 6 O'clock News - Mini Series Follow up - February 5, 2009
NTV 6 O'clock News - Feature Mini Series - March 18, 2008 - part 1/3
NTV 6 O'clock News - Feature Mini Series - March 19, 2008 - part 2/3
NTV 6 O'clock News - Feature Mini Series - March 20, 2008 - part 3/3

Televised Lectures:

Rogers TV - Pride Week Health Forum - Trans Health - July 22, 2011
Rogers TV - Pride Week Health Forum - Bridging Gaps - July 22, 2011
Rogers TV - Pride Week Health Forum - Closing Remarks - July 22, 2011

NTV Speakers Corner:

NTV News - Speakers Corner - Fees for Federal Historic Sites - Jan 24, 2013
NTV News - Speakers Corner - Access to Government Info - June 14, 2012
NTV News - Speakers Corner - Coyotes in the City - May 3, 2012
NTV News - Speakers Corner - Advanced Polls - October 06, 2011

CBC Crosstalk - Bumping protocol in the NL Public Service - April 24, 2013
CBC Crosstalk - Earth Day not getting attention - April 22, 2013
CBC On The Go - NL Budget Justice Cuts - Apr 2, 2013
VOCM Open Line - NL Budget Justice Cuts - Apr 1, 2013
VOCM BackTalk - NL Budget Justice Cuts - March 29, 2013
VOCM NightLine - NL Budget Justice Cuts - March 27, 2013
CBC CrossTalk - Bill C-279 Reaction - Feature - March 21, 2013
VOCM BackTalk - Ethics in Sports Journalism - Jan 15, 2013
CBC CrossTalk - 'It Gets Worse' - Impact of Public Figures coming out - Nov 14, 2012
CBC CrossTalk - Inadequate Homecare for Disabled toddler - Nov 8, 2012
CBC CrossTalk - Compensation Packages for Politicians - Sept 28, 2012
K-ROCK Radio - My 'Handcuffed to DJ' Punked Vlog that was played on air - Sept 7, 2012
CHMR Radio - Feature Interview - Access to Government Info - June 16, 2012 (Video)
CBC Radio - Morning Show - Feature - McCreath Resigns from Pride - March 15, 2012
CBC Radio - Morning Show - Feature - McCreath hypes Pride Week - July 20, 2011
CBC Radio - Morning Show - Feature - McCreath hypes Pride Week - July 20, 2011 (pod)
VOCM Radio - Feature Interview - Pride Week Hype - July 11, 2011
CBC Radio - Noon Show Feature - Trans Human Rights - June 22, 2010

Newspaper and Magazine:

McCreath calls out Telegram for Nasty article -MUN Women's Volleyball - Jan 15, 2013
Scope Bikini Cover - July 16, 2009
Scope Article - Running for Change - July 16, 2009
Scope Article - McCreath Wins Gold - July 26, 2009
The Telegram Newspaper - 20 Questions Feature - May 2012
Pink News - UK's LGBT Newspaper - McCreath detained at Airport - Feb 6, 2012
Christin Milloy - McCreath detailed at the Airport - Feb 6, 2012
Examiner - The Transsexual Marathon Runner - July 6, 2010
The Telegram - McCreath loses Job - April 13, 2009
Xtra - Covering Bill C279 Committees - Launch of , Dec 10, 2012

Additional Articles not archived:

Telegram - Innaugural St. John's Trans Pride Event - July 2012
Telegram - Ontario adds Trans Human Rights - 2012
Telegram - Trans Day of Remembrance - Nov 2011
Telegram - Innaugural Middle Cove Pride Event July 2011
Telegram - Pride Week Launch - July 2011
Telegram - Pride Week Hype - 2011
Telegram - Pride Week Health Panel Discussion 2009
Telegram - Run for Respect 2009
Kitchener/Waterloo Record - Interviewed after 2009 Waterloo Marathon
VOCM - McCreath and others petition City Hall for pedestrian safety - July 2012
Wayves - dozens of articles in Wayves magazine from 2010-2012 era.

Non-Broadcasted Public Speaking:

St. John's Trans Pride Week - Flag Waving - July 16, 2012
St. John's Pride Week - Health Panel Discussion 2009 - trans health
St. John's Pride Week - Open House Lecture Series 2010 - Trans 101
St. John's Pride Week - Open House Lecture Series 2010 - Bisexual / Pansexual 101
St. John's Pride Week - Flag Raising 2010
St. John's Pride Week - Drag vs Trans at Drag Event - July 25, 2010
St. John's Pride Week - Flag Raising July 18, 2011 - Emcee - pt 1 pt 2
St. John's Pride Week - Variety Show - Emcee 2011
St. John's Pride Week - Parade - 2011
Middle Cove Pride Day - Flag Raising - July 19, 2011
Middle Cove Pride Day - It Gets Better - July 19, 2011
St. John's Trans Day of Remembrance - Nov 20, 2011 - Emcee
Corner Brook Pride Week - Festival - Sept 11, 2010
MUN University LGBT Health Week Panel - March 31, 2010 pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4
MUN University LGBT Health Week Panel - 2011
Bill C29 - Access and Privacy - Protest - June 16, 2012
Occupy NL - Open the House - Protest - Spring 2012
G20 Police Violence, Call for Public Inquiry - Protest July 17, 2010

High School and University Lectures:

Memorial University - School of Social Work 2009
Memorial University - Folklore Department 2010
Prince Andrew High School - Full School Assembly - Transphobia in Sports - May 2010
Eastern College - Social Factors of poor Trans Health - July 2012

Advocacy Vlogs:

McCreath vents on Rehtaeh Parsons Rape/Bully/Suicide Story April 9, 2013
McCreath gives kudos to Jerome Kennedy - April 1, 2013
McCreath visits Jerome Kennedy's Office in Carbonear on Trans Visibility Day - March 31, 2013
McCreath rants on Environmental Destruction - Feb 9, 2013
McCreath reacts to Randy Simms on-air Tirade - Jan 29, 2013
McCreath reviews Muskrat Falls Filibuster - Dec 22, 2012
McCreath calls for Conservatives to boot Keith Russell - Dec 22, 2012
McCreath meets Justin Trudeau & talks Trans Issues - Dec 22, 2012
McCreath consulted by USA Masters student re Access & Privacy - Dec 10, 2012
McCreath talks Animal Abuse - The Manitoba Pig Torture - Dec 10, 2012
McCreath calls out Dunderdale and Yvonne Jones re Transgender Disrespect - Dec 8, 2012
McCreath reacts to attacks from Radical Feminists aka Cissexists - Dec 7, 2012
McCreath reactions to Citizens' Rep call to fire Doctor who treats inmates - Nov 6, 2012
McCreath demonstrates clause in new Privacy Law facilitates corruption - Nov 7, 2012
McCreath explains & reacts to Canadian Hetero Trans Sperm donor law Oct 25, 2012
McCreath reviews Canadian wrestling movie Beat Down - Sept 13, 2012
McCreath bashes politicians for neglecting animal rights - August 16, 2012
McCreath pleas for pedestrian safety - July 3, 2012
McCreath discusses Crandall Scandal in New Brunswick - June 8, 2012
McCreath won't appeal Trans health Human Rights loss - May 28, 2012
McCreath loses Trans health Human Rights case -  May 6, 2012
McCreath reviews public outcry over Trans air travel ban - Feb 4, 2012
McCreath blasts homophobic tennis player Margaret Court - Jan 15, 2012
McCreath challenges Tennessee Politician Richard Floyd to a fight over Bathroom Bill - Jan 14, 2012
McCreath blasts ABC Sit-com Work it - December 8, 2011
McCreath reacts to National Post transphobic advertisement - Sept 29, 2011
McCreath discusses Chaz Bono's negative media attention - Sept 13, 2011
McCreath hypes Pride Week innaugural Variety Show - July 16, 2011
McCreath's tirade over environmental destruction - June 8, 2011
Jenn & Josie visit Jenn's original home - Black Point Beach, Nova Scotia - May 21, 2011
The Fredericton Transsexual Sessions - Jenn & Josie - 6 part educational - May 2011
McCreath does SRS Bootcamp in Montreal - Jan 29, 2011
McCreath talks why she does videos at Fredericton Marathon - May 8, 2010
McCreath feeds ducks and talks litter at parks - Jan 10, 2010


Right After Aftermath - McCreath mocks Ocal, Paquette & Korderas - Sept 21, 2012
Josie the Caplin Fish in Newfoundland - June 25, 2012
Jennifer & Josie - Banana Peel Golf in New Brunswick - June 18, 2012
Josie's Pizza - August 20, 2011
Transparent Bathrooms - June 2011
Innaugural Trans Banana Peel Toss - June 2011
How to video tape Transsexuals - May 7, 2012

Running Interviews and Vlogs:

Boston Marathon - Interview Booth - April 19, 2009
Boston Marathon - Crossing the Finish - April 20, 2009
McCreath runs Georgia Marathon 56 days after SRS - Mar 20, 2011
McCreath vlogs hours before running Boston Marathon - April 2010
McCreath reviews her Boston Marathon while sitting on Venice Beach California - 2010
McCreath reviews her 30th Marathon - Sept 25, 2011
McCreath retires from Marathon Running - Dec 5, 2011

McCreath interviews Troy Adams - Cross Canada Runner - April 1, 2012 pt 1
McCreath interviews Troy Adams - Cross Canada Runner - April 1, 2012 pt 2
McCreath interviews Troy Adams - Cross Canada Runner - April 1, 2012 pt 3

McCreath interviews Candace Sutherland - Cross Canada Runner - May 8, 2010 pt 1
McCreath interviews Candace Sutherland - Cross Canada Runner - May 8, 2010 pt 2
McCreath interviews Candace Sutherland - Cross Canada Runner - May 8, 2010 pt 3
McCreath interviews Candace Sutherland - Cross Canada Runner - May 8, 2010 pt 4

Significant Blog Articles & Press Releases

Second Federal Political Party Endorses McCreath - April 7, 2013
McCreath moves from Crown Attorneys Office to Royal Newfoundland Constabulary - April 5, 2013
Desjardins Financial rejects Trans Health Claim - March 20, 2013
McCreath reacts to 3rd Reading of Bill C-279, March 20, 2013
Open Letter to MPs Goguen, Albas, & Anderson re C-279 - March 2, 2013
Why Retain the Trans Prefix - Feb 9, 2013
McCreath pulls plug on NPATH - Feb 5, 2013
CBC Human Library project contains trans presence - Jan 25, 2013
McCreath launches Newfoundland Animal Appreciation Society - Jan 25, 2013
McCreath meets Krystin Pellerin - Jan 19, 2013
Summary of VOCM interview - Ethics in Sports Journalism - Jan 19, 2013
McCreath asks CPATH to respond to Dr. Berger - Jan 16, 2013
Open Letter to Editor - Reaction to Telegram article - MUN Womens Volleyball - Jan 15, 2013
Reacting to Newtown Shooting - Dec 25, 2012
McCreath promotes Animal Rights in NL - Dec 23, 2012
McCreath photo op with Justin Trudeau - Dec 17, 2012
McCreath reacts to animal abuse in Manitoba - Dec 10, 2012
NPATH is back - Dec 5, 2012
McCreath launches - Dec 4, 2012
McCreath recognized in Newfoundland Legislature for Trans advocacy - Nov 20, 2012
McCreath co-hosts Trans Day of Remembrance event with MUNSU/LBGT-MUN - Nov 20, 2012
Gerry Rogers talks Trans Issues in NL Legislature - Nov 20, 2012
TDOR Press Release - Nov 20, 2012
NL Gov refuses to hire Transgender - Nov 19, 2012
NL ATIPPA facilitates discrimination! - Nov 6, 2012
Government rejects Citizens Rep recommendation to remove doctor - Nov 6, 2012
What would I say to Transphobic Maryland Bloggers - Nov 2, 2012
Updated Bio - Nov 1, 2012
St. John's Pride not in good standing - Nov 1, 2012
Twitter Spat with Roseanne Barr re trans washrooms - Oct 31, 2012
Canadian trans sperm donor laws - Oct 25, 2012
McCreath meets Renee Paquette (AKA Renee Young) WWE - Sept 22, 2012
McCreath reacts to Yunel Escobar homophobia slur - Sept 22, 2012
McCreath runs Terry Fox in Pouch Cove, Sept 22, 2012
Networking Breakfast 3.0 - Kitchener, Ontario - Sept 22, 2012
McCreath meets country star Lindsay Ell - Sept 22, 2012
McCreath rescues pregnant Cat - Aug 11, 2012
McCreath declares intent to run, swim at Gay Games 2014 - Aug 6, 2012
McCreath reviews Gay Games gender policy - Aug 6, 2012
McCreath won't defend Outgames titles - Aug 6, 2012
McCreath boycotts Pride Parade - attends Mount Pearl Family Day - July 30, 2012
McCreath cancels all political memberships - July 24, 2012
McCreath disgusted with political partisanship of St. John's Pride - July 22, 2012
Pride boycott Press Release - July 20, 2012
Factors and Services for Trans NLers - July 18, 2012
NL trans health funding policy - July 17, 2012
McCreath launches and hosts Trans Pride Newfoundland - July 16, 2012
Trans Pride Newfoundland Press Release - July 12, 2012
McCreath's plea for safety at Thorburn Road - July 3, 2012
McCreath mourns the loss of a Community leader - July 1, 2012
Gender Dysphoria - the DSM-V revisions - June 26, 2012
McCreath disowns the transsexual label - June 26, 2012
ATIPPA Protest - June 17, 2012
Cummings Report and ATIPP Bill 29 review - June 17, 2012
Manitoba Proclaims Trans Rights - June 15, 2012
Ontario Proclaims Trans Rights - June 13, 2012
Open letter to politicians re Crandall Scandal - June 8, 2012
Bill C-279 2nd vote - June 6, 2012
McCreath snubbed from Taavel memorial event - June 2, 2012
McCreath won't appeal Human Rights Trans Health ruling - May 26, 2012
McCreath boycotts homophobia breakfast with Human Rights Chair - May 16, 2012
McCreath loses Human Rights Case - May 2, 2012

sorry folks, when i get more time, I will list more posts further back!

Blogged by others:

Mark Hanlon - Nov 8, 2012 - regarding Transphobic attack on me by Maryland lawyer
Christin Milloy - Feb 6, 2012 - (McCreath) "detained at the airport"

Transphobic/cissexist hate propaganda that targets me:

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McCreath loses Job - Telegram Article - April 13, 2009

My World Outgames Website Article - January 29, 2009

Here is the text from an article that was written for the now defunct 2009 World Outgames Website - specifically, discussing the new 3rd sex policy category that I successfully lobbied for:

World Outgames, Denmark

Jennifer McCreath - diversity in action

29. January 2009

When Jennifer McCreath from Newfoundland in Canada lines up to begin the marathon at World Outgames 2009, it will be a testament to the true diversity of sport. Jennifer is a transwoman in the process of transitioning and will compete in a 3rd gender category for athletes in transition.

[Photo: <> Jennifer McCreath]

According to IOC rules, transgender athletes must wait two years after genital replacement surgery to compete as either a male or female, effectively sidelining transgender athletes in transition. World Outgames 2009 is adding the 3rd gender category for athletes in transition to individual sports events like the marathon and triathlon, in which all athletes are in principal competing against the clock.

This is good news for Jennifer.

“I don’t run marathons because I want to beat others,” said Jennifer. “I run marathons because I want to compete against myself.”

And there is also an important political message to be sent. “I also run marathons because I want to show the world that transwoman are highly capable and competent people who are able to achieve greatness both in athletics and in life in general.”

Although slowed down since having her orchidectomy (testicle removal) surgery and beginning estrogen therapy, Jennifer hopes to put forth a great effort in the the Marathon and the 1500m freestyle swim.

“I think the concept of the World Outgames is great and I look forward to being a part of the festivities in Copenhagen this summer,” Said Jennifer.

For more information about World Outgames gender identify policy, please visit our website
<\> .\

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My Big Date with Renee Paquette!

Renee Paquette. To know who she is, is to love her. Probably the most unique tv sports talk show host you will ever find. She's got it all: the beautiful blonde hair, the gorgeous looks, the sweet charm. But she also has a very laid back side to her personality, a blunt side, a casual side, and a geeky side. She lives outside the box every time she comes onto our tv screen.

She's also a major trend-setter. The first person to host a talk show that takes a critical look at pro wrestling shows from the perspective of athletics and entertainment.  She also hosts a daily sports review show that looks at all the major issues happening in the world of sports. 

Born just east of Toronto, Renee studied acting at Second City in Toronto and headed out to Hollywood in pursuit of an acting career. When that didn't happen, she returned home to Toronto and scored a talk show gig on the Internet. Shortly thereafter, she landed at the Score, where she has become one of the country's most loved tv personalities.

What makes her so lovable is her bubbly personality and sense of humour. One of the best sarcastic and quick witted people you will ever see on tv, which is perfect for the world of sports, in an environment where she is the only girl at a table filled with testosterone-fueled macho male sportscasters. She can handle herself with anyone though, as she proved in a now infamous pillow fight youtube video. lol

Paquette has many male admirers - who are quite blatantly open about it on twitter. She receives multiple marriage proposals every day, along with many sickening sexual tweets. She handles herself with pure class and dignity, and she has never let her celebrity status get to her head.

Pro wrestling has taken a leadership role in social media marketing, and this has put Renee and other Score personalities at the top of the list. Frequently tweeting, I decided to start tweeting directly at Renee in hopes that my charm and my sense of humour would get her attention. Well, it did. Perhaps it was the tweet where i challenged her to a wrestling match in underwear, that did it.. lol

Anyway, over time, she got to know me fairly well, and recently when I was planning a trip to Toronto, I decided to throw a ball out into left field and see if she'd be willing to meet me. Well, she said yes!! how cool. In fact, she seemed quite anxious to meet me. I was actually surprised she was up for this as we really didn't know each other that well, and she is incredible busy. Anyway, the date was set and I was to meet her at the Score office. 

Well, being a quasi-celebrity myself, it takes a lot to get me star-struck, but i had a strong case of butterflies in my stomach as i entered the office and approached the reception to ask for Renee. This is someone i really admire and really want to meet. Not only am i excited to meet her for that, but this was also a serious social networking opportunity. This was a chance to get the eyes and ears of a rather prominent sports personality to talk about the various issues i have on my plate - including my story as a transitioned athlete and someone who transitioned in Newfoundland. The fact that i have a major crush on her didn't make things any easier too. lol

Anyway, out she came in her tight jeans and hair tied back. We locked eyes, and i immediately opened my arms and said "let's hug it out" mockingly impersonating a pro wrestler who likes to give hugs. Turned out to be the perfect ice-breaker, as it got a laugh out of her, and a hug for me!

We ended up in Starbucks, where we both offered to buy each other a drink.. lol  I deferred and let her pay, which she did after struggling with the debit machine, to which she joked she wasn't very bright - and to which i replied "yes Renee, we know that"

Unable to find a table, we ended up next door in the lobby of a ritzy hotel, where we sat hidden behind a water fountain thingy. A nice private setting for our chat.  I sensed that like me, she was also a little nervous and edgy. The small talk and jokes were quickly replaced with what turned out to be a very serious chat. We covered all sorts of topics - ranging from my trip to Toronto, my transition, my running, my third sex policy at the World Outgames, to my struggles to retain my previous job, my family, to my political aspirations.  I also got a chance to get to know her better - learning a little more about her life journey, her family, and what makes her tick.  How amazing that behind this silly giggly geeky girl on tv, is a very serious and down to earth person who loves life and accepts everybody.

We ended the get-together with a brief photo shoot - one serious pic and one funny-face pic. What was initially booked as a 10-15 minute meeting, ended up lasting about 40 minutes. We both probably could have chatted all afternoon, but she had to get back upstairs to the make-up room and get ready for her daily live broadcast of Live at the Score.  As I mentioned on a previous blog, part of her broadcast included a rant against Escobar's homophobic slur. I left Renee with the idea that she should approach senior management at the score about doing a profile on LGBT issues in sports, and to specifically look at trans athletes - and of course I offered to be her subject.  She didn't make any promises, but she did state that she will definitely take a look at some of my previous tv appearances.

Overall, an awesome meeting. I know we both walked away having gained even more respect for each other than we started with. When i gave her a hug goodbye, i didn't want to let go. As soon as we parted, the tears started to flow down my face - a mixture of shock, emotions, excitement, adulation, infatuation, sadness, respect, and love, all bottled together, was being released. So often, people meet their celebrity crush and end up disappointed, but in my case, Renee in person lived up to, and far exceeded my expectations. 

In the end, no matter how famous we are, no matter what accomplishments we have, and no matter how many followers we have on twitter, we are all human beings. Some of us are nice people and some are not. Some let fame get to their heads and some don't.  Renee is all class, and i can only hope that she walked away from our meeting thinking the same thing about me.

Well, that's one major thing crossed off my bucket list.  Now comes the fun and challenging part: continuing to attempt to build further rapport with Renee in hopes of putting together a relationship that will add value to my life, hopefully from both a professional and personal standpoint. We will definitely be keeping in touch, and future face to face meetings certainly aren't out of scope.

Now, hmm, while I do find her very attractive, and while I would be lying to suggest that the idea of romance with her hasn't ever crossed my mind, it's definitely not something that is on the radar. ...Although, hehe, as they say in the world of sports, anything can and anything will happen! So heck, a girl can dream, can't she?? :P

Yunel Escobar incident

Well, unless you have been living in a cave, you are all likely well aware of the incident last week that occured regarding Yunel Escobar of the Toronto Blue Jays. This guy had the gaul to publish a homophobic slur on his eye shadow while playing a baseball game.

While the world has come a long way over the past 20 years with regards to accepting gay rights, and gaining the social norm that it is politically incorrect to promote or publish homophobia, sadly, the sporting world still has its issues. Some of the transphobic challenges in the sporting world have been well documented here on this blog, thru my very own personal experiences. 

I find it unbelievable that in 2012, in North America, in Toronto Canada of all places, supposedly one of the most diverse and accepting cities in the world, that we'd see something like this happen on such a grand stage.

Interestingly enough, the day after this story broke, I found myself having a coffee with nationally-recognized sports analyst, Renee Paquette, of The Score, in Toronto. We chatted about this incident and about homophobia and transphobia in sports, in general.

It was great to be reassured that not only the Score, but pretty much every major sports media outlet in the country, was expressing shock, disbelieve, and disgust at this guy. Sadly, the blue jays and the baseball players union weren't taking this so seriously.  The idiot gave a press conference where he claimed to appologize - but it seemed very insincere. The team and league agreed to only suspendid him for three games. Equally as bad, this guy's teammates stood by and allowed him to get away with doing this. What ever happened to team leaders putting their peers in their place? 

As a trans and lesbian identified person and athlete and sports fan, the Blue Jays and the league of baseball have made it clear that they don't take issues like this seriously enough. It's a message to all gay baseball players that they will risk facing insult and humiliation if they come out.

Furthermore, it's a wake up call to me that I need to be as visible as possible to the sporting community. I may no longer be a serious athlete, but my legacy will live on forever - first formally sanctioned transsexual marathon runner and swimmer in world history - plus 2 boston marathons. Not too bad!  I will get into greater detail about my meeting with Renee in a latter blog post, but I will say now that it is nice that I have been able to get myself on the radar of her and others, in this quest for visibility and acceptance as a trans and lesbian athlete.

Terry Fox run - Pouch Cove!

Well, the Terry Fox Run has always been a special moment for me. Having run back in 1982 in elementary school, it became one of my first somewhat formally-recognized running event that I ever did in my life.  Also, the Terry Fox story is legendary and one that is likely to never be matched.

On April 1, I had the honour of running the first 3K with Troy Adams, who was starting his cross-canada run to raise awareness to brain injuries.  Along the way, we stopped and took pictures at the Terry Fox monument near Harbourside Park on Water Street, where Terry started his run 30 years earlier.

As rough a year as it had been for me, last Sunday aftenoon, I felt up to a little adventure. So, having slept in and missed the morning St. John's edition of Terry Fox run, i drove up to a little town called Pouch Cove, where their run was booked for 2 pm. Their run was also booked as a 3K route through the town - how fitting, given my earlier run with Troy, and given that I was not likely able to run much more than that.

I knew it was a small town, and that it would be a small crowd. I also knew that the Mayor would be there, and that she would likely know who I was.  I also knew that I would have a chance to chat with her. I was right!

This once-great marathon runner, and once very active trans-activist, is now living the life of a socialite - gaining access to prominent members of society, simply based on my legacy. Not a bad position for an aspiring politician!

Anyway, the run went well, the social mingling at the event went very well, and the people of Pouch Cove welcomed me with open arms. I also made a $20 contribution to the Terry Fox run foundation, hence doing my fundraising part as well. A successful afternoon!

Networking Breakfast 3.0 - Kitchener

Well, as a spoof, last year, I organized two events entitled "Networking Brunch with Jennifer McCreath".  One of the drawbacks and benefits of being the only Newfoundlander among a nation-wide community, is differenciation and limited physical access.  While social media, e-mail, skype, and phone calls can bring the world closer together, there's no real substitute for in person meetings.

Being an 'internet sensation' to most has given me a quasi-celebrity status. The fact that i have documented my life journey, specifically, my transition, I have managed to capture the attention of transpeople and advocates all over the country.  Last year, events in Halifax and Mississauga were very well attended, and it was no different this week in Kitchener, where about 10 people joined me for brunch, shortly after I stepped off a very very early morning flight into Pearson from Newfoundland.

In attendance were trans people from all over the area, as well as one who traveled from London Ontario, the infamous Michelle Boyce - a transwoman who runs the Alphabet Community Centre - a transfriendly medical clinic; and host of a weekly radio show, which I was once a featured guest, Between the Margins.

Also in attendance was Marie, a transwoman who has referred to me as her idol and hero - something that has got to be the most heaertwarming and touching thing one could ever imagine. I am glad that by making my life public, I have reached out and given Marie and others the inspiration to follow their dreams.

As a tribute to them all from me, I agreed to pick up the tab! It's events like this that make me realize that the transition strategy I have chosen, was the right one. Sure, it is tough to be in the spotlight and under the microscope - but at the same time, I recognize the value of being able to afford the luxury of transitioning in public. There are many who can't do this.  The ability to educate the world is something I know many love and respect me for.  But in the end, while this may appear to be a form of trans advocacy, this is simply me attempting to develop friendships with people I have communicated with online for so long.  I'm just a girl trying to live her life, and that's what makes all of this so great!

Punked by K-Rock @ John Fogerty Concert

So a few weeks ago, I was on my way to the Mile One Centre for yet another amazing rock concert, the legendary frontman of Creedance Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty, when I arrived to a closed building and a huge line up of people.  Hmmm, the concert was scheduled to start in 22 minutes, but not a soul had been let inside!  Puzzled, I walked up to the k-Rock radio truck, which was parked outside, to see if they knew what was going on.

Well, they didn't seem to know, but the three radio personalities seemed really really excited to meet me. Not one to ever turn down a chance for a little publicity, I asked if they'd like to do a photo with me. Well, one of the DJs decided to whip out a pair of hand cuffs and a video camera.  Within moments, I realized that two of the folks had absolutely no idea who I was. In fact, they thought I was someone else! Someone who was appearing as a contestant for some sort of contest.  The guy with the handcuffs knew who I was and winked at me. I then realized that he wanted to play some sort of prank on his colleagues.... so I went along!  Turns out there was indeed a contest where some guy apparently agreed to appear in a dress and become handcuffed to this DJ. 

Anyway, we walked down to George street handcuffed to each other and made fools of ourselves for several minutes. Then we walked into a bar and sat down.  Eventually, the time came to reveal the joke.  The actual contestent called wondering where they were.  The others were completely stunned that I had went along with all of this without having a clue what was really going on.. lol

Anyway, the joke was on them and also on me, as I initially thought they knew who I was. Oh well, they all do now!  The end result of this was that I made my k-rock radio debut the next morning, via pre-recorded vlog, to introduce myself and tell the story of the prank. The full vlog is posted here on youtube.

Meeting Rising Canadian Country Star Lindsay Ell

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but on August 21 and 22, I had the amazing experience of attending two country shows that featured world-renowned legend Keith Urban. It is amazing to see that majot global music acts continue to come to Newfoundland. But for me, the show-stealer was the opening act.  While I always get to concerts early enough to see the openers, it's not very often that I pay much attention to them. Well, when the emcee announced that a young lady from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who had just recently signed a record deal and moved to Nashville, was about to hit the stage, well, I immediately focused my attention on the stage.

What followed was a stunningly beautiful blonde in tight pants, walking on stage with a purple Les Paul Gibson guitar in hand.  Within 30 seconds, I realized this girl was for real. She could sing, she could play the guitar, and she knew how to get and keep the audiences' attention. Her set featured several tunes she wrote herself - including rockers and ballads. She also pulled off an amazing version of Tom Cochrane's Life Is A Highway. She wrapped up her set and announced she was heading to the souvineer table for a meet n greet. With that, I was out to the table right away for a chat with her.

The next night, I was back at the table, having done some research on her. Wow, turns out she was discovered by Canadian rock legend Randy Bachman, who worked with her on an independant CD release.  She turned out to be older than she looked, and has extreme experience working with many of the greatest names in the business. 

Back at the table the second night, she obviously remembered me, and seemed quite excited that I had done some homework and had some interesting sofisticated questions for her.  With that, and with some follow up tweets, a new friendship of sorts was born. 

Ahhhh, just doing my part living my life as a transitioned woman.  Now there's an up and coming music talant that has had a positive encounter with a trans person. It was really fun for me to get to know her, and send a gentle reminder to her and her industry that transitioned people love music too!

We have since exchanged a few e-mails and we have checked out each others' youtube sites. She now knows all there is to know about me.... and she still wants to be friends! how cool is that?? lol

Anyway, she has been busy working away on her new album - writing songs while on a retreat to the lovely Florida panhandle.  Keep your eyes open for her music to hit the market soon. Meanwhile, check her out on twitter at @LindsayEll

Running Streaks Over 9/22/2012

Well, it was one of the toughest and sadest decisions I ever had to make. I decided to withdraw last week from next month's Cape to Cabot 20K race. I also pulled out of this weekend's Newfoundland Provincial Marathon.  Entering this year, there were three races I had run every year since taking up the sport of distance running in 2007. These were two of them. Cape to Cabot was even tougher because this race conceptualized in 2007 - hence, I have never missed it.

Here's a vlog I filmed shortly after filing my withdrawal papers. One of the most depressing moods I have ever shot a video.

It's been a rough year for me in many ways, and not being able to train for distance runs due to my torn ligament in my ankle has probably been the most emotionally depressing issue.  It is easy for me to understand why former pro athletes get depressed, and why some even commit suicide. To think that you can no longer do what you do best? to no longer be able to do what makes you who you are? Very tough to accept - especially at a young age. I'm 38, but feel much younger in many ways, and I have only been a runner for 5 years. to think that it may be all over so soon? not fun at all.

Oh well, I have to accept where things are at and keep looking for new ways to try to stay motivated and to get myself in better shape.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

quick update

I haven't blogged in a while, but have been quite active with my vlog over at just checking in. having a nice weekend taking in the start of the NCAA and NFL football seasons, and keeping up with the US Open tennis.

I had a trip to St. Pierre, France last month - one of two small islands off the coast of the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland. Really fun to finally get over there for a visit. Looks like France but on Newfoundland geography. Fittingly, it rained the entire time I was there.

I recently had an amazing experience of being interviewed for a director-level job with the Government of Saskatchewan, and a senior analyst level job with the Government of Alberta. Quite excited about this. Will be very interesting to see how things go. Meanwhile, no evidence of any opportunities for advancement or new opportunities with my present employer, Government of Newfoundland.

Took a drive out to Topsail Beach last weekend, and Middle Cove beach today - cloudy and cool, but nice enough to at least stick my legs into the ocean. Still love being close to the ocean. It would be very tough and sad emotionally if I had to leave for the west to take a job.

Visited Cape Spear today to take a long hard stare at the starting line of Cape to Cabot 20k race - which I am registered to start and run for the 6th year in a row next month. ankle ligament, knee problems, and most recently, back problems, have significantly slowed down my training. I still don't know if I will even be able to start the race. I essentially have one more week to withdraw, or lose my money and cost someone on the waiting list a shot to run it. this week ahead will be critical in determining whether or not I decide to give it a go. as one of only 18 runners who have run them all, I would really hate to miss it. but I will do what is in the best interest in my body, and the best interest to the running community (i won't start the race unless I am confident I can not only finish it, but finish within the time limit)

More soon