Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 28, 2009 - warm weather and brutal football pics :(

wow, what a lovely day here. well, it was actually cloudy for most of it, but no rain, and it was 14 degrees again! perfect for a little 8.5k run down the trails by three of my favourite ponds. i had a great time being outside as much as i could today. i also managed to get over to the pool for a fairly strong 2k swim.

and then the heartbreak of watching 2 of my major upset pics in the facebook/myspace NCAA football pool go all the way to overtime, and then lose. a 4-1 upset records quickly turned into 2-3. and to make things worse, many other upsets that i did not have the guts to pick, ended up happening! hard to believe so many top schools choked out on rivalry weekend in games that were fairly important in terms of bowl positioning. oh well, i guess my quest to bring home Canada's first facebook/myspace NCAA football pool title will have to wait. with only 13 regular season games left, and 38 bowl games, i think i am too far behind the leaders to have a chance, but i have some more upset pics planned this next weekend nonetheless. As a woman from Canada, i take great pride in being able to outwit and outpick all these men from the USA who think they know their football... lol

well, i'm hoping for a nice strong swim tomorrow. the ankle is about 95% now, so that is great news. took long enough for that to heal.


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