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Jennifer McCreath - Resume (education and work experience) - updated Feb 2010

Here's my conventional resume of education and work experience!


Bachelor of Administration Degree (Management Concentration)
2005 - Athabasca University

Business Administration Diploma (Honours)
2000 - Humber College of Arts and Technology

Work Experience

Information Management Technician
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Department of Justice - Public Prosecution Division
Jan 2010 - present

on Jan 29, 2010, I verbally accepted a temporary position at the above-cited office. It is my understanding that my new work here will be to help office management create and implement policies and procedures with regards to a new record centre, as well as be part of the actual record centre team that creates, manages, and stores Government records.

Senior Policy & Planning Analyst - Information Protection (Privacy and Security)
Government of Newfoundland & Labrador (GNL)
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) - Information Management Branch
June 2007 – March 2009 (Temporary Assignment)

Created, coordinated, managed and implemented a privacy review program that ensured that privacy assessments were conducted on all IT system development projects and major legacy system enhancements. This included collaborating with Government Departments, the official Privacy Office, private sector contractors, and other relevant stakeholders.

Developed and implemented policies, procedures and guidelines with regard to Information Management (IM), privacy, and security

Contributed toward strategic planning and organizational development initiatives; this required up-to-date knowledge of relevant international, federal and provincial legislation, policy, standards, and globally-recognized best practices

Raised education and awareness of privacy and security through creation and delivery of training materials and through written communication

Frequently met with senior management to gain input and to provide briefing of issues, and to advise of recommended mitigation strategies

Member of numerous Government committees including privacy steering committees, OCIO Security Focus Group, OCIO Project Coordination Team, IM Management Team, Internal Security Review Board, and the Risk Assessment and Mitigation Project; had authority to make key decisions and act on behalf of the IM Branch

Served as the backup Access to Information Coordinator for the OCIO. Trained to process formal Access to Information requests
Frequent participant and presenter at major privacy, information management, and government-related conferences

Claims Assessor

Government of Canada, Dept. of Human Resources and Social Development Canada
May 2006 - January 2007 (Temporary Assignment)

Analyzed and processed Employment Insurance Claims ; Identified discrepancies and verified information with claimants and employers; analyzed, interpreted and made decisions based on the Employment Insurance Act

Database Management Coordinator
Education Safety Association of Ontario
January 2006 – March, 2006 (Temporary Assignment)

Conducted analysis of field-consultant / client relationships. This analysis was used to help senior management with their performance appraisal work

Conducted analysis of client feedback data-gathering tools; made recommendations; responsible for data-quality and database management of client information

Electronic Service Delivery Analyst
Government of Ontario, Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer
Identity Authentication & Authorization (IA&A) Working Group
November 2003 – July 2004 (Contract Work)

Assisted Chair with the delivery and management of a cross jurisdictional working group whose mandate was to create a cross-Canada strategy for citizen identity management. Liaised with senior IT managers to help promote Ontario’s vision and goals, and to solicit feedback and buy-in regarding policies, procedures and technologies

Researched various global IA&A methodologies and best-practices; shared findings with Working Group, which often led to buy-in

Created and managed an online file-sharing portal for working group documents

Electronic Service Delivery Analyst
Government of Ontario, Ministry of Consumer and Business Services (MCBS)
Integrated Service Delivery Division, Business Development Branch
March 2003 – November 2003 (Contract Work)

Assisted with the development of a Communities of Interest model, the concept of bringing government and industry stakeholders together to network and collaborate on common issues and program delivery; met with potential model participants to solicit involvement

Conducted business mapping of government services across the Ontario Public Service to identify and implement opportunities for service integration and electronic service delivery

Electronic Service Delivery Analyst
Government of Ontario, Ministry of Citizenship
Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat – Public Education and Awareness Unit
July 2002 – March 2003 (Contract Work)

Represented Ontario on a variety of cross-jurisdictional initiatives designed to deliver products and services to seniors and caregivers through service integration and electronic service delivery

Provided business content for a variety of government web sites that offered information, products and services to seniors’ stakeholders

Responsible for management and maintenance of Ministry web sites

Conducted focus group testing meetings to introduce new web sites to seniors’ stakeholders, gather feedback, and implement changes based on recommendations
Drafted Project Charters, Budget Submissions, and Communication Plans

Created and delivered status reports and briefing notes for Senior Management

Responsible for demonstrating a Pilot Seniors web site at Showcase Ontario, a major governmental conference

Records Management Clerk
Crown Law Office, Criminal - Ministry of Attorney General, Ontario Government
February 2001 - August 2002 (Contract Work)

Responsible for the management of paper and electronic records, including the filing, retention, and disposition of court and other criminal appeal documents

Responsible for updating several case management IT tracking systems

Responsible for reporting bail information to the police

Additional Training and Skills

Proficiency with PC/software - MS Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, Windows, HTML, Internet Explorer, Misc. custom-made Databases; experience with TRIM software

Completed senior level university courses include Change Management, Strategic Public Policy, Innovative Public Management, and Public Policy in a Global Environment

Successfully completed “Managing Information Technology Projects”, a Masters-level course sanctioned by George Washington University and McMaster University

Saint John Ambulance First Aid Certification 2009 - 2012

Current Part-time Volunteer Work

Running Coach (May 2009 - Present)

Work with two individuals to create customized health, fitness, and running programs to help them improve their strength, speed, endurance, and overall running performance through healthy eating recommendations, training runs, goal setting and strategy sessions, and sports psychology mechanisms

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