Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 17, 2009 - day off

10km of walking today, but no running or swimming. i really need to give my knee a rest. i think i have pulled the tendon or ligament. i will try to pool tomorrow.



Arthur Drayton said...

Hate to say it but you gotta lose weight. It's too much pounding on your knee. Trim 30 off and your running should go back to normal...otherwise stick to the swimming...painful reality.

Jennifer McCreath said...

definitely a good point. then again, 2 years ago, i was running marathons every week when i weighted much more than i am now.. i think in my case, the wear and tear of high mileage over time has added up. i really need to take a good long solid break from running, yet find a way to lose some weight and maintain my overall endurance levels.. should be a fun winter!