Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009 - snubbed by Guinness

well, the folks that run the Guinness World Records organization have refused to recognize me as the fastest transsexual marathon runner in the world. they stated that the record request did not meet their policy criteria, which i find rather ironic given that they recognize marathon efforts of other unique minority segments of the population, such as amputees and wheelchair athletes... not to mention, the fact that they recognize seemingly ridiculous records, such as "world's longest lawn-mower ride" and "greatest distance walked with a milk bottle balanced on the head" ...gimme a break!

Oh well, Guinness, i don't need a stamp of approval from you, your lawn mowers, or your milk bottles! My name will forever be archived and documented in the record books of the 2009 World Outgames as the first, only, and hence, the fastest formally-recognized transsexual marathon runner in world history!


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