Monday, November 2, 2009

November 1, 2009 - frustrated

wow, we had a very warm but very windy day here out east. temps got up to 17 degrees! but with winds of 60 km/h. i spent an hour outside trying to enjoy it, but the winds were just too rough. i ran 7k in the wind and also had a visit at the pond with the ducks. the birdseed was flying all over the place in the wind. so frustrating that the one nice day we have had in the past 4 weeks would be so windy!

oh well, inside i went to watch some football on tv for the afternoon. the wind eventually gave in to rain and cold. late in the evening, i logged into, as i do every day, to check out the latest local running news. there, i found out that 6 Newfoundanders had career days at the NYC marathon. including two females who ran sub 3 hour marathons, which is phenomenal!

Reading that actually made me feel very aggravated and upset. with all the hard work i have done the past year, it should be me breaking 3 hours, but instead, i sit here with an still yet-to-be-identified respiratory ailment, with an extra 15 pounds, with a bad knee that won't get better, and with no job and essentially no money to travel to run marathons any more... not to mention, no where near being able to run a 3 hour marathon.. heck, i haven't even broken 4 hours this year. this even though i probably log more training hours than any of those folks....

well, i channeled my anger into something positive, and decided to go out for a late evening run. i ran 9.5k in 54 minutes. which really isn't all that bad considering it was an unplanned spur of the moment run, and considering i was running while feeling extremely frustrated and upset.

oh well, i think it's safe to say that this has motivated me.. i am going to work extra hard over the next 5 months to get ready for boston. i am determined to make 2010 a good running year for me. 2009 will go down as the worst running year in my life because i am going to do whatever it takes to ensure that my running results never drop this low ever again. i know i am capable of doing better, and yes, i have many handicaps to deal with, but that just means i will have to work harder. and i will.....



nwtrunner said...

-13 and snow here in NWT this morning. It'll be many months before we're above zero again, so another great winter of outdoor running! I didn't run yesterday and also spent much time watching football - great game in Green Bay, eh?! I managed to gain a full 5 kg during my month of vacation - too much fun on the island! Anyhow, don't be frustrated - you're still doing wunnerful grand!

Jennifer McCreath said...

Nwt, it was great to see you at the Mun run. glad you enjoyed C2C.

yikes, that's quite the weight gain! i'm up 30 pounds in 17 months.. even though i have run close to 6000K in those 17 months!

GB just doesn't quite have what it takes.. Minny is good, but i still think New Orleans will win the NFC title. meanwhile, my KC chiefs are having yet another 'rebuilding' year.. lol