Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009 - long long day

well, i was up very early today to get ready for the long run out to Mount Pearl to visit one of my doctors today. the run out there went fairly well, the doc visit went great, but the run back was very sluggish. i ran out of energy, which i suppose is not surprising given that i didn't have a great sleep. the health report is good. blood tests are all normal, hormone levels are still consistently female, and i am generally in great health. more tests to follow to see if my lung issue is asthma related.

the run back was concerning. at the 15k mark overall on the day, i slowed right down to a walk. i don't think i have ever felt this exhausted after just 15k. but i took advantage of this break and visited the lovely Lester Farm (the road between st. john's and mount pearl goes thru rural countryside). so i got to have a visit with the farm animals - goats, pigs, rabbits, etc.. tons of fun! i also picked up a big bag full of fresh veggies.

i got back on the road and managed to run about half way home, walking the other half. i stopped again for a break at Mundy Pond, where i got to visit 2 lovely swans, as well as about 100 duckies!

when i got home, i needed a 2 hour nap, but that revitalized me and allowed me to have a somewhat productive rest of the day..

oh well, that's 47k over 4 days, which is not unusual for me from a macro perspective, but is a lot of running considering i have only averaged 50k per week for the past 9 weeks. the best news is that the knees aren't any worse for wear.

oh well, a decent sleep tonight should get me back to my normal energy levels..


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