Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009 - officially back at it!

well, i felt really good today after a good sleep and a nice breakfast, so instead of going for a short swim, i decided on a long run. i took the lovely trail down to quidi vidi lake, then proceeded to run 4 laps around the lake, then head home.. that's 26k, the most i have run in essentially one shot since my Sept 26 marathon. i did take a few short breaks to buy some gatorade and to feed the ducks, but it was essentially a continuous run at a consistent pace.. it took 2 hr 30 min, which was essentially a 4 hour marathon pace. i felt really good all the way thru and felt that i could have easily gone on to run 42.2k if i wanted to, but i decided to save it for later. training is all about pushing yourself far enough that you maximize your workout, yet save enough that you can get back out there the next day.

the knee and ankle felt fairly good, although they are not quite 100%.

i found myself getting quite emotional at times. not quite sure why. perhaps it was the realization that the winter is coming fast, or a realization that the sun is starting to set much earlier now, and that it will be a long dark winter.. or perhaps it was positive feeling of enjoying my first long run in a while, and my first run around quidi vidi lake in a while... i think part of it is the fact that i have come to appreciate the simple things in life... feeding the ducks; finding a squirrel in the tree. enjoying a swim in a pond.. nothing makes my day quite like any of these things... Watching the baby duckies grow up has been so much fun.. here's a pic of a set of babies from August, and then a later pic from 5-6 weeks later! Jenn

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