Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009 - brrr!

another sub zero day here in St. John's. I spent most of the day inside, including a rather strong 2k swim at the pool (wow two days in a row at the pool!)

a big day tomorrow with two public speaking engagements. both are open to the public. Come on out to the Battery Hotel at 2 pm to hear me speak about Newfoundland's state of transsexual health care to the Federal Liberal Party's Health Critic's stakeholder engagement session! then catch me at 6pm at MUN university outside at the clock tower for a candle light vigil in honour of transgender day of remembrance (and action).

ahh, it's thursday night, so that means football on TV! i am currently ranked 359 out of 61540 in the facebook college pool! most likely making me the highest ranked female and highest ranked Canadian! ahh, gotta love bragging rights!


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