Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009 - lovely sunny day, and some football picks!

a cold but sunny day here! there was a little snow on the ground this morning. about 0 degrees today with bright sun. i took a light jog over to the pond, then the mall, then over to the H1N1 clinic, where there was what appeared to be a 4 hour line up standing outside the building! hopefully these lines will be shorter in a week or two. i also had a lovely run back home thru the trails, where i got to see ducks and squirrels.

i have a 20k run planned tomorrow to visit the family doc, where there will be a long list of agenda items to discuss.

i still can't get over the fact that out of 62000 people, i am ranked 144 in the facebook/myspace NCAA football pool, which is only 8 games off first place. with a couple of careful upset picks over the next few weeks, i might have a shot at winning this! too bad there's no money involved. but bragging rights is always nice to have. hard to believe that a transgirl from northern canada, who lives closer to the north pole than most of these football stadiums, is in the hunt for a championship!

after hitting 3 of 4 major upsets this past week, i have confidence to keep it going. i have 5 upset pics in mind for this week's upcoming games.. here's some thoughts:

take South Carolina (6-5) over Clemson (8-3). only 43% of poolsters like SC, but think about it. SC plays in a tougher division, they will desperately want this win for bowl positioning, and they are at home. Clemson will be thinking ahead to the big ACC title game and may overlook this one. they have much less to play for.

take South Florida (7-3) over Miami (8-3). only 11% of poolsters like South Florida, but this is their superbowl! a chance to take out their storied local rivals, a Miami team that has looked sluggish as of late. the U seems to lose interest once they are out of the National Championship hunt.

take BYU (9-2), over Utah (9-2). two great teams that are evenly matched and are equally as impressive. BYU is playing at home, so that's my main reason for taking them on this 50-50 toss up. with only 37% of poolsters taking BYU, it makes sense for a realistic and reasonable upset pic.

take Kentucky (7-4) over Tennessee (6-5). Kentucky has looked hot as of late, and are coming off a very impressive come-from-behind win against Georgia, a team on par with Tennessee. TN has been very inconsistent this year. sure, many people only think of Kentucky as a basketball school, but their football team has been good for a couple of years now. with only 23% of poolsters supporting KY, this seems like an easy win!

take Arkansas (7-4) over LSU (8-3). LSU is not the powerhouse they were earlier this season. injuries have decimated this team, and it has shown, with their struggle to beat the woeful LA Tech team, and their confused state at the end of the game this past weekend in their loss to Ol' Miss. Arkansas has quietly been the hottest team in the SEC as of late, blowing out 4 opponents in a row convincingly at home. Both teams have lost to #1 Florida, #2 Alabama, and Ol' Miss. so with easier schedules, both of these teams could be top 10! i see this as an even toss up on paper, but with LSU's injuries, i'll gladly take Arkansas along with only 18% of poolsters. this is a low risk pic with big rewards!

should be fun games no matter what!


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