Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 14, 2009 - powerful day!

well, i was up late last night getting some work done and ended up sleeping in until almost noon! but the sleep helped as i was full of energy this afternoon, with a very fast 36 minute 2k swim. i ran home from the duck pond for a break and was back outside enjoying the sunny weather with more running, giving me 12k in running today, all at a very strong fast pace. i had the usual visits with the ducks at Kent, Long, and Burton's ponds on the way..

then as it got dark, it was time to come inside to watch several hours of NCAA college football. i seem to get more interested and excited about the college stuff as each year passes, and as each week passes. the final stretch is shaping up to be very interesting. i am currently entered in the facebook NCAA football pool, where i am currently ranked 360 out of over 61130 entrants! not bad for a girl from Canada huh?


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