Friday, August 1, 2008

The Terry Fox Pilot Challenge

July 28, 2008 would have been the 50th birthday of legendary Canadian marthon runner Terry Fox. In celebration, i am excited to announce the first ever Jennifer McCreath Terry Fox Pilot Challenge.

As a tribute to Fox, and as an attempt to lose another 10 pounds, and as a pilot for what i hope will lead to even greater running accomplishments (me running across Canada in attempt to raise awareness of some sort of matter or issue is actually something i have been thinking about!), i will set out to run 42.2 km each and every day in August.

most of these runs will be broken up into segments throughout the day (a run in the morning, another run at lunch, and another one after work or in the evening), but i will definitely log at least 42.2 km every day. this means that i will log at least 1308 km this month, the equivalent of running from Halifax to Montreal, or running from Winnipeg to Calgary!

i will be running each of these at fairly slow and easy paces in order that i won't cause injury or overuse of various leg muscles, so if anyone wants to come out and run with me, feel free to get in touch.

after this insane pilot, i will plan to take two weeks off running to rest and prepare for the Nfld Provincial Marathon Championship race, which i certainly hope will lead to obtaining that elusive Boston Marathon qualifying time!

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