Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4, 2008 - Marathon 3 1/2 of 31 :(

well, i hope none of you actually thought i would get through this insane pilot. but that's the good thing about a pilot. you can fail and it won't matter. an old boss once told me, "Jennifer, sometimes you have to redefine success in order to achieve success."

so today i set out and successful ran a very tough and challenging 26.6k at the cold and rainy pond!

well, not exactly. much like yesterday's run, i decided to get a head start the night before. after completing my very tough sunday morning run, i went home and had a very quick turn around to get ready to head downtown for the Pride events. realizing i was pressed for time, i decided it would be a run downtown, which was a slow and painful 4.5k in 29 minutes, which was perfect since i had exactly 30 minutes before the event started.. lol

it was a fun afternoon of celebration and i had a chance to chat with some old friends as well as make some new ones. the BBQ was great too, excellent sausages!

anyway, back to the running. it was a cab home and then a quick e-mail check then i was back on the roads making the 3k run over to the swimming pool, where i logged a nice 2.5k swim in just under an hour. then as i had promised myself, i had a nice quiet sit at the pond and fed the duckies some bread crumbs. then home for an early night.

waking up this morning, i figured i'd finish the run after work, but then i realized that would take me over my 24 hour rule. oops! oh well, i guess it is my pilot so i can change the rules as i see fit.. lol so after work i went home and quickly changed into running gear and decided to run laps around the pond, which i did for a while, but realized it was too cold, so i came home and had a quick slice of pizza and then put on some warmer running attire and went back out there in the cold rainy miserable weather. so around and around i went. the trail around the pond is exactly 1.6k so it's easy to calculate how many laps i would need.

eventually it got dark and eventually, my right calf muscle started to cease up. i was forced to slow down each lap, and eventually i realized it just wasn't worth it. i was very close to risking a serious injury, so i decided to pull the plug at 8.51 pm.

now here i am an hour later typing this up, and you know, i could probably head out and run the remaining 15.6k if i really really had to, but you know, i need my beauty sleep. if i didn't have top get up for work tomorrow, i'd definitely be back out there around 10.30 pm to finish it.

oh well, so maybe it won't be 31 marathons. maybe it's 30 marathons + 1 half. or heck, maybe it's 21 marathons and 10 halfs. or heck, maybe it's 10 + 10 + 11 days off. who knows what this is going to look like? bottom line, set your goals extremely high, and even if you fall slightly short, you will still achieve heights you've never reached before.

so far, 153.7k in 4 days. not too bad. that's about 92% of what i had hoped to achieve!

you know, i'm thinking to be safe, i might make tomorrow an off day to give the muscles a chance to heel a little bit, and then i can get back out there on stat holiday wednesday and break my run into 4 mini segments (i seem to get into trouble when i try to do it all in a huge chunk).

anyway, considering i just officially failed my pilot, i am still quite pleased and excited. and i suppose that's a good thing!


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