Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008 - Marathon #12 underway

well, finishing #11 this morning wasn't enough. #12 is already under way. officially kicking off at 3.45 pm when i snuck out of the office a bit early. i ran home then ran up to the pond for a lovely swim, then back home, then over to the other pond, then back to the office.. and now i am heading downtown for a concert. that will give me a total of 42.9k on the day, including 14k towards tomorrow's run, which will officially be marathon #12.

after the concert, i will run home, which will likely be after midnight.. lol giving me another 5k, and giving me a total of 19 heading into the morning. saturday will bring a run up to the beach, which will get me up to 42.2k by late morning.

after a lovely day at the beach the run home will give me 20k+ towards marathon 13, which will carry over into sunday where i will be competing in an official 5k race, then likely running to the beach or pond for more swimming and sun tanning. i am going to be quite tanned after this weekend!


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