Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008 - Another test

after covering just 8.6k in the past three days, i decided to give the knees a little test today. 15k while carrying a backpack that weighed 19 pounds. i ran at a gentle pace of10 km/h (90 minutes in total running). generally felt good. the best run i have had since a week ago friday when i ran out to my doctors and back. the knee felt mildly tender towards the end so i decided not to run any further (i had intended to run 20k in total - from home to the beach and back).

the beach was nice, although it was a very cloudy day. had a couple of brief swims in the chilly salty ocean water.. not sure how many more chances i will get for swims there. the weather will start to cool off in a hurry here..

monday will represent my 200th day using the swimming pool facilities since taking up swimming in late september last year. i've managed to get over to the pool on 65% of the days. not bad at all.. i'll have to do the math and add up my swimming k one of these days.. lol

cloudy day with sunny periods in the forecast for tomorrow. i can't resist, it's gonna be another beach day. might be the last trip up there when i can actually wear my bikini without freezing by butt off.. lol


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