Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9, 2008 - Marathon 6 of 31

well, yet another cold rainy day. not exactly my favourite running conditions, but that's the price i pay for electing to come live in Newfoundland. ...anyway, all this running is starting to catch up with me. i slept for over 10 hours last night and was still exhausted when i woke up. i made the 3k jaunt over to the pool and struggled thru 1.75k of swimming before giving up. light running seems to be far less strenuous than swimming.. jogged over to the mall and grabbed a few nice outfits and had a nice slice of pizza..

by 3.30pm i realized i had better get out there since i had only run 10.6k in the morning. i ended up staying out and completing the remaining 31.6k, even though i didn't take any gatorade or gels with me. i ran back and forth to the mall and stopped into the university centre a few times to at least get some water. towards the end, i was totally exhausted, barely able to even stand. for the first time, i started asking myself what the heck i was doing. my heart was pounding and i felt i was going to pass out.

on a good note, only one idiot decided to yell at me from out of their car window (the average on any given day for me is five) . it's funny how it is always a car full of young men that feel the need to harass me. it's really sad how folks like this give us Newfoundlanders a bad name.

on another good note, i was approached today by a "fan" in the mall who was familiar with me and my story. she mentioned she was proud of all i have done for myself and for others in terms of raising awareness of the issues about transsexualism. nice to know that there are some nice people here.

wow, so i have run 6 full marathons and 1 half marathon over 9 days. it's tough to get an accurate measure of my weight since i am constantly losing water, but on average, i think i am down 3 pounds since starting this. my knees feel a bit sore, but no more sore than they were last month. i think the biggest change is the wear and tear on my body. i am exhausted, physically drained, i feel weak, and i know my immune system is very vulnerable.. this totally gives me a new appreciation for athletes like Terry Fox and others who ran a marathon every day for several months.

well, i definitely think i will sleep well tonight.. today's run was by far the toughest i have ever done. i have no idea if i will be able to go tomorrow, but to do 4 in a row would certainly be a special accomplishment.. especially after having to throw in the towel after 27k on day 4 of this journey..

thanks to those who have taken notice of my blog and left comments. i wish you all the best of luck with your running and i hope you can find inspiration in reading about my bizarre life.. lol

all the best

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