Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008 - OFF Day

well, i decided to no-show at the 5k this morning in favour of getting some extra sleep. i felt bad missing out, as not only do i enjoy competing, but it has become one of the few social things i seem to do here. but with the insane workload of running i have done, the knees were not in any condition for a fast run, so it would have been a sub-par performance anyway.

i ended up cabbing to another beach today and then making the long walk back in the afternoon. went for another long walk tonight.. probably walked over 20k today in total. but no running. first no-run day in a long time. but it was definitely a much needed rest day.

i've 99% decided that there won't be any more August marathons. it's going to be a 3 week taper that will feature some short runs, some speed work, and a lot more swimming than running..

i'm now into day three of my new drug, Estrace - a form of estrogen. this appears to be slowing me down even more than the testosterone blockers did alone, so more adjustments for me to make.. Race day will be day 23 on estrace so it is definitely going to be interesting to see how it goes. the unknown factor is giving me a bit of anxiety too. i'd like to think the training i have done this month will get me over the BQ hump (Boston Qualifying) , but it may all be for not if the estrace substancially slows me down. oh well, technically this is not really a handicap. all females live with estrogen every day and there's no reason i can't continue to improve on my running speed and endurance over time; it's just going to require more work on the road and more careful work with my nutrition.

well, it will likely be a week of short runs and medium swims. the weekend ahead is a 3 day weekend,.. also the last chance for warm summer weather here in Nfld, so hopefully it will be a chance to sneak on a few more trips to the beach before winter officially starts.. :(


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