Saturday, August 23, 2008

Recap thus far

just for fun, here's a run down of my kilometre count by calendar day. you will see only 8 days at or above 42.2k, but that's because 3 of my 11 marathons were actually run over the course of 2 calendar days...

1 42.7k
2 56.8k (includes 42.2k to cape spear and back, then an evening run)
3 33.1k (completion of marathon started previous evening)
4 19.1k (full marathon abandoned due to knee pain and exhaustion)
5 4.0k
6 2.9k
7 42.2k
8 42.2k
9 42.2k
10 42.2k (the peak of this journey & event that lead me to investigate provincial record)
11 5.8k
12 3.8k
13 5.0k
14 26.2k
15 29.0k
16 29.2k (two marathons spanned over 3 calendar days - technically went over my 48hr limit)
17 42.2k
18 11.2k
19 21.1k (full marathon cut down to a half due to fatigue)
20 8.0k
21 14.3k
22 42.2k
23 3.0k (marathon abandonned due to fatigue)

not sure where we go from here. my pattern seems to be 3-4 in a row, then 3-4 rest days. i only made it thru 1 this weekend before forced into rest again. i am now just 21 days away from the Nfld Provincial marathon, so i think i may officially pull the plug on this Pilot tomorrow in order to get my taper under way. the knees, body, and immune system are very weak right now. don't want to risk getting mono. 3 weeks of recovery (with a little speed work here and there) along with some good tempo swims, should get me into tip top shape for race day!


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