Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3, 2008 - Marathon 3 of 31

well, i had just finished my hamburger last night when i tuned into tv to watch some of the women's tennis from Montreal, but it was raining there and they couldn't play. bored, i decided to get a head start on today's run by logging in some miles before going to bed. (heck, this is my contest so i can bend the rules if i want to! as long as some of the run was completed on the calendar date for which it will count, and as long as the complete run takes place within a 24 hour period, i am going to deem it suitable!!)

so off i went into the cold rainy night and ran down the the mall and back and then did a few laps around Kent's pond, logging 16.6 k before heading home for bed.

up i got the next morning and went back to the pond for 15 more laps. i strategically hid several bottles of gatorade in the woods so they would be all around the course for when i needed them.

on lap 8, i took an unexpected wipe out, flying over a tree route. i got up and cleaned up the blood on my elbow and soldiered on.

by 11.22 am, i had completed my 3rd marathon within 52 hours. the stats for this run were 4.19.37 of running over a span of 16.31.00 total time.

well, now i am ready to enjoy some hours off (funny how most runners talk about off days, now i am talking about off hours!). it's time to head downtown for the Pride parade, BBQ.. and then over to the pool for a swim, then a trip back to the pond with some bread crumbs for the duckies!


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