Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008 - Marathon 8 of 31

well, it's amazing how reliant i am on computers. did whatever it took to find a comp tonight to do my e-mails and post a report.

Marathon #8 is now officially deemed in the books. a long series of runs in between errands, work shifts, etc. several laps around the pond, runs to the mall, runs to the psychologist, etc...

the 3 days off really seemed to help the knees and also help me build up my strength.

this run officially started yesterday, for which i logged 26.2k, then today, i finished the remaining 16k. the run officially took 4.02.00 and was completed over a span of exactly 24.00.00.

sticking with the plan, Marathon #9 is already under way. as i logged an additional 13k tonight and will plan to log 29.2k tomorrow prior to the completion of another 24 hour period.

i will also plan to do another 42.2k on sunday, bringing my total to 10 marathons plus 1 half marathon over 17 days..

i'm thinking the majority of the running this weekend will be to and from beaches, as the weather report is finally looking summery! can't wait to get out there and put on my bikini and work on my tan!


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