Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31, 2008 - OFF Day

well, after 15k yesterday with the backpack, i decided not to run today. instead it was 8k of walking and a nice but cloudy 8 hours at the beach. could be the last chance to take in a pseudo-summer day at the beach here. the weather will become very november-like very soon. much sooner than november, that's for sure.

wow, this estrogen is starting to work. i found myself balling my eyes out about 10 times today.. lol which often caused me to break out with a smile.. good to know i am human after all.. but a very emotional day. only 5 trips to Topsail Beach this summer, which i believe mirrored last summer. i think it's one of the most amazing places to spend a summer day. the salt water of Conception Bay is so fresh and pure, and warm enough to swim in. and there is a lovely mountain in the background of the pebbled beach. i'd spend every nice day up there if i could.

well, quite the month. 11 full marathons, plus 2 half marathons, and a grand total of 572.80k. no where near my insanely ambitious goal of 1309, but still by far the best running month i have ever had. bringing my annual total to year 2566.80k

i also managed to get over for 15 swims at the pool, even though i logged over 60 hours of running.

despite dropping back off the 4 pounds i gained in july, i think i have gained them back again, and more. i suspect a 171 weigh in tomorrow, which technically brings me back up 1 more. but some of that is muscle weight. my legs are far more toned than they were last month. they look like professional athletic legs now.. amazing!

well, i set up this website specifically for August, but i think i will keep it going.. always fun to share my thoughts with the world, at least those of you out there who actually care about what i have to say.. lol

so keep checking back and i will continue to write about running, swimming, and how my transition seems to be affecting it..


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