Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008 - Marathon 7 of 31

oh my.. yet another cold and rainy day here in st. john's. i really feel ripped off about summer here. we just don't get summer here, period. oh well, 14 degrees and rain makes for interesting running conditions, but i suppose it's better than trying to run in extreme heat (although at this point, i'm getting close to considering a move to florida or california!).

anyway, a lazy morning of sleeping in and checking e-mails got me ready to hit the road around noon. once again, it was a series of trips back and forth along the flat prince philip drive, one of the only long stretches of flat road in this city. back inside for a lunch break, then back out for another run, then back for a nap.

by 5.30 pm, i was feeling re-energized and decided to head over to the pool, where i had a really good 45 minute session (hard to believe that running a full marathon every day isn't enough, i need to hit the swimming pool to get my work out.. lol) no but seriously, swimming is one of my favourite activities and it is important to me to maintain my muscle tone in the arms..

after a coffee and a donut (actually it was 3 donuts.. lol) back on the road to finish the 42.2k, which i did in fine form. i finished today's run in 4.10.30, the second fastest of the month (yesterday's was 4.17.43, as i see i forgot to post the time).

i strategically planned today's marathon to end right at the dock at the pond, and i celebrated by stripping down to my undies and jumping in for a swim! it was 8.44pm, and i had just finished my 4th marathon in 76 hr 58 minutes. that's gotta be some sort of a record, at least for Newfoundlanders.. i'm gonna have to look into that.

overall, i have run 329.40k in 10 days... including 7 full marathons plus one half marathon.

i'm beginning to get worried about my knees and my heart. i've pushed my body above and beyond anything it has ever seen. as much as i want to continue this streak, i am thinking that tomorrow will have to be an off day. in fact, there may be 2 or 3 off days in a row now.. i'm anxious to see how much my knees can heel with a little time off..

anyway, that's it for today

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