Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008 - Marathon 12 abandonned :(

yikes, things went so well last night, but i started feeling out of it at the concert. i completed the run to the concert and arried at 10 pm, giving me a total of 42.2k on the a day that started with a run to the Dr at 7 am; but i ended up leaving the gig before the final set and cabbing home to get to bed. got to bed late but had a really good 6 hours of sleep..

woke up and was still determined to go to the beach for the day but was not really in any condition to run. still tired, and exhausted.. so i took a cab to the beach and had a lovely 9 hours of relaxing in the sun. got into the ocean for several brief swims, and read the first 100 pages of Lance Armstrong's biography.

at 7 pm, i decided to hit the road and attempt the long jaunt back home, but after 3k slow sluggish running, i slowed down to a walk for another 3k, then ended up calling a cab to get me back home. not sure if it was exhaustion from all the running this month, or all the emotional stress i have been dealing with over various problems with my transition; maybe the stressful situation from work has played a toll as well. my immune system is probably quite weak these days with all the activity.. plus the new estrogen pills probably aren't helping.. heck, maybe it was sunstroke, who knows?

anyway, it is now 10 pm and i am still feeling out of it. there was no 12th marathon today and won't likely be one tomorrow either.. in fact, i'm thinking there might not be another marathon attempt until Sept 14. perhaps it's time to play it safe and try to get myself better from whatever it is i seem to have been dealing with for the past week.

anyway, i am registered for the Quidi Vidi 5k road race tomorrow, an officially sanctioned NLAA.CA race, but not even sure if i will be in any condition to compete tomorrow or not.. i guess time will tell.

i am now up to 576.20k on the month, which is by far the best month i have ever had, so even if i don't run another k until sept, i've still set a very high benchmark for myself to live up to in future months..

i ordered some terry fox t-shirts in the mail and got them last night, so i am really excited.

men's olympic marathon on tv tonight.. gotta get home to watch some of it!


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