Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7, 2008 - Marathon 4 of 31

Ah now that's more like it! Back in business after a few emotionally painful days off. (well, they weren't totally days off, just days not running a full marathon).

my marathon started at 3.46 pm after sneaking out of work a bit early (heck they were upgrading my computer so i couldn't do any work on it anyway.. lol) i made the 3.7k up hilly Allandale Rd and into Pippy Park to Left Pond, one of my favourite places in the world. i had a brief swim in the fresh chilly water then made the 5k trek back down the hill to the swimming pool, where i logged 2k in 41 minutes before working my way back home. a few laps around Kent's Pond and i went home for a quick pit-stop. (why run the rest of my race while carrying my purse if i don't have to).

then back out i went for a run down to Prince Philip Dr., one of the few flat roads in this city! i went back and forth a few times then did a few more laps around Kent's Pond, before coming back home for another gatorade refill. up to 27k i had a brief rest before heading back out for another 2 treks down Prince Philip Dr to the Mall and back. the last 2k were excruciating. the knee pain and exhaustion became an issue, but i managed to get back up the hill to my house.

it was cool and damp, which made for an excellent evening of running. full marathon completed at 11.11 pm, a total of 4.16.00 of running over a span of 7.25.00 in total.

now maybe, just maybe, we'll get a nice weather day tomorrow so they will hold the Royal St.John's Regatta, which will mean a day off for all employees working in this city, including me.

if this happens, i will plan a huge day of running, in attempt to make up lost ground! (i still think i can run 31 marathons in 31 days, but it will require a couple of double marathon days...)

anyway, it's been a fairly good first week. 4 full marathons plus 1 failed marathon attempt that was abandoned after 26k. I ran a total of 202.8k, which i will assume is a personal best (until next week ends!)


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