Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008 - Marathon 9 of 31

oops, i see a typo in yesterday's post. it states marathon 8 is "not" in the book, when of course this should read "now" in the books!

for that matter, #9 is in the books too! a great day here in Nfld, finally! Warm sunny day, and as promised, a run up to the beach and back. got a nice sun tan and a couple of nice swims in the ocean. stayed at the beach for 7 hours, longer than i had anticipated.

the run to the beach and back represented 20.8k, and i ran that with a 20 pound backpack! but it didn't really slow me down much. after getting back into the city, it was a quick pitstop then 5 laps around the pond to complete the 42.2k.

overall, it was 4.13.50 run in what actually amounts to about 25.30.00, so technically, not within the 24 hour rule. but you know, i am still gonna count it!

on that note, i miscalculated yesterday's run too. i did 2k at lunch then did a long run in the evening, but realized i needed to count those 2k towards the run, so technically, that adds another 4 hours to the time! yikes.

oh well, overall, it's 84.4k ran within a span of about 56 hours, which is still impressive. so that's 9 in 16 days.

the weather report is rain tomorrow so i will probably run around the city and perhaps swim at the pool. too bad, i was hoping for another beach day. oh well, that's life!

here's some other interesting stats:

January 126.30
February 114.50
March 299.50
April 317.10
May 347.00
June 352.60
July 415.40
Aug 1-16 434.20k
this year so far 2400.2k

nice to see that i have already broken my monthly record at the half way point, but the 1309k goal is definitely out of the question. in fact 1000k is looking quite unlikely too. oh well, it's still been a great month, and no matter how much i end up with, i will be happy.

it's amazing what those earlier runs did for my endurance. 3 in a row, then a break, then 4 in a row, then a break. now here i am having done 2 in a row and feel as fresh as when i started this whole thing!

anyway, that's it for now


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