Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008 - speed work

wow, i finally have my internet access at home back up. i had to completely erase my hard drive and reformat it. i got some computer experts to back up my data files though, but i have had problems extracting them. i'm anxious to get at my running and swimming log. so much info in there i haven't had access too. and now i will have the messy task of updating it.

today featured 12k of running and 2.525k of swimming (yes an odd measurement, i know)

part of the run featured a measurement lap around the pond, which i initially thought was 1.57k. it turned out to be 1.52k. so this means that some of my measured runs this month may actually be off by as much as half k! Oops.

i also measured my speed using a GPS and clocked myself as high as 26.9km/h at one point!

world record marathon pace for a female would be around 18-19 km/h. it is amazing to think athletes can keep this pace over the duration of a full marathon. i'd be lucky to keep that pace for 5 minutes! guess i still have lots of work to do.

...so, i've only run 25k over the past 4 days combined, which is more than most people probably log, but i am finally regaining the strength that i haven't had since July 31, so that is good. the knees are still not in great shape, but another 19 days of rest (rest meaning 15k or less per day), and they should be workable for race day.

i clocked in a personal best at this now officially-measured 1.52k pond trail, with a time of 5.52, and i wasn't even trying! This is truly amazing. evidence that this pilot has helped with my strength and speed. my usual speed work is three laps around the pond with 5 minute breaks in between, so i will probably do a full speed work drill twice a week between now and race day.

i will also likely focus on medium-distanced speed work - such as running some 5ks at 10k pace (about 90% speed of my normal 5k race pace, and about 140% of marathon pace).

the swim today was good. 5 days into estrogen and no ill affects, so that is good. i'm really starting to believe that i may have a shot at breaking the 3 hour mark for this marathon, which may be good enough to win it, depending on who else registers (Newfoundland's 3 best marathoners skipped the race last year, so maybe they will skip it again, who knows??)

well, enough rambling for now..


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